Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens Caught Voting In Florida In Vast Numbers

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who is at fault the republicans controled the state and when it was proven that there was voter fraud,the governor did absolutly nothing.He let nthat scumbag Debbie Washershit Schultz and Alan Grayson get away with voter fraud.Mean while he screwed Col.West who is a good honest patriot.If any negroe had to be president it should have been someone like him not some phony mongrel who never went without anything in life.his commie grandparents even bought Obutthole his dope.

  2. you are now in my state and im a native…… shit and die……get out. oh is that to rude for you …not politacalil correct…..kiss my american ass

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    I just went to the DMV where you can get a free voter ID card by proving you are a citizen, which would solve the illegal process of getting a driver's license without showing citizenship. Bur Holder states that “citizenship to illegals is a ‘civil right’” But to get a driver's license you are repeatedly asked if you would like to register to vote. Never any question about whether you are a citizen of this country, never a question regarding whether you are legally in this country. In fact, I noticed the way the procedures were structured – the easy route – the default mode was to register to vote. I had to repeatedly decline the invitation because I am already registered to vote. This illustrated to me that Florida has set up a process to sweep in countless numbers of illegal aliens to the voting rolls – which no doubt will increase the ongoing theft from the producing citizens of Florida. That theft currently transfers $1.5 billion each year to illegals in Florida. When it comes to the subject of illegal immigration to our land, there are a large number of Christians standing on opposite sides of debate. There are those who would tell us what Jesus would have us do is welcome illegals with open arms. In fact, we should help them navigate the bureaucracy so they can obtain a green card status and move on the rolls towards citizenship. This includes showing them all the welfare benefits they can obtain in that process of obtaining their green card and beyond. On the opposite bank stands what some would characterize as the “Law and Order” Christians, who say we should communicate the gospel to the lost, which requires us to point out their sins. This would include the sin of breaking into a country in violation of the law and using a system of legalized plunder known as welfare, all of which God’s Law clearly spells out as sin. Then we should call them to repentance that is demonstrated in the actions of making restitution to those whom you have broken in and stolen from. We find in the Old Testament that there is a sharp distinction between the native-born (what we might call a citizen) and those who were outside the covenant. Only citizens were able to participate in the congregation of the assembly – which meant all the political functions of society, such as voting, serving on a jury, being elected to hold public office, serving as a member of the militia, and so on. This country was built on Christianity. There is One God, the God of the Bible. There is One Law, His Law given to us in His Word. obama's lawless law is: “illegals come get some, cause there are no laws, as long as you vote democrapic”.

    • You are my hero. I love all. but the muslim terrorists. I have many LEGAL HISPANICS as friends and proud of it. They are pissed as hell and I am so glad Perry sent his Nat'l guard to the border. I wish our Gov. (Brewer) would do the same. Also look at the map of immigrant dispersal. If reid still doesn't think there is a problem, have all of them diverted to Las Vegas and Reno. Why not let them all camp out on the white house lawn. They can even bathe in the capital plaza lake. Only red states are getting them now. CLOSE THE BORDER. If Mexico doesn't secure their southern border, let them repopulate Mexico. Get rid of all the illegal voters and leeches on our welfare and food stamps

  4. Voter ID laws and the hell with the justice department.

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