Imprisoned American Pastor Put In Jail With ISIS Members

Photo credit: Robert Daly (Flickr)

Saeed Abedini, an American pastor imprisoned in Iran, now has members of the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) in his jail, according to Matthew Clark with the American Center for Law and Justice.

The ISIS members were captured in Iran and then put in the Iranian jail.

ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow said that “this is an extremely dangerous development that puts Pastor Saeed’s life at grave risk.”

Sekulow went on to say:

We call on President Obama and Secretary Kerry to intervene immediately to secure Pastor Saeed’s release and to ensure that he is protected during this transfer to freedom. Pastor Saeed, who is approaching his second year of imprisonment in Iran, must be returned to his family without delay.

The ISIS members are threatening the pastor’s life, Matthew Clark of the ACLJ told OneNewsNow:

Pastor Saeed is supposed to have about an hour a day where he gets to go out in the exercise yard, as they call it, and at that time he would come face with these ISIS terrorists.

Al-Qaeda members in the jail have threatened Abedini’s life in the past. Abedini has been allowed to go to a separate section of the ward, but has not wanted to move because of the threats from the ISIS members.

He has been jailed in one of Iran’s most infamous prisons. He has already spent two months in the hospital for injuries endured at the hands of guards and inmates before being put back in jail.

Matthew Clark commented on this, saying: “So now he is essentially a prisoner within his own prison cell.”

What follows is a plea from Saeed Abedini’s children for Barack Obama to work on getting Abedini released:

Photo credit: Robert Daly (Flickr)

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