Impeaching Obama: What You Can Do

The movement to impeach Barack Obama for his crimes and misdemeanors is moving forward, gaining followers from all political persuasions. Americans are fed up with the way our president spends his time picking NCAA brackets while gas prices skyrocket, the national debt multiplies, and unemployment numbers won’t budge. More average Americans are taking action by telling their friends, neighbors, and political leaders impeachment is the solution for our national ills. The Craig (Colorado) Daily Press on Friday printed a model example of citizen activism:

To the editor:

President Barack Obama should be impeached. There are many reasons for this statement.

Here are some:

• He refuses to protect our southern border from the millions of illegal immigrants swarming across, including drug dealers, pimps, human traffickers, kidnappers, thieves, murderers, and even Islamic terrorists. That is called treason, and the U.S. Constitution says it is grounds for impeachment.

• His Attorney General Eric Holder has sued the State of Arizona for lawfully protecting its own borders because the federal government has failed to do so. To add insult to injury, the president’s Secretary of State has reported Arizona’s actions to the United Nations as a human rights abuse.

• He has, with Obama Care, illegally demanded that we private citizens purchase a product we do not want. Obama Care also requires the states pay for part of the program. Judge Andrew Napolitano says this method of paying for Obama Care is clearly unconstitutional because it amounts to “commandeering” the state legislatures for federal purposes, which the Supreme Court has already ruled as unconstitutional.

• He has stolen the money of investors in private companies, like General Motors, by nationalizing those industries and using the assets to pay off his biggest supporters: the unions. That’s called theft, which is a high crime, and the Constitution says it is grounds for impeachment.

Please see for useful information.

I am contacting Rep. Scott Tipton, and senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennett to protest. I am urging them to begin an inquiry for impeachment immediately.

I hope you will protest with me.

Why should we sit back and do nothing? Then we become guilty by default.

Rosemary Potter

It’s not only conservatives or Republicans who are waking up. The Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal ran a letter to the editor from Robert Rodriguez, who writes:  “This president has done nothing but spend money ever since he got in office. It has to stop, even if it means impeachment for him. I voted for him, and now I’m sorry I did.” You can read the whole, brief letter here.

The letter is an example of grassroots activism. Here’s what you can do:

  • Read our articles of impeachment – and remember they are only a partial list of impeachable offenses;
  • Sign the petition to impeach Barack Obama;
  • Contact your Congressmen – one Representative and two U.S. Senators – respectfully telling them you believe it is time to initiative impeachment hearings against the president;
  • Call your local talk show and say it is time to impeach Barack Obama;
  • Write a letter to the editor, or an op-ed for your local newspaper;
  • Include the web address, so your readers can get vital information and take action themselves;
  • Sign up for our daily newsletter and forward our e-mails to your friends and neighbors;
  • Make a donation to keep our educational and activist campaign moving forward and reaching more Americans; and
  • Send us copies of your letters, op-eds, flyers, or talk show appearances so we can show the country the American people do not side with Barack Obama’s massive tax-and-spend schemes.

A recent poll showed 60 percent of Tea Party members and half of all Republicans support impeaching Barack Obama. Now we see Democrats and left-wingers turning on their own president and old political hands like Hillary Clinton getting out of the administration while the getting’s good. We are getting through, and the opportunity is now. But the 2010 elections show us nothing happens unless the grassroots rise up and demand it – and keep on demanding it until Washington follows through. Washington insiders would be perfectly content to let Obama wriggle out of his crimes for their own political advantage. They need to see a citizens uprising before they will do the right thing, and you can be a leader in the effort. The nation will be thankful if we succeed and better because we try. Let’s get to work.

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  1. How long does this process take ? Let's get it done and this guy out of office. Ya think ? Gee maybe this could get done before he sinks us even further towards the failed direction he's got us going right now. What don't you people see. This guy ( Obama ) is NO GOOD !

    • I signed impeachment petition two years ago. Still waiting. Obama only has 1 1/2 years left. Impeachment is never going to happen at this point. The rate of destruction of the United States is rapid, like lightening. The rate of repairing the damage and removing treasonous persons from office is painfully slow. There does not seem to be a “fail safe” to protect our country from all this “crime”. The destruction is happening so rapidly, at this point I do not believe our country can be saved. There seems to be nothing to keep the socialists from immediately side-stepping the constitution, and YEARS of legal wrangling to stop it. Waste of time now with all the “gutless” persons in office.

  2. Patriot Diva says:

    Yes we must impeach him. But we also MUST REMOVE him from office! Let's not leave him in the office of the president like we did with Bill Clinton.

