Illinois Governor Signs Law Expanding Background Checks For Potential Gun Owners

guns SC Illinois governor signs law expanding background checks for potential gun owners

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a new gun-control measure into law Sunday that requires all gun owners, including private citizens, to check the background of the person buying the gun.

Under previous legislation, adults only had to undergo a background check if they were buying guns at a licensed firearm shop or at a gun show in the state. Under the new law, gun owners are also required to report any lost or stolen firearms to the police within 72 hours.

“Guns are a plague on too many of our communities,” Quinn, a Democrat, said in a statement. “Making sure guns do not fall into the wrong hands is critical to keeping the people of Illinois safe. This commonsense law will help our law enforcement crack down on crime and make our streets safer.”

In Illinois, potential gun buyers are required to present a firearm owners identification card, or FOID. The cards are issued by the Illinois State Police to applicants who pass a screening of state criminal and mental health records. Under the new law, the potential seller would have to call a hotline to ensure that the would-be buyer’s FOID is valid.

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Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith (Creative Commons)

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  1. Aren't the criminals a plague on our communities? Get rid of the gangbangers and you'll solve most, if not all, of the problems. But I guess that would take too much work.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    What would you expect from a liberal democrap governor in one if not the most crooked states in our country.Al Capone knew he found a home in Chicago Ill.

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