IRS Launches Stealth Tea Party Attack


Still reeling from the widespread and deserved ridicule it received after blatantly targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny, reports indicate the Internal Revenue Service is still engaging in discrimination against Tea Party-backed organization.

As the contentious 2014 midterm election cycle approaches, many experts have criticized new rules limiting the communication potential of certain nonprofit outfits. According to Dave Camp, who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, the recent changes appear to be directly related to the habits of many conservative efforts.

“The committee has reviewed thousands of tax-exempt applications,” Camp explained. “The new regulation so closely mirrors the abused tea-party group applications, it leads me to question if this new proposed regulation is simply another form of targeting.”

In compliance with existing laws, tax-exempt Tea Party groups must already curtail openly political activities in order to maintain their status. Such activists can, however, host forums, distribute voter guides, and engage in other efforts to spread their message.

These initiatives are now being classified as “political activity” under the new IRS rules.

The Treasury Department took this latest step during the Thanksgiving holiday and, according to Barack Obama, the change was needed for tax law clarification. Camp, on the other hand, sees it as a blatant effort to “put Tea Party groups out of business.”

He expressed that sentiment primarily because the rule dictates how 501-c-4 groups may behave while leaving other designated statuses alone. As an example, the leftist League of Women Voters Education Fund is registered as a 501-c-3, a group ostensibly bound by strict regulations on political activity. That particular group, however, is now permitted to host debates and distribute literature that conservative groups now cannot.

All of these changes fall under the umbrella of a leftist administration determined to silence opposing voices at all costs. The threat patriotic conservatives pose to the establishment in upcoming elections is evident by the constant attacks waged against them.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The IRS is a branch of the Obutthole government that will come after you if you do not worship at the alter of Obunghole. They are the modern day Gestapos under Obutthole and Holder.

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