  3. I would be all for impeaching Obama, but what guarantee do we have that he will be removed from Office? My second question is, if he is impeached and successfully removed from office, can he STILL be investigated as to his eligibility to have been president in the first place?

    You see, should he be impeached and removed from Office all of the laws and Executive Orders he signed, along with all of the treaties, and appointments he made would still stand. But if it could be proved that he was not eligible from the get go to be president, then all those laws, regulations, Executive Orders and appointments would have to be declared null and void and that includes Obama Care.

    • You are correct in saying that we need to prove his ineligibility to get him out of office and thrown in prison along w/his whole regime. He is not a natural born citizen, because his father was not a citizen of the US. We need to be able to void everything he has done to take this great country of ours downhill. That was his plan all along, but most people do not want to believe it.

  4. It takes conviction by 2/3 of the Senate to remove a President. So, unless the Republicans hang together AND persuade 15 or so Democrats/Independents to join them, the deal cannot be sealed. Waste of time. If the guy is not legit, impeachment is the wrong approach. Treason would be the better one, since that's a Federal crime in and of itself.

  5. First we need to see (his lack of) proof to see if anything he has done over the last 2 yrs was legal. Then we need to move towards impeachment. Then we also need to give Joe Biden the "boot" and have speaker Boehner step in. Make sure Hillary is bypassed, because she will try and slip in there and take control.

    • NativeVeteran says:

      Bruce, Hilary is just as guilty as the muslim obama, this sick power hungry b:tch will do anything to get the power. She see to it that his agenda is carried out so she as just as guilty as he is. And lowlife BJ bill (slick willie) is covering his back too. Treason for all of them, no mercy!!!

    • Boehner hasn't got the backbone to take over… this point who does? The Rino Repubs have snubbed the American people! The newbies like Cantor caving in to the rinos!

      Who's got the guts to stand up if obummer gets the boot… would be a real Conservative who could put the Rinos and the Dems in the back row and shut them up with his/her words of steel.
      No Hillary, Biden, Boehner, or anyone from the Dems!

      Who could that be???? Newt (no) Huck (no) Palin(no) the Pauls(no) Romney(no) Christy (?) Bachman (maybe +) the Donald(???)…is there anyone who will stand up for we the people?

  6. rick parker says:

    he should not have to be impeached. he should be thrown in jail along with pulussi, his ulgy wife, and all the others that knew he was not eligiable for our white house, why the hell has it taken sooo long,

    • madmemere says:

      Let's NOT waste one more taxpayer dime on "jail time" for any of these moral perverts – -arrest, try and convict, for high crimes, ESPIONAGE AND TREASON – -EXECUTION SHOULD FOLLOW IMMEDIATELY!

    • His fat ass wife

  7. Dr. D. D. Hook says:

    I have written 76 letters and emails, telephoned, and visited my senators' and one representative's offices, contacted the Supreme Court, mailed copies of my letters to five talk shows and Internet outfits over a span of five months but have never received even an acknowledgment from anyone. Obama richly deserves impeachment for quite a few reasons but mainly for his failure to reveal his birth, passport, and educational records. I have given up. There is nothing more that a citizen like me can do. I am in my middle eighties, have served my country in the military twice during war time. Obama is ruining this country but, as with many things nowadays, nobody cares, for anythinng goes. The main problem is that Obama is a Negro, and there is no way–repeat–no way–anyone can remove or prosecute a Negro. Dr. D. D. Hook

    • Just as you have done I have contacted every office I can think of. The problem is that the dems are not going to admitt they blew it when they were so busy checking the citizenship of McCain to remember to check Barry's back ground and legality,they just wanted a black in office but they screwed the pooch on that one too ,they got an ilegal half breed son of a white trash communist whore and a sorry ass muslim that took advantage of the American educational system and ran back to Kenya and thumbed his nose at us .This lying half breed is determined to destroy this countries economy so that we will be forced into socialisim. There is a cure for him and his czars ,try them for treason and shoot their sorry communist Muslm solalist ass's by firing sguad and I would love to be the first to pull a cap on the whole bunch

    • I, too have sent multiple letters, faxes, e-mails I wish I'd have kept tract of how many plus countless phone calls. THIS MAN NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM OUR WHITE HOUSE IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Everyone just keeps pushing it off as "He's just a one-term president" not to worry—-but it does worry me – He is already campaigning and Pelosi has already started the fund raisers. OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER TERM WITH THIS PRESIDENT!! There are more than enough reasons against our constitution to remove him from office!!

    • Suzanne Short says:

      Dr. D. Hook
      Thank you. I know how frustrating it is. I too, have written and visited elected officials offices with no reply. I think if we receive even a reply, we would feel better about our elected officials. We must keep praying and walking whatever path God has chosen for us regarding this travesty within our government. God Bless.

