Indiana Ballot Challenge Hearing Against Obama on February 24, 2012

This is a lengthy audio clip of the Indiana Ballot Challenge to Obama. It is several days old, but I wanted to make it available to you, if like me you are following this issue closely.

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  1. This is a farce because the judge has already made up his mind that Obama is a citizen (obviously the bias judge does not know our constitution) and thus is eligible to be president. Every time an issue is made, the judge says, just like the one in Georgia, it has not been properly authenticated. The judge should be run out of office because he has already decided the issue and will not listen to the facts. He keeps making "Roberts Rules For Meetings" such as lets take a vote. When they take the vote the microphone is clear when the yeas are expressed, then it is garbled when the nays are expressed. So one can not clearly tell how many nays were given. The Democrats and Obama dominate our judiciary system, so this issue will never go forward. It is criminal for actions like this to happen in our country. We need a complete overhaul of our judiciary system because of actions like this and the actions of the Circuit Court in California. Which is hell bent on getting the homosexual agenda and same sex marriage issue to be accepted by the masses.

  2. The last bit of this audio proves once again that the judiciary system is corrupt because only Democrats can get a fair ruling from the courts. The judge cut off the lawyer before she could present all the evidence. She had a form from Obama's taxes filed in April 2010. She misspoke that is was his tax form, when actually it was a gift form filed with his taxes. The judge then said since it was not Obama's tax form he could not believe anything she presented. All the lawyer was trying to present was Obama's social security number; which is fake. So once again, our judiciary system is geared to the liberal Democrat view and will not listen to any evidence that Obama is not eligible to be president. That is reason enough to vote all Democrats out of office in November. We must get better qualified judges on the bench. I mean judges who will not rule solely on the political Party affiliation of the people before him. If all judges are like this, can you call it justice?

  3. d.keith dexter says:

    to bad newt wont be elected,he's the only one that wants to hold judges accountable.

  4. The fix is in. No way around it. We will just have to vote him out and never allow him back into any office.

  5. charles1712 says:

    Eventually there will be a judge that will honors the US constitution and denies the fraud obama the right to be on his state's ballot . All it take is just one judge and court that fellows the US Constitution and not be intimidated by the obama thugs to get the ball rolling . Other states will then fellow . No one said removing this fraud obama from the states ballots was going to be easy especially since he has the DNC and the lame stream media running cover for him . I do know one thing though the longer the courts deny the truth the more Newt Gingrich appears to be correct about judges who should be removed from the bench and the judicial system in this country .

  6. It seems to me the judge has already made up his mind before any evidence was given…He is rude… I hope that the truth comes out and all these judges that let this go should be charged for not hearing the evidence at all. They are all corrupt. and should lose their jobs for letting obama get away with this. He is destoying our country and these judges are at fault for ruining our country. they are to blame because they did nothing when they had the chance.. what happen to the constitution.


  8. Take names and addresses…and when the shit finally hits the fan as the truth always eventually does, arrest ‘em all, give ‘em all the same “fair” trial they gave us, rule ‘em all TRAITORS and execute ‘em all.

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