IRS And MSNBC Team Up To Crush Conservatives As Preacher Is Caught In The Crosshairs

The IRS’s scandalous snooping into the inner workings of Tea Party groups has exposed an erie alliance between the government and big-media groups such as MSNBC.

Bradlee Rachel Maddow IRS and MSNBC Team Up to Crush Conservatives as Preacher is Caught in the Crosshairs

As the American public reels from Congressional hearings about a KGB-style IRS that asks even what conservatives are praying about, the specter of a similar assault by the mainstream media is beginning to emerge. Case in point: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has accused one-time presidential candidate Michele Bachmann as well as preacher Bradlee Dean of calling for the “execution” of homosexuals. Neither has said this.

“I said no such thing, and now my life has been threatened,” says Dean, who has spoken to more than 300 schools on such subjects as drugs, the Constitution, America’s Biblical foundation, and the immorality of homosexuality. Maddow made the claim in a May 2011 broadcast; but on Dean’s Sons of Liberty radio show, he explained clearly that it is the Muslims who are calling for the execution of homosexuals in America. “I say this to my gay friends out there, the ones that continuously nitpick everything I say in their defense and for their eternal destination, Hollywood is promoting immorality and God of the Heavens in Jesus’ name is warning you to flee from the wrath to come, yet you have Muslims calling for your execution,“ Dean said on the show, discussed in his ministry’s article, “Explaining the Maddow Case.”

Bomb and Death Threats

After Maddow’s broadcast, Dean, his family, and his ministry began to receive death threats via emails and phone calls, threatening to bomb his headquarters. Other leftist blog and news sites posted Dean’s home address online while repeating Maddow’s false reporting.

“I took it on the chin at first,” said Dean. “But when I got death threats against my family, I knew I had to take action.”

081011maddow IRS and MSNBC Team Up to Crush Conservatives as Preacher is Caught in the Crosshairs

(Rachel Maddow gets served)

Dean is now having to take on a biased judge, Judge Joan Zeldon, along with Maddow, since his defamation lawsuit against Maddow and MSNBC is on appeal right now, based in part on Judge Zeldon’s prejudice in the matter, as seen in her glowing description of MSNBC attorneys as being “distinguished.”

Media watchers well know that every liberal journalist has his ear to the ground waiting to see which way this judgment will go. Loss is not an option!  Defeat will smell like blood, and every conservative’s neck will be on the chopping block.

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Defending American Honor

Dean says that his lawsuit is not about just defending his work as a preacher, musician, and speaker to youth assemblies, but says, “I’m defending every conservative leader in America who boldly stands up for God’s country and the Constitution — everyone who publicly stands for our Constitution, which our Founding Fathers and brave soldiers have fought, bled and died for.”

Dean says, “Do you think it’s right that conservative leaders preach the truth about America and get death threats? I’m sure you don’t. This lawsuit will defend our American honor as a Christian nation.  It must go forward. ”

He adds, “I must continue to reach the next generation to counter the crazy leftist garbage that’s coming out of our TV stations and leftist newsrooms.”

Like contestants on “Survivor” gathered around the campfire, Obama’s leftist government has winked and nudged its big-media friends in an alliance designed to attack conservative leaders in America.

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Photo credit: You Can Run International.

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