Impeaching Obama: What You Can Do

The movement to impeach Barack Obama for his crimes and misdemeanors is moving forward, gaining followers from all political persuasions. Americans are fed up with the way our president spends his time picking NCAA brackets while gas prices skyrocket, the national debt multiplies, and unemployment numbers won’t budge. More average Americans are taking action by telling their friends, neighbors, and political leaders impeachment is the solution for our national ills. The Craig (Colorado) Daily Press on Friday printed a model example of citizen activism:

To the editor:

President Barack Obama should be impeached. There are many reasons for this statement.

Here are some:

• He refuses to protect our southern border from the millions of illegal immigrants swarming across, including drug dealers, pimps, human traffickers, kidnappers, thieves, murderers, and even Islamic terrorists. That is called treason, and the U.S. Constitution says it is grounds for impeachment.

• His Attorney General Eric Holder has sued the State of Arizona for lawfully protecting its own borders because the federal government has failed to do so. To add insult to injury, the president’s Secretary of State has reported Arizona’s actions to the United Nations as a human rights abuse.

• He has, with Obama Care, illegally demanded that we private citizens purchase a product we do not want. Obama Care also requires the states pay for part of the program. Judge Andrew Napolitano says this method of paying for Obama Care is clearly unconstitutional because it amounts to “commandeering” the state legislatures for federal purposes, which the Supreme Court has already ruled as unconstitutional.

• He has stolen the money of investors in private companies, like General Motors, by nationalizing those industries and using the assets to pay off his biggest supporters: the unions. That’s called theft, which is a high crime, and the Constitution says it is grounds for impeachment.

Please see for useful information.

I am contacting Rep. Scott Tipton, and senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennett to protest. I am urging them to begin an inquiry for impeachment immediately.

I hope you will protest with me.

Why should we sit back and do nothing? Then we become guilty by default.

Rosemary Potter

It’s not only conservatives or Republicans who are waking up. The Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal ran a letter to the editor from Robert Rodriguez, who writes:  “This president has done nothing but spend money ever since he got in office. It has to stop, even if it means impeachment for him. I voted for him, and now I’m sorry I did.” You can read the whole, brief letter here.

The letter is an example of grassroots activism. Here’s what you can do:

  • Read our articles of impeachment – and remember they are only a partial list of impeachable offenses;
  • Sign the petition to impeach Barack Obama;
  • Contact your Congressmen – one Representative and two U.S. Senators – respectfully telling them you believe it is time to initiative impeachment hearings against the president;
  • Call your local talk show and say it is time to impeach Barack Obama;
  • Write a letter to the editor, or an op-ed for your local newspaper;
  • Include the web address, so your readers can get vital information and take action themselves;
  • Sign up for our daily newsletter and forward our e-mails to your friends and neighbors;
  • Make a donation to keep our educational and activist campaign moving forward and reaching more Americans; and
  • Send us copies of your letters, op-eds, flyers, or talk show appearances so we can show the country the American people do not side with Barack Obama’s massive tax-and-spend schemes.

A recent poll showed 60 percent of Tea Party members and half of all Republicans support impeaching Barack Obama. Now we see Democrats and left-wingers turning on their own president and old political hands like Hillary Clinton getting out of the administration while the getting’s good. We are getting through, and the opportunity is now. But the 2010 elections show us nothing happens unless the grassroots rise up and demand it – and keep on demanding it until Washington follows through. Washington insiders would be perfectly content to let Obama wriggle out of his crimes for their own political advantage. They need to see a citizens uprising before they will do the right thing, and you can be a leader in the effort. The nation will be thankful if we succeed and better because we try. Let’s get to work.

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  1. laugh at you says:

    Don’t forget to donate to this rag website. The only reason we haven’t been able to impeach Obama is conservatives have kept their wallets closed for over 6 years. Any day now we can impeach him. LOL

  2. Robert Venhaus says:

    Comments will not remove obama from from pres. Of
    USA. The people need to take majority computer action each getting there voice to there legislators to fire pres. Obama. The news media need to come on board to educate all USA Adult humans to join in this action. Obama along with legislators have taken the USA to the brink of economic disaster. The good, the bad @ the ugly. Make my day @ send him on his way with no perks or pension.

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  4. I believe Obama needs to be impeached . If congress is afraid that Obama will cry racist make sure that the public knows that racist is not the picture our first concern is our nation . Please let someone who can stand up to Obama . We as citizens can't take much more of this . Socialism is not for our country . He is weakening our country towards the worst recession in the history of our great nation. Also a weak nation can be taken over !

  5. THE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT AND INCARCERATION……….. have been sent to the Speaker of the House John Boehner. DEMAND that he brings these ARTICLES before he leaves office!

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