    • Dear Dr. Hook, I am not as old as you, I am only 66 years old, but like you, I have sent emails, faxes, snail mail, and signed petitions by the hundreds and have been ignored time and again, with the exception of a form letter thanking me for my interest. Since 1913, we the people do not count for anything. As I have suggested in a reply to another commenter, the ONLY way I can see to take back our Constitutional Republic, would be for We the People to form a strong well armed Constitutional Militia and march in-mass on Washington, D.C. and surround both Capitol Hill and the White House. The time of non-violent demonstrations is long past.


  9. As I have said in another post: Just how many petitions and names do we need? There has been petitions that were started over 1 year ago and with all this time passing it must have millions of names on them. WHAT THE HELL IS THE HOLD UP! I think he needs to be removed by our military and imprisioned to show all the other traitors in our government, they will not be tolerated.

    • Suzanne Short says:

      Irosin, you are so right. You could not stated it better. What are these organizations doing with all of their petitions? Many of them keep asking for Money……Just send in the Petition and get other Petitions. Yes, that is why over 3000 of us sent letter and info to the FBI, signed by all. Our spokesperson presented our info in person. We were told we would need at least 10,000 signatures, but we never received a response from the director of the FBI. Yes, Obama must be arrested and held accountable. All of those involved within this conspiracy must be held accountable. God help us!!

    • What about the Citizens Grand Jury that has found "Just Cause" to have Obama removed from office and brought up on charges? Seems that nothing has come of that either.

    • This sounds like a great scam, send us money and sign some petition. Who knows what happens after they get the peoples money. I think that is why there are so many IMPEACH OBAMA PETITIONS out there, people are only getting rich off of this and that is as far as it goes.

  10. Suzanne Short says:

    I think this e-mail is a little late, but as they say, "Better Late than Never." Many of us have been fighting the fight to remove Obama even before he took office. Talk about letters…..letters upon letters…..Grand jury Presentments….Letter to the FBI…..Letters to our Senator & Representatives…….Letters to the One Sided Media….Letters to Newsmax, Western Journalism, WorldNetDaily, and all different agencies and organizations.

    Do hope more join in, but this man, Obama, should have never been confirmed as a nominee to campaign for the Presidency……All Government Officials and Major News Media should be held accountable for committing treason against our constitution. Deplorable, Despicable, and these actions must be held accountable in order for our Constitution to regain the respect and honor it so deserves. It is not only Obama and his appointees that must be held accountable, but all of our elected officials who continue to not initiate proceedings to remove Obama and all of his appointees from their positions. How do they sleep at night? "In God We Trust."

  11. No, we need to stop talking about it and take action. The courts have demonstrated that they will NOT do the right thing. Pick a date, head to D.C. (by the millions), surround the White House and refuse to leave until the fraud is hauled out in handcuffs. Period. End of story.

  12. Obama needs to be removed from office either by way of treason or impeachment. At the very least he should be required to present his school records, birth certificate, passport. I’ll bet he wrote some Marxist papers (maybe headed some interesting clubs in college) he doesn’t want folks to know about, received student funding as a foreign student, and has not been naturalized after his stay in Pakistan. There are also those such as Dr. David Manning of Atlah Ministry in Harlem who says that Obama never went to Columbia U–it was a cover for him while working for the CIA selling arms to the Mujadim in Afghanistan. The point is, with conservative candidates like Newt Gingrich being picked over by the left for all their faults, Obama’s records are essential to the playing field and should be fair game. He definitely has a lot to hide. And according to Dr. Manning, it’s the CIA that has sealed his reecords.The problem is, we Conservatives tend to be polite, law abiding citizens.

  13. I wish they would hurry up and impeach this imposter before he steals the money out of your bank accounts.

  14. The time for talk is over! The courts have demonstrated that they will NOT do the right thing. Pick a date, head to D.C. (by the millions), surround the White House and refuse to leave until the fraud is hauled out in handcuffs. Period. End of story.

  15. Ridge Runner says:

    I am just like most of the people posting comments o here . what in the hell is wrong with our congress reps. there has been several law suts filed to make obama show his birth certificant college records and several other things and the damn congress just does nothing to help the people that elected them.they are still doing the same thing they have done for years just as they damn pleasethey don’t care about what the people want and don’t care how much they harm our country. we the people need to clean house and as soon as possible.all these sorry asses want is steal all the money they can to buy votes from these entitlement minded people so they can stay in power.these sorry asses keep robbing peter to pay paul and until they get all of peter’s money then paul is going to keep voting for them unless we can get term limits for these reps.obama is just one more thiving sorry ass among a bunch of thiving sorry asses.If the congress was going to do thrir job as they should obama would already be gone. obama and his entire out law crew,george sorosand a bunch of other crooks just like them needs to be as one commenter said put in front of a firing squad .the only thing that needs tobe left is a little sign that says R.I.P.

