Inevitable? Tragedy Strikes Retailer Following Anti-Gun Policy Change

Photo Credit: Caldorwards4 (Creative Commons)

Following its CEO’s request that patrons leave their firearms behind, backlash against Target led its public relations department to backtrack, insisting there is “no prohibition” against legally carried guns in its stores.

Nevertheless, John Mulligan left little doubt in his initial announcement of the new policy, indicating that guns are unwelcome “even in communities where it is permitted by law.”

As Western Journalism reported, a group of armed assailants attacked a man in the parking lot of a Gainesville, Fla. Target location in the days following Mulligan’s announcement. Though the victim was ultimately uninjured in that encounter, recent reports indicate that the retailer became the scene of a deadly shooting in Los Angeles.

KABC reports that the fatal attack took place early Tuesday morning outside of a Target location. The name of the victim has not been released; however, authorities affirm they have recovered a weapon and arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting.

The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he later died from his injuries. The suspect, believed to have been on drugs, was also hospitalized.

While police report the suspect is a suspected gang member, there is no evidence that the shooting was gang-related. explained that the victim was an employee of the retailer cleaning the parking lot and likely did not even hear the shot that killed him due to the sound of the pressure washer he was using. His colleagues inside the store ultimately responded when they realized something was wrong.

“They noticed the pressure in the hose had been reduced,” a police spokesperson explained. “They went out to see if he was OK; and that’s when they found him with several gunshot wounds.”

When Target attempted to become a self-imposed gun-free zone, Second Amendment advocates insisted that it would only invite armed criminals to become more brazen in attacks near its locations. The same trend has been seen in a number of other chains after enacting similar policies.

Nevertheless, private companies – along with leftist politicians responsible for some of the nation’s most dangerous communities – continue to insist that the best way to reduce violent crime is to reduce the number of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

Photo Credit: Caldorwards4 (Creative Commons)

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