Iraqi War Vet Has Some Advice For Obama…

Representative Tom Cotton (R-AR) is a Senate candidate and an Iraq War veteran who knows something about the complexities of the Middle East.

Jenna Lee, of Fox News’ Happening Now, asked Cotton if the U.S. should be putting troops back in Iraq.  He said, “The president has to engage deeply with Nouri al-Maliki.” Cotton went on to say, “Barack Obama has been disengaged. Nouri al-Maliki has reverted to his ways of purging his army of senior Sunni leaders and not respecting and governing for the entire population of Iraq, as opposed to his own sect and his own clans.”

Cotton advises that Obama should set out clear diplomatic goals and work with Maliki’s government to try to turn back ISIS.  Cotton said ISIS is a well-trained force that is also well-funded and well-armored.  He believes that they can be defeated by the Iraqi army “if we are providing them with intelligence and other resources that don’t require boots on the ground.”

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