    • How about all of the Tea Party supported incumbents who claimed that they will start impeachment investigations, now they say they won't because it is just a distraction. The Speaker of the House is one of these.

      • NativeVeteran says:

        The crying rino speaker of the crooks should be arrested for treason as well, and don,t forget the wicked witch of the west, reid, clinton, butt buddy franks, dodd, racist holder and all the czars and sidekicks of obambee. Treason-court-firing squard-r.i.p. Throw out the members of congress and the senate for treason as well. Clean house completely and start over again.

  16. Tulsa Jack says:

    All this is fine, and these counts, among others, must be included in Obama’s indictment. The primary reason that this odious Chicago thug is unfit to continue to serve as president of the United States is, however, that he has repeatedly, blatantly, and contemptuously violated his Oath of Office.

    An incoming president swears to uphold the Constitution and to enforce the law. Not only has Obama ignored this high responsibility, on which American civilization rests. He has knowingly and with malice aforethought signed legislation that is specifically forbidden by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and ignored a judge’s order to cease and desist. He has undermined the rule of law by appointing politically-motivated, partisan ideologues to judgeships on the Supreme Court. He permits his attorney general to ignore the law, and to enforce it selectively depending on race, political affiliation, and such other factors as union and New Black Panther membership. His foreign policy is manifest disloyalty to America’s allies and appeasement, at best, of America’s deadly enemies. His domestic economic and fiscal policies are so irrational and ruinous that a reasonable observer must conclude that he is actively working to destroy the nation that entrusted him with its highest office.

    Oh, yes. Two other things. First, Obama refuses to make public the same simple documents — a birth certificate and, in his case, citizenship naturalization papers — which every other American is required by law to show before getting a job, a driver’s license, or virtually any other legal standing. Second, Obama’s Social Security and Selective Service Registration Numbers have been shown, by the issuing agencies themselves, to be fraudulent. His SSN was stolen from a dead man, and his SSRN is back-dated, issued in Illinois at a time when he lived in Hawaii. He has officially denied that he ever used an alias, but his name of record in Indonesia was Barry Soetoro. Misrepresenting one’s identity when applying for these official documents, with intent to hide one’s place of birth, citizenship status, and past history, is a criminal offense.
    The Democrat Party knowingly nominated this crook.

    Impeachment hearings will place Obama’s multiple lies plainly before the American people. The leftard, partisan media will run in circles wailing that the Kenyan’s transgressions are only a conspiracy of conservative racists. This time, I do not think that they will get away with it.

    • Buffalojohn says:


  17. This issue has been talked to death. We are running out of time. Invest your time and energy ensuring that Obama is not reelected by: 1. Talking with your state reps to enact the Eligibility Bill, 2. Stop pinning your hopes on the Supreme Court, which will NOT allow standing and will continue to find a way around doing the right thing for the country (as they have proven). 3. Gather in D.C. by the millions and surround the Capitol Hill, refusing to leave until this issue is addressed. 'Nuff said.

  18. Suzanne Short says:

    See the below News from Newsmax. Go Trump!!!! At least he is displaying more Patriotism that other campaign contenders. It is encouraging!!! "In God We trust."

    Breaking: House Votes, 228-192, to End Funding for National Public Radio
    Home | Inside Cover
    Tags: Trump Raises Birther Questions
    Trump Raises Birther Questions

    Thursday, 17 Mar 2011 11:09 AM

    By Dan Weil

    Forward Article
    Donald Trump, who is considering a run for the Republican presidential nomination, has joined the list of Republicans who question President Barack Obama's citizenship, Politico reports.

    trump, obama, birtherThe real estate mogul/reality TV star told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he's a "little" skeptical Obama was born in Hawaii, despite documents showing that.

    "Growing up no one knew him," Trump said. "The whole thing is very strange." Other birthers who share his view shouldn’t be branded as "idiots," Trump said.

    He also said he’s prepared to spend up to $600 million if he decides to run for president.

    “I have much more than that,” Trump said. “Part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich. So if I need $600 million, I can put up $600 million myself. That’s a huge advantage over the other candidates.”

    © Newsmax. All rights reserved.

    Read more on Trump Raises Birther Questions
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

  19. Who REALLY controls America?
    The following kinds of people do.

    1). Muslims ( we have one sitting in the oval office).

    2). Homosexuals & lesbians (Washington is filled with them).

    3). Communists ( Washington is filled with them).

    4). Traitors to America.

    5). Murderers.

