IRS Targets Tea Party, Constitutional Groups With Extra Scrutiny

Obama IRS Troop Buildup SC IRS Targets Tea Party, Constitutional Groups With Extra Scrutiny

Imagine that the IRS decided to begin investigating certain groups who were “tea party” or “patriot” groups? Imagine the outcry that would ensue. Lots of anger being thrown at the IRS. Lots of angry phone calls. Lots of angry people voicing their opinions all over. Now, lets come to reality. In reality, the IRS has investigated “tea party” and “patriot” groups. And it’s not like it’s just being going on for the past few months; it’s been going on for years.

So, what’s the biggest significance of that? Oh, nothing much. Maybe just the fact that it’s not just at a local office and that it’s pretty much been happening through the entire IRS since 2010. And how about the fact that the Obama Administration has to have known about this at one point? It’s his administration. He should know what’s happening within it.

So, why does this matter at all? It’s just some investigating into group expenses. Well, I tell you why. If we just wave this by and give the IRS a pass, then this will allow them to do this whenever they want, to whoever they want, for any reason. It sets a precedent that allows them to intrude more into people’s finances. The reason why this angers people on both sides of the spectrum is that it can now happen to anyone. What says it can’t happen to leftist groups when a Republican is President? Nothing guarantees they’re safe against the IRS then. Nothing.

In short, the IRS needs to be reigned in before this continues on. The IRS is off their leash, and the effects are starting to get on people’s nerves. Obama should have known what they were doing, and claiming their innocence in the matter is not helping them. If Obama didn’t know what was going on in the IRS, then what else is happening in the government that he does not know about?

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Did the IRS scrutinize the liberal groups funded by that old dick head Soros or that old bag Huffington for years before granting them tax exempt status.The answer is no because they are on Obuttholes side. There is definitly corruption in the evil Obutthole regime.

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