IRS Scandal Reaches The White House

Obama calls Mubarak Oval Office Jan 2011 300x213 IRS Scandal Reaches the White House

The Washington Post narrative surrounding the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups is that it began as a scandal involving low-level employees at a Cincinnati office, the “Determinations Unit,” a natural outgrowth of an increase in political activity by these groups. This belies other reporting by the Post’s Fact-Checker, which indicates that there was little growth in the number of groups applying for tax-exempt status at the time the targeting occurred.

As more details come to light, responsibility for the IRS actions keeps moving up the ladder and has landed, at least in part, at the White House. Top-level White House staffers knew about the scandal before a manufactured apology was made to the public on May 10.

“The White House on Monday once again added to the list of people who knew about the IRS investigation into its targeting of conservative groups—saying White House chief of staff Denis McDonough had been informed about a month ago,” reported Reid J. Epstein for Politico on May 20. White House Chief Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler said she learned about the IRS scandal the week of April 22, but didn’t tell the President.

A public relations storm was brewing, but the public is supposed to believe that the President himself was kept in the dark. “Press secretary Jay Carney said again that no one had told President Barack Obama ahead of the first news reports: not his top aide McDonough, nor his chief counsel Kathy Ruemmler, nor anyone from the Treasury Department,” wrote Epstein. “Monday’s revelation amounts to the fifth iteration of the Obama administration’s account of events, after initially saying that the White House had first learned of the controversy from the press.” Epstein called this the White House’s “shifting” account.

When Politico and the Post’s Fact-Checker, Glenn Kessler, note that the President’s story doesn’t quite add up, you know there’s trouble.

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  1. Al Metcalf says:

    Wake up America.
    When Obama announced that the IRS, a private Corporation, incorporated in Delaware, was selected to handle ObamaCare, did you not know that the IRS also had a vested interest in making sure that Obama was once again elected as President. This ObamaCare contract is Millions of dollars each year into the coffers of the Corporate owners of the IRS.

    • Al Metcalf says:

      This is no different than the Federal Reserve System that Bernake heads, another Closed Corporation under contract to the U.S. Treasury, just like the IRS. These are nothing more that corporations for profit operating as a monopoly with a forever contract sucking on the teat of the Federal Government through the Treasury.
      Did you really think that the IRS would not fix the election so Obama would win? If Obama did not win the election the ObamaCare contract would be out the window and the game would die.
      Wake up people, once again you are being played for suckers and the thieves keep right on screwing you and the Nation.

      • Al Metcalf says:

        Soon we will be completely destroyed and then all of this thievery willl be moved on to the New World Order as the scam artists enlarge the pot to include all of the fools in the western world…
        The only way to stop this is through Article V of the Constitution which is a Constitutional Convention where we rewrite the Constitution to abolish the Federal Reserve System and move it directly under the U.S. Treasury and not to ever have another Privately Owned Central Bank in the United States.
        Are you tired of all of these boom and bust cycles? This is all manipulations of the Federal Reserve as they make and break and steal money through the business cycle….. Wake up before we lose this Nation!!

        • Linda A. From NY says:

          I hear you Al Metcalf, and you are correct, Congress is useless they have not stand up for us for since obama first took over. I believe that it may come down to the citizens taking back the Country.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Linda what hurts is congress controls the purse strings and with this power they can have the jig begging instead of the other way around.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    What is this nonsense that the scandals reached the White House most people who keep up with the news know that the scandals started in the White House with Obutthole giving his blessings.

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