Impeach Obama Protest Will Greet Obama in San Diego

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Move over Occupy Wall Street; the impeach Obama rallies are going viral.

As veterans and patriotic Americans gather Friday morning in Washington, D.C., to protest for Barack Obama’s immediate resignation or impeachment, they will have a counterpart rally in San Diego — complete with a sky banner proclaiming “IMPEACH OBAMA” — just as the president plans to visit the city.

The West Coast demonstration is being planned by the Impeach Obama Tea Party and Stop Obama Now – San Diego.

Organizers got the idea after Barack Obama announced he was visiting the city to honor veterans. Naturally, he’s actually going to watch basketball.

After all, November 11 is not just a day to remember the sacrifices of America’s enlisted men; it’s also the day of the “Carrier Classic,” when the Michigan State Spartans will face off against the University of North Carolina Tarheels in the first-ever collegiate basketball game played on an aircraft carrier. Another historic Obama first! In a statement, the White House boasted:

This Veterans Day, President Obama will honor our nation’s veterans by laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery and then by traveling to San Diego, California, to attend the Carrier Classic on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson. He looks forward to a great game between Michigan State and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (Emphases added.)

Mike Whalen, director of Morale Entertainment Foundation which organized the game, has said while the mostly military crowd of ticket holders will observe stadium seating, Obama can sit “wherever he wants.”

He feels their pain.

The college titans will play onboard the USS Carl Vinson, the ship where Osama bin Laden was buried at sea, in San Diego Bay. Organizers have rented an airplane to fly a special “Impeach Obama” sky banner before the game. The banner will fly from 7-9 a.m. Pacific time, before security requires the skies be shut down. Organizers write:

The banner is intended for the public to see, not for Obama. The banner will also have the time and place of the protest to be held later that day. The actual message will be the following:


“North Island” is short for the “North Island Naval Air Station.”

The San Diego Impeach Obama protest will take place from 3-6 p.m. PST at the corner of Tow Way and Gowan Street in Coronado, California. The group hopes a large crowd will show up to be seen by the game’s visitors.

San Diego has….

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  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    Good let him know we mean business impeach now.

  2. Carson City Slicker says:

    Love it!! Get rid of this freak!! He doesn't give two s#*ts about America, our citizens and our form of government. I want him gone!

  3. Way to go California… this fool needs to go… NOW!

  4. He should go to replace Libya's dictator. Even Biden isn't as dangerous as Obummer.

    • Biden is just as bad, he's a commie, too. He brow beats people and is behind the obamination 100% He is a dem and wants complete control of our money. He's a stinking leach and tick that sucks the blood from us, and also a dictator wannabe. A pure creep!


    I hope the vets are wearing their full dress uniforms with all their medals on them. I pray that this will be the beginning of the demand to all the military and all the vets and EVERYONE to do this all the time. I am too old to travel, but if this was in my town I would be there with bells on. And it would not be like the OWS terrorists,because I am not paid to destroy and embarrass my country and act like the muslim terrorists. I would be totally respectful and an American Patriot with civil love FOR my country and my neighbors.

    I would be out there too, with my sign, to "Impeach obama" and one that says "Disband the DEMONcratic party"

    • perfectlyaged says:

      I would love to be there and march right up to Obama and shove my "Impeach Obama" sign right in his face!!!!
      And right under the "Impeach Obama" would be printed "from a registered and voting democrat of more than sixty years."

  6. IMPEACH THE OBAMINATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DISBAND THE COMMUNIST DEMONCRATIC PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Posting to say . . someone needs to check the link given in email notifications. It comes up 404 and not directly to the article. You can find the article by checking the column of articles on the right side of the page.

    Here's the link given:

  8. Mr. Brown, your web link in your email is not working. You are not getting your full story out to all that's in your email list.

  9. WTG Vets and San Diego! Why couldn't the evil dictator and his band of crooks just leave peacefully? Never happen…..impeachment won't happen either because the idiots in the senate, even though most cannot stand him, are terrified of whoever is that power-broker behind him…..they want to keep their cushy jobs and their POWER. That is what it's all about…power. He has to go, but I fear that he will not. My gut says we won't even get to have an election, and we are sitting in ringside seats watching the end of the USA.