    6). Rapists.

    7). Pedophiles.

    8). Liars

    9). Cheaters

    10). Those involved in Zoophilia (Many in Washington are involved in this).

  20. Harold Clark says:

    Come on Cngress and Senate get on with it, Obama is an American hating thug and socialist and a fraud, besides being a liar and a crook in general.

  21. I'm starting to believe that all these organizations that are getting signatures and "DONATIONS" are in it JUST for the money. I don't think they have any intention of acting on anything to remove obama from office. This "IMPEACH OBAMA" organization as well! I thought that our new representatives might take action but they are like everyone else, they don't seem to want to rock the boat. I am all for a Constitutional militia to swarm the white house and take him away in handcuffs to be tried for treason along with all his czars.

  22. Come on Congress get off your ass and impeach this impostor. Obama has trashed this country, he has gone around the world apologizing for us instead of defending the exceptional praise we deserve., he has stolen money from investors from GM and other companies, he has failed to defend a constitutional law DOMA, he has debased our military by allowing fags serve openly which hurts the morale of the military, he has bribed congressmen not to run for office while promising positions in the administration, and several other things I am not going to get into in the note. Do your job and investigate him and drag him into court and get rid of the idiot before he causes the destruction of our economy!!!!! Boehner do your job! Issa, Do your job!!!!!!!

  23. Buffalo John says:

    I have written,called,emailed,the senate,the congress,and everyone who I thought might listen to what I had to say about IMPEACHING this FRAUD.My fingers didn't know how to type before,but I'M getting better at it.However, I'm now beginning to believe IMPEACHMENT is to GOOD FOR HIM.I feel that this FRAUD should be ARRESTED, HANDCUFED,and REMOVED BY FORCE IF NESSESSERY.I believe it has gone from IMPEACHABLE CRIMES to TREASON.I also feel that everyone who is connected with OBAMANATION in anyway should also be ARRESTED,HANDCUFED,and REMOVED BY FORCE if NESSESSERY.I also believe the punishment for TREASON isn't PRISON,but DEATH BY HANGING,or FIREING SQUADE.Either way works for me.Everyone who feels like I do about this FRAUD should do everything they can to bring this OBAMANATION
    to JUSTIS.

    • Totally agree….he should be arrested, handcuffed and dragged out of the WH with the American people gathered
      on the WH lawn cheering his departure! Would be nice if the hanging could be televised for the entire world to view!

    • john littlefield says:

      i have done the same thing my rep hasnt gotten back to me.

  24. madmemere says:

    Floyd- -We are beyond impeachment; obama (aka barry soetoro) and ALL his minions MUST BE arrested, tried and convicted of high crimes, ESPIONAGE AND TREASON- -EXECUTE IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING CONVICTION!
    As soon as we're finished with him, go after soros and builderbergers – -lower case intended, for low-life scum!

  25. Flood Congress with Impeach the illegal one by sending this to your congressional reps and senators

    I have already rec'd a response from one of my state senators' office the same day I sent it

    Go to:
    type in the search space in right corner "impeach"
    two choices appear on the next screen… the first one and take it from there

    Worth our efforts

  26. There are still too many in denial. Yes there are people who care, but not enough. I have tried to wake people up to no avail. Maybe you will have better luck. There has to be a light switch somewhere. God I hope so, but might already be too late. I really believe he will not be impeashed.
    @Buffalo John Well said. Took the words out of my mouth, but better said. Keep up your attitude!

  27. It's very helpful for all of us need to understand that this hands off the controls 'game of chicken' Hussein's playing is an actual strategy outlined in Cloward & Piven's top down, bottom up and inside out instructions to collapse republics and democracies.

    The serfs (non-Regime lackeys, or non-gub'ment employees) must reach a standpoint of 'hopelessness' and desperation for the other steps to work effectively. Hussein's handlers know this all too well. They send him off to golf and vacation knowing it will really make people upset. They busy themselves trying to piss off and to infuriate the common Joe.

    With gas and food prices skyrocketing, they are well on their way to step two; fomenting riots and insurrection in the streets through manipulation of unions, students and supposed outcasts. ( gays, Hispanics etc, ) Lenin called these people his 'useful idiots' Later, once the 'Mob' has outlived their usefullness, they are liquidated, because they know too much. They also know they were badly used and decieved, so they quicking grow into a threat to the Regime they demonstrated, fought and died to create. Don't spend those retirement checks and benefits all in one place union teachers, firefighters, teamsters and cops. Hussein loves you all!

    • do whap says:

      really all this talk and what can we do. I would really like to take action. Can the people speak and do something really?????????????????????????

