Illegals Tell Filmmakers: We Were Told To Vote Democrat, Or Be Deported

Photo credit: Michael Fleshman (Flickr)

A pair of documentary filmmakers have reportedly been working on a project detailing the struggle illegals face in coming to the U.S., as well as the impact this constant flow of intruders is having on American citizens.

In researching the new documentary, Luke and Jo Anne Livingston say they have spoken to numerous illegals to gain a firsthand perspective of the ongoing border crisis. Jo Anne recently shared some of the disturbing insights resulting from these conversations with her Facebook community.

She said the couple, along with numerous other conservative advocates and anti-amnesty legislators, have spent time at the source of the influx along the Texas-Mexico border.

“Luke spent 8 days on the border,” she wrote. “We talked to a doctor about the diseases coming in unchecked by by any medical personnel.”

Livingston asserted that she actually read proposed legislation that would strip judges from issuing any penalties to illegals who refuse to show up for immigration hearings.

“The judge can only set another hearing and another hearing and another hearing,” she wrote, “into infinity.”

Perhaps the most outrageous claim in her post alleges that pro-amnesty Democrats are exploiting illegals to perpetuate widespread voter fraud.

Livingston wrote that, prior to the 2012 presidential election, “the illegals were handed voter registrations and told they would be sent to states with NO ID check for voting.”

Upon receipt of the document, she insists aliens were told that, if they “did not show up and vote the democratic [sic] ticket, they would be arrested and deported.”

This astoundingly bold move, she concluded, was used time and again to stack the electoral deck against Republicans in the election.

“We have turned over every rock investigating this stuff and have witness after witness after witness testifying this to it,” she affirmed. “For the sake of PETE! Pay attention AMERICA!”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Lets not forget the obama campaign ran commercials in mexico informing the mexicans on how to get on welfare once they made it across the border.They were letting them know how easy it is.You didnt see the liberal media reporting this either.But there was nothing wrong with any of this right?Were all just haters.

  2. And, that folks is the truth!!!!

  3. Linda A. says:

    We knew there was voter FRAUD!!! with this evidence people who were involve in this scam needs to be investigated, prosecuted and arrested, where is the Law on this?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda your right Republicans knew there was fraud and the governors of those state did absolutely shit to bring this out.The RNC didn't care and let the fraud take place.

      • Linda A. says:

        Hi Edward,
        If these republicans knew fraud was going on, then they should have step in and did something about this, unless they were afraid to be called racist in the mean time America loss. Just when you thinks this POS can't get any lower he does something knew to sink the Country even further.

        I am afraid that by 2016 we may NOT have a Country, this POS is ruthless and he is determine to do as much damage before his term is up and cause a False Flag just to use as an excuse to cancel the election and stay forever, I don't trust him, he is dangerous.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    I am a hater even though I'm going against my friend Linda.I hate to see us give amnesty to anyone who doesn't come over the right way.I don't give a shit what their ages are.Send them all back,people in the US worked hard for their money and it shouldn't go to some diease ridden wetback.Any family who takes one in should be charges with aiding an illegal Send them to Denny Hoyers house or Botox Nancy Poopalosi.



  7. what gets me the most, is how in the world can an "illegal" person vote in the first place? That simply is not right and criminal.

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