Investigator: Foreigners Bought Hawaii Birth Certificates

Obama birth certificate SC Investigator: Foreigners bought Hawaii birth certificates

The lead investigator for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse – which already has found probable cause that Barack Obama’s publicly released birth certificate is a forgery – says any Hawaii documentation for Obama’s birth that exists would probably be of little value.

Mike Zullo,  a retired New Jersey detective now heading Arpaio’s volunteer investigative team, explained in an interview that at the time of Obama’s birth during the state’s early years, Hawaii birth documentation routinely was purchased by foreigners for children not born in the state.

Arpaio’s investigation was launched last September after constituents came to the sheriff with their concern that Obama was ineligible for the presidency and would perpetrate a fraud by placing his name on the state’s ballot.

Read more at WND. By Bob Unruh.

Photo credit: aaron_anderer (Creative Commons)

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