  28. It's very helpful for all of us need to understand that this hands off the controls 'game of chicken' Hussein's playing is an actual strategy outlined in Cloward & Piven's top down, bottom up and inside out instructions to collapse republics and democracies.

    The serfs (non-Regime lackeys, or non-gub'ment employees) must reach a standpoint of 'hopelessness' and desperation for the other steps to work effectively. Hussein's handlers know this all too well. They send him off to golf and vacation knowing it will really make people upset. They busy themselves trying to piss off and to infuriate the common Joe.

    With gas and food prices skyrocketing, they are well on their way to step two; fomenting riots and insurrection in the streets through manipulation of unions, students and supposed outcasts. ( gays, Hispanics etc, ) Lenin called these people his 'useful idiots' Later, once the 'Mob' has outlived their usefullness, they are liquidated, because they know too much. They also know they were badly used and decieved, so they quicking grow into a threat to the Regime they demonstrated, fought and died to create. Don't spend those retirement checks and benefits all in one place union teachers, firefighters, teamsters and cops. Hussein loves you all!

  29. Actually, we should find out why he was not IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY, where upon we will find many spineless narcissist libtard’s like obama himself.

    So, we have to do it ourselves and just SHOVE them out of office, no courtesies needed.

  30. Chance1246 says:

    We already have citizen grand jury indictments which ARE LEGAL and in accordance with the constitution. Handcuff and arrest him. He and his cohorts are dangerous and think they can do anything they want, well they can't. We can't wait for a disaster before something is done. He's already been enough of a disaster for this country. He is anti-American and it is glaringly obvious to everyone.

  31. skyarrow says:

    Mr. Brown, I get your up-dates daily, I have signed your request to petition the impeachment of President Obama and after reading the comments of this article, you need something to stimulate some energy. I feel you should start providing your readers with some real numbers, real numbers of those commiting to this event. I have yet to read one article from you and your team members that stimulate me to go out sale this petition to my email list.__How many of us have signed as of this post?__Can you determine by regions (North, South, Central, West), the numbers siging the petition? Real numbers not projections or cooked numbers could help more join those already filed with you. And I ask that you not but these numbers in a report that we readers have to pay $19.95 to get and read. How about placing the number in your banner on a weekly bases.

  32. Republicans are too big of cowards to do much of anything. The Tea Party may have to become the saviour of this country. We must demand that no other president will be elected by the media, which is our greatest enemy. Obama can not be allowed to run again, be it through the lack of records or just plain preventive methods of another sort, such as a real threat of impeachment and arrest for treason. Biden should be put in a rubber room and fed once a day for the rest of his life. Pelosi should be put in a museum where we can witness a living example of an almost extinct species. Reid should be put incharge of a national funeral home and made to listen to himself 24/7. All Rino's must be purged from Politics and put out to pasture. Communism must become the next despised phrase along with Marxist and Progressives. God give us back our Country, in the name of Jesus we are strong, in the name of Mohamed we are doomed.

  33. I agree with the comment below: "…I have signed your request to petition the impeachment of President Obama and after reading the comments of this article, you need something to stimulate some energy. I feel you should start providing your readers with some real numbers, real numbers of those commiting to this event. I have yet to read one article from you and your team members that stimulate me to go out sale this petition to my email list.__How many of us have signed as of this post?__Can you determine by regions (North, South, Central, West), the numbers siging the petition? Real numbers not projections or cooked numbers could help more join those already filed with you."…
    I also want to see who in Congress is going to start this process, and where is the process right now. We need more facts as to the attorneys who are involved. I am assuming you also have Obama's copy of birth certificate from Kenya, and who has hold of these documents to prove now that Obama has lied. He was granted scholarships in the USA to attend college as a foreign student. Let's get serious please!!!!!!

  34. he should be tried for treason for everything he has done to our country . we have the highest courts in the world and they can even make him show all his school papers. this just goes to shows we don't need lawyers and rich people to run our country

    • I have been pushing and writing for this since he broke the first Constitutional Aritcle when he fired a GM executive and did not have the authority or Constitutional right to do so and taking over a private enterprise business. This was an Impeachable charge and everyone let it slide. No more, this man needs to be impeached. At last count he has over 24 impeachable offenses against him. Obama must be impeached Now ! He has thumbed his nose at our Constitution for the last time!


  36. J. Lewis Friel says:

    Guys I;m Sorry; but impeachment is far to lame and good for what this numbnuts and his friends( Pelosi,Ried and hundreds of others are doing to our country. He and they should be tried for all their crimes and exiled beyond our shores and never allowed to set foot on American soil again. They should all be static parachute dropped at the exact geographic center of the continanent of Anarctica just as the southern hemishere's winter is just beginning. I proudly sign my name to any such action.
    J. Lewis Friel

  37. susan Baker says:

    I believe the President should be impeached. He is a liar and deceiver. He is not an American citizen and has committed a serious felony. This should be seriously looked into. How can anyone be allowed to mock the U.S. Constitution and laws. He is not above the law. Here is a link of interest.