    • AMEN , JUDY. All of the Senate, and half the Congress are terrified of him and Soros. Soros elected him, and Soros will elect him again if we the people don't stand up and demand his impeachment. The people will have to do it, because the chicken Senate and Congress and all their puppets care more for their jobs and kickbacks than they do about the lives of the citizens and our freedom. Congress is in obamination and Soros' pocket, and so is the media, and the flaming gays, and the cabbage head movie stars whose swollen heads make them think they are "somebody". Alec Baldwin makes me puke, Whoopy Goldburg makes me puke, Nancy Pelosi makes me puke, Harry Reid makes me puke, Barney Franks makes me puke, John Kerry makes me puke, Jane Fonda makes me puke, Maxine Waters makes me puke. These are so fake and full of hate for freedom and good and their lack of God and Christ is rotton to the core. They are a cancer, and our nation is in the throws of dying because of people like these.

  10. Obamination and the dems are wanting to spead the wealth, it's not THEIR wealth, it OUR wealth. If Alex Baldwin was forced to spread his wealth, I wonder if he would be so happy to do that? He must be the traitor thinking that he will be exempt by his loyalty to the communist party. He is a total jerk, and so are the rest of them. We MUST band together and demand obama be impeached, because our spineless Senate, congress and the House of Rep don't have it in them. If they all stood together Soros could not touch them. It would take the power out of the government and put it back into the hands of the people.

  11. The impeach obama movement is the best one out there. There are a lot of pissed off citizens out there, and even if we don't have the majority we can be heard and maybe open some eyes. There are so many blinded people who believe everything the bought and paid for mainstream media, who receive the 30 pieces of silver, tell them. They don't take it upon themselves to read and search out what others tell them. They are too lazy and too wrapped up in entitlements to care. They are told by the media that the repubs are bad and they believe instead of thinking for themselves. Because of this, these sheeple will let our country down and hand us over to the communist muslims. And as Judy says, "My gut says we won't even get to have an election, and we are sitting in ringside seats watching the end of the USA. " God help us

  12. We just can't let the dems, George Soros, and the obamination win.

    We cannot allow our USA to become the US of Communist America.

    We must stop this cancer. If the DEMONcratic party continues to be communists, they must be disbanded. This cancer must be purged, eradicated, surgically removed completely.

  13. Americans, maybe this senate will not impeach Obama, but we voters can replace the many that are up for new term electiions and we can replace them with Tea party believers of our constitution and if this dictator is re-elected, we can impeach him during his second term. Americans, vote for the right people, not the career politicians anymorel.

  14. It is hard to belive that in the land of eternal liberals there will actually be an impeach Obama rally. We are in the fight of our lives for what is left of America. If Obama is not taken out of office you won't recognize this country by the end of 2012. Read HR 3590, sec 5201. THIS is where Obama gets his "civilian army" he spoke about during the Denver campaign speach. He gets it in 2013. I quote his exact words- "I want a civilian army just as well ARMED, just as well funded, and just as well trained as the military". Can you see now what they have planned for us in the future? Martial law will only be the first step. The empty 78 Fema dentention camps tell the rest of the story.

  15. maybe we'll get lucky and the commie in charge will happen to fall overboard……….

  16. I would love to read where the bast—and his flag burning racist wife have left this earth forever. Can't stand the traitor.

  17. The wiki page on Natural Born has been scrubbed again. The latest page was put up on Nov 1, 2011 and definitively makes it seem like the term is a stupid one. This site is the home of the "birthers" and my hope is someone has copied pages of what was posted on several occasions and how team Obama is rewriting all of these pages. Ir has to come out how Obama's current trip to Hawaii and Indonesia has nothing to do with that. This central issue that he is not natural born, that the dems have tried to do away with any referance ro that, that he is the zero president remaining a total mystery and what he has done to hurt this country. Anyone reading this the time for action is now

  18. YES!!!! Go Patriots! we have a job to do. We The People,owe this to our Veteran's,past and current to fix the damn mess we are in. Stomp these communist,socialist,marxist New World Order,Agenda 21 (United Nation) freaks out of our Government. The muslim ursurper needs to be arrested.

  19. Major General Paul all "Patriots" read his "National Call to United Action" the only solution to an out of control communist government.

  20. What is going on in DC? I am anxiously awaiting word that our People have officially served OUR demand LETTER. We are NOT asking, WE ARE DEMANDING! Does anyone have any updates?

  21. this guy is a kenyan born muslim pig! he does not care about out vets or our country. he is only going to see the b-ball game! what a POS! he needs to be tryed, found guilty of treason against our country and summarrily executed on the whaitehouse lawn.

  22. Go for it put pressure on Obama who he reallys works for.


  24. TaterSalad says:

    Maybe, just maybe, we now have found out why Barack Obama does not want to drill and buy Canadian oil and has stalled the Keystone project.

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