Illegals Now Qualify For California Driver’s License

Jerry Brown SC 200x300 Illegals now qualify for California drivers license

The latest concession being made for the millions of individuals living in constant violation of U.S. immigration law comes from the leftist enclave of California. Gov. Jerry Brown Thursday signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a state-issued driver’s license.

Though these provisional IDs will contain a mark indicating they are not for federal use, this move is obviously another step toward legitimizing the residency of criminals from other nations.

Amnesty advocates are naturally ecstatic about the move, heralding Brown’s decision to once again insult all those who followed a legal path to citizenship. One such activist, Angelica Salas, said the governor’s action “opens a window of opportunity unfairly closed shut to millions of Californians in 1993.”

Considering this bill applies only to those in the state illegally, Salas’ characterization of these individuals as “Californians” reveals a lot regarding her perspective on this issue.

Others claim the new legislation would result in lower insurance rates and safer roadways across the board, considering those choosing to take advantage of it would be required to pass a driving test. That claim merely confirms the fact that illegals have heretofore been the cause of high rates and unsafe driving conditions. As a result, California has decided to reward them.

To be fair, California is not the first state to enact such disastrous laws. As home to more residents than any other U.S. state, though, this bill will have widespread consequences.

The illegal community — and those who support its causes — will only be emboldened by this development. A similar push to issue licenses to illegals in Washington, D.C., proves this point.

It was not conservatives who ultimately stymied that proposal. Instead, advocates for illegals criticized proponents for daring to differentiate between the license of a legal citizen and that of a criminal resident.

Certainly, these extremists will make the same arguments in California. Given the state’s propensity to elect radical leftists to positions of authority, it is not unreasonable to suggest they might their wish.

While Brown signed this bill with no evidence of hesitation, his response to other immigration proposals currently awaiting his approval will be telling. He has just over a week to either support or reject a number of bills, including one that would force authorities to relinquish certain illegals to the federal government for deportation.

The left continues to dismiss overwhelming calls for border security and immigration law enforcement, opting instead to use unilateral decrees and political influence to enact backdoor amnesty. If successful in creating a pseudo-legitimized class of illegals who are willing and able to vote consistently for the Democrat party, the will of the American people will be of no concern to the leftist elite.

–Western Journalism staff writer



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  1. brown needs to be recalled

  2. VirgoVince says:

    Where are the US Rangers/Border Patrols when we need them??
    Use LIVE ammo this time!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Watch what you say because they'll use them on the vets at the memorial but not illegal invaders.ranchers should hire ex miltary to protect their land from the illegal Horde.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Moonbeam Brown is why these illegals get away with all this shit and the people of what use to be a great state deserve this they voted this jerk off in.

  4. Yes, and also reported over 80% of them flunk the test…. BUT WAIT… in CA the leftist wing nuts will just pass another bill allowing them to drive anyway. We already know they don't carry insurance .
    If you love to live , are now living in CA's, are a tax paying citizen you need to get out .

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