  38. President Obama should be impeached immediately. He is a liar and a deceiver. A natural citizen should have never been allowed to become President. It is against our constitution. He has committed severe crimes of fraud by doctoring his birth certificate.. Enough is enough. This man is not above the law. He has gone against the U.S. Constitution and should pay for his crimes.

  39. Do not impeach Obama, remove him for not being a Natural Borne Citizen.
    Obama's birth certificate and birthplace are important, but not the only missing proof that he is not legally qualified to be President. His Birth Certifcate is only one means to ascertain / deny his qualification.
    The Constitution demands for any person to become President, he/she must be a Natural Borne Citizen, (or an American Citizen, if he/she was borne prior to ratification of the Constitution), and be above a certain age.
    The term "Natural Borne Citizen" is not defined in the Constitution, but during the time of the founding of this Republic, the accepted meaning was to describe a person borne to two American parents.
    The Founders simply tried to eliminate any person of questionable loyalty from becoming President.
    The Senate, during the 2008 campaign, passed Senate Resolution 511,
    that confirms this need for Natural Citizenship to become President, but again does not define it, it only confirmed McCains eligibility being borne in Panama, then an American Territory.
    In order to challenge Obama's eligibility, historians need to proof beyond any doubt that “Natural Borne Citizenship” is one requiring two American Parents. Actual location of birth might not even be important.
    In Obama's case, he is the son of a Kenyan father, who was a British subject at the time Obama was borne.
    That gives Obama at best dual citizenship at birth, if he was borne in Kanya, sole British citizenship, because his mother was not old enough to confer her American citizenship onto Obama.
    So any historian with impeccable credentials, tracing the term Natural Borne Citizen to it's then accepted meaning, can challenge Obama's constitutional qualification to be President.
    We don't need no stinkin' Supreme Court to disqualify Obama.
    The question is where do we find the say 3 historians of unquestionable reputation that can prove the definition of the term "Natural Borne Citizen” as understood in America or England around the end of the 18th Century.
    It then becomes a battle for the eyes and ears of the American public, ultimately demanding his resignation, and removal from office.

  40. john littlefield says:

    there are many reasons to impeach the pos .

  41. Vern Rice says:

    Well now, you must be able to access files that no one else can. Why wouldn't you publish it for the world to see ? If you would or if you "really" could that way we send in a platoon of Marines and physically remove him which is way better than "Impeachment." You see when you remove the President, you remove anybody and everybody that he hired, appointed or recomended for employment. All of his czars would go down the road talking to themselves, the vice president would be out and "ANY" law, bill or executive order would be null and void. Our Gi's that booted from the service, because they did not think he was their true commander in chief, the 3 wars could be over (could be) Arizona would not be hassled anymore, The crook Eric Holder would get his butt kicked down the road. Maybe him and Obama can set up some illegal business somewhere in Chicago.
    My overall point is you makle a statement like "I SAW IT" be prepared to back it up. If you are chicken get me a certified copy and I will do what needs to be done.

  42. Suzanne Short says:

    There are so many of us sending letter to congress and to the media. Yes, we are many…and we will keep doing it, for this is our only solution right now in getting this imposter out of the White House. He is a disgrace along with all of his appointees to our country and our treasured constitution. I even sent a document to this site and asked Floyd Brown to make available for his followers. This document was sent to many of the senators and reps who are beleived to be accomplices as to the ineligibility conspiracy. So when a site we all follow does not make available vital information what do you think most of the media will do with any info or opinions we send them. God Help us All.

  43. I would like to make this official, how do we get this petition up to congress? what is going on in America.. I am very unhappy about Obama, he is not what we need. The economy sucks and it is all because we are in three wars overseas that we have no money for. I am not exaggerating when I say that impeachment would be a relief for America. I cant believe he gave money to Hamas and is siding with the Palestians. I am compassionate, and believe the refugees deserve a better place, but only if they were tolerant of Jews and Christians. While they do not do this, I find no reason to adhere them to the State of Israel. I hope this really goes thru to anyone out there. Please unite for America!

