I’m American: First, Last, And Always!

(NOTE: Please refer folks to this blog-post when people confuse talking about race as a conservative American Black with leftist race-baiting.)

I’m an American.

Here’s what I look like:

Nadra Enzi Im American: First, Last, And Always!

Obviously, I’m Black- so what?!

The content of my character is who I am, not color.

I was born here.

I love it here. My work is to take this love and bring my peers out (to borrow Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book title) “from rage to responsibility.”

“Blacklash”, Deneen Borelli’s book, warns of ridicule awaiting Americans like us from the Left.

My advice to all conservatives facing socialist scorn is two-fold:

“Go West!” (to quote Congressman Allen West’s campaign slogan and reminder of what we’re preserving.)


” Run harder! ” (which is the advice “Runaway Slave” movie director Rev. C. L. Bryant gives listeners.

Lastly, my American sisters and brothers come in all colors.

Our common humanity and love of American traditional values bind us inseparably.

Fellow conservatives: when I discuss race, rest assured I’m not being divisive. I’m offering perspectives from a community “zip code” suffering under a pigmentary politburo.

Love of country means speaking up when caution counsels silence.

I am American: first, last, and always.


Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party says:
” I’m American: first; last & always!”
(504) 214-3082

Help Cap Black Help Others!


” BE your OWN Superhero!”

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  1. Cap Black, I had just talked to my sister about the same thing you are talking about. What are we first, Hispanic Or American? And yes we are American first. All our dreams & hopes & accomplishments are being taken from us. To have Obama take office again was a sickening feeling. There are times when we feel so tired and feel that we will fail. Then we come across Cap Black and get a new sense of urgency in what we are fighting for, but don't know which way to go. We will continue to write to our Senators, sign petitions http://www.petition2congress.com. And maybe, just maybe, by the grace of god…… Any suggestions appreciated.

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