  44. i would not mined paying more taxes to pay off the deffast just that a lone for 2 yr….. He blames the republcans for this his the one that only agess with demcarts that it he said it him self on the news.1 WE NEED TO STAND AND SAY WE HAVE HAD A NUFE AS US PEOPLE HE NEEDS TO BE GONE.2 all so i thank it is a joke that he is going to give green cards away to the elgles bad ida that is what thay waht thay get free well fair and thay get free jobs like blue bonnie when eligle work the the us people that work there sales there scard to eligle 15,000 doller. i think every eligle where thay come from that country should have to pay 500 for each eligle here plus the room and bord when there in jail and send them back to there country. 3 IF THAY HAVE CHILDEN HERE THE COUNTRY SHOULD HAVE TO PAY 600 FOR EVERYON E THAT WAS BORN HERE ELIGLE THAT WHAT I WOULD DO AS PRESIDENT AND WELFAIR YOU SHOULD HAVE 2 KIDS NOT 10 AND HAVE TO WORK 3HR A DAY TO HAVE IT. EVERY ONE THAT HAS A 6-16 BEDROOM HAOUSE SHOULD HAVE TO HELP ONE OR TO POOR PEOPLE GIVE THEM A ROOM AND A JOB UNTL THAY GET ON THERE FEET. 4 adopt should be us only we have lot of kids here if u adopt one it should be chiper the next one

  45. I have e-mailed my senators and my house representative about impeaching Obama. The Senators emailed me back with a blame on the House because they say the impeachment begins there. Hogwash! What are they afraid of? I don't know, but I intend to dog them with emails about this until I receive a real answer. Is this wise?

    • They are right…. The House must present the Charges and the Senate will act as jury and review the case. It is the House that Impeaches the President, the Senate will determine his guilt and could then potentially remove him from office.

  46. Failing to uphold the oath of office and usurping the power of congress, threatening members of the legislative branch and pushing the country into a communist state are acts that justify impeachement. However, if we the people do nothing about ending the tyrannical reign of the German Jews behind the British government, we will be no better off by impeaching OBama. The corruption of American began when the Rothchilds were allowed to implement the British banking system, or a central bank. Yes, impeach the traitor OBama but we must also disenfranchise the Federal Reserve, eliminate the multitude of agencies that have mushroomed up from the minds of the evil overlords like the NSA, CIA, TSA, Trilateral Commission, CFR, IMF, et al infinitum. Taking our country back is going to be a huge undertaking, and I say we get the ball rolling with tossing Barry out on his evil ass. It's not a race thing, it's an evil thing. When you sell your soul and submit to evil you lose, because the light is in the eyes of the American people. We are a nation with morals and integrity and we won't tolerate evil.

    • Shirley Cunningham says:

      From What everyone is saying they have sent letters to their senators and congressmen and they are egnored, Why? They can't be to busy they haven't done anything for so long, they don't know the difference between work and vacation. If we have to go through our Senators and Congressmen, to have the bummer impeached, I don't see that happening. What Conservitives need is a dream legal team. I don't think there any honest lawyers that are conservitive. How do we find good conservitive lawers that will stand up for American people? The Atheasts have lawyers filling law suits all the time. Why don't we have some that it's all they do is to look for things to go after asults on the constitution. I would even make a donation for that. Even though I am still looking for a refud for the Bush adminstration.

  47. I have sent letters to both of my state Senators. My district Representative is Raul Grijalva. He is also co-chairman of the Socialist Party. My last letter to him I ask to take an oath to defend and honor the U. S. Constitution then being co-chairman of a party openly working to destroy that same document did he trade his word and honor for the Socialist Party or did he never have any truth and honor to begin with. He must be real busy as I requested an answer to my question. So being the real nice guy I am I didn't want to burden him with a heavy work load.

  48. One more thing. I will also hand deliver my list of over 25 impeachable offensives to the Phonix FBI office as they are required by law to investigate all complaints.

  49. Impeachment takes a long time, and if he’s an illegal, it may not
    work. Impeach to harass and distract him, but our class action
    will go directly to allies in Congress to challenge his eligibility: no
    legal birth certificate from Hawaii, step down and be arrested. Join

    Citizens Class Action Against Barack Obama

  50. Roy S. Mallmann says:

    I have been emailing every congressman that I can about impeaching Obama. Pete Olsen (T-22R) has replied that we cannot impeach a President just because we do not agree with him, after I had laid out numerous impeachable offenses. Kay Bailey Hutchinsons repliy was nonsensical. John Cornyn just offered a canned letter. I will support Pete Olsen's opponent in the primary as she is Tea Party, I believe. What these politicians do not understand is that we command a lot of voters who believe exactly as we do Obama is a communist dictator in every sense of the word. and he has to go.

    • Angry Man says:

      This is why CITIZENS must act by force. Congress must be impeached also as well as the supreme court justices. This is the military's duty to remove everyone from the president and congress and supreme court justices. But they're not doing anything either. So who's left? US. The citizens. We must remove by force.

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