“I’ll Be There [to Vote Republican] Or I’ll Be Dead”

republican elephant 2 “I’ll be there [to vote Republican] or I’ll be dead”

Almost every day we are insulted by polls that over sample Democrats to create the false impression that Barack Obama is either winning or the race is “too close to call.” These use ridiculous over sampling of Democrats, but they can’t change the facts.

While the media does an excellent job of covering up the Democrats gapping and growing enthusiasm gap careful research and cross referencing can bring out the truth. Each of these factors spells trouble for Barack Obama.

With less than three months to go compared to 2008 conservative Republican enthusiasm is 16 points higher and liberal Democrat enthusiasm is 22 points lower.

While this gap is serious on its face, it becomes still worse for the Democrats when juxtaposed with other recent elections with notable enthusiasm gaps.

Gallup had Republicans 19 points more enthusiastic to vote than Democrats in 2010. In 1994 Republicans had a 9 point edge in enthusiasm and in 2006 Democrats had also held a 9 point advantage. The phrase Res ipsa loquitur comes to mind.

The difference between the enthusiasm level of young voters and that found among seniors was summed up by a female Romney volunteer. When asked whether or not she would be voting. She said, ““I’ll be there or I’ll be dead.”

Over the years a sharply unbalanced right track/wrong track sentiment among voters has been lethal to presidential reelection campaigns. Rasmussen reports the “right track/wrong track index is 27/63 wrong track. In 1980 and again in 1992 “wrong track” was around 70%.

Gay marriage chasing Blacks away from Obama. For the first time in memory African American ministers are telling their followers not to vote for Obama.

The national average for a gallon of gas at the pump has climbed to $3.67, a rise of 34 cents since July 1.

Despite the record low 41% of Americans calling themselves pro –choice Barack Obama is doubling down on his insistence upon running pro-choice tv ads and campaigning with condom Queen Sandra Fluke.

More engaged and enthusiastic to vote senior voters favor Paul Ryan’s budget plan over Obama by 48/42. The Democrats will try to convince the remaining 10% of “undecided” seniors but that will be a tough pull. Seniors are the only group who were not fooled by Obama in 2008. More than this Republicans lead Democrats by 48/36 as to voters’ preference in handling the federal budget.

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  1. really , u mean someone out there wants too vote for obama…must be his real dad.

  2. Angelicsweep says:

    We all know HOW polls are conducted, so why are we even talking about who is ahead or not. Let the media keep hounding on how far ahead obama is…don’t they understand that is NOT having the effect they think it is? Instead of scaring republicans and independents away, it is making them MORE determined to see that this IMPOSTER in the Whitehouse is REMOVED since no one in congress has the testicular fortitude to stand up for this Nation and the CONSTITUTION otherwise!!!! IF this is the only way we can see JUSTICE done, by the VOTE…then so be it! We don’t need polls telling us what the MEDIA wants us to hear…WE KNOW what is going on!!!

  3. Cincinnatius says:

    Can we get a bumper sticker with the title of this article? It would send a message! NO?

  4. True American says:

    Just reading the comments on Yahoo prove how many people dislike Obama …Seems like 8 out of Ten people bad mouth Obama ..Witch is great in my book how dare Obama try to destroy the best place in world to live

  5. Raymon Lippitt says:

    This is the truth

  6. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Get the bumper sticker with an image of Oshamo that says, "does this ass make my truck look fat?" He IS a dumb-ass — college transcripts don't exist and he probably never wrote a damn paragraph on his own..considering all the drugs he was doing while "in college." I can't wait until the American people hand him and his big-butt wife, mother in-law and any of his ilk, THE multi-million dollar bill for their wasteful stay in OUR White House

  7. BillyJean says:

    Obama's record speaks for itself, why would anyone in their right mind vote for this fraud. All he has done is made life harder for the American people. The questions people should ask themselves are. Has my life improved? in the last 4 years, is it easier to find a decent job? or any job for that matter, has he kept his promise of 2008 to end the war and to bring are boys back home? did he not say that? He said that he would cut spending in 2008, did he keep his word? NO!!!! he added another 6 trillions to our debt, and still no improvement for this country. So why should he keep his word now? and now he wants to open the back door for millions of illegals who broke the law and will compete with the Americans for the few jobs that may come our way. His slogan is Forward, but truth is his slgoan should say going Backwards

  8. Michael Oberndorf, RPA says:

    It has been my never humble opinion, based on a close monitoring of the important things to watch, like how people actually have voted, among others, that We, the People, should expect nationwide landslides, top to bottom, with an approximate 60/40 spread. Nothing has changed this. The primary elections have shown voter response to "Tea Party" conservatives has been overwhelming. And remember, folks, it's the elections – not the liberal-manipulated phony polls or the constant flow of lies and personal attacks coming from the totally despicable "mainstream" media. We still have lots of work to do, but we are on the "right track" and nearly there. If we keep working and keep the faith, Americans will indeed be the winners!

    • That's assuming that the votes will be counted as the voters intended. With the assinine plan of votes being counted by [a soros company in Spain–REALLY?] and nothing being done to stop that, obama wins handily.

  9. Lets all get together and ask for Obama's College records Everyone call your senators and ask them to question Obama for his records I called my senators and represerntative and asked them to question Obama for his columbian school records…

  10. Call youer senators and represerntatives and have them to ask Obama to see his columbia school records, and they wilkl find out he is not elgible to be president. I called my senators and representative. Please do the same.

  11. Evermyrtle says:

    Indeed, I'll be there, I'm finding it hard to wait. for the end of this evil reign

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'd vote for Oblameos kin, a monkey before I'd vote for him.At least you could pay him in bananas and he wouldn't take a vacation.

  13. Oscar Dar says:

    OBAMA, will steal the election if we sleep and don't do our jobs in going to out to vote. But first, we MUST expose his "fraudulent" PAST, which he is afraid AMERICA WILL KNOW. We must urge our legislators to start the impeachment proceedings in CONGRESS, even it will not be consummated, at least the whole world will know what kind of a man he is. And how he "CHEATED AMERICA" for believing he is what he claimed he is. NOW HE CAN RUN BUT HE CAN NOT HIDE. WE GOT HIM AT LAST.

  14. Floyd McWilliams says:

    Only those who don't pay attention or those who want the U.S. to be "Greece in North America" could possibly even consider voting for Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name is. He has gone out of his way to insult: Blacks, Jews, Catholics, small business owners, and the military. Let's see: That's 12, 2, 30, 3, & 2 % of the population, taking out some overlap in those groups he's alienated 45-50% of the voter base. He's probably guaranteed to get 15% of the voter base: Those who really do believe that the U.S. is not exceptional, and who want to make sure that we're not. So, we've covered, say, 60% of the voter base. Being optimistic (from his perspective) and giving him half of the remaining 40% leaves him with about 35% of the vote: Good luck, Barry.

  15. Rayrmelc123 says:

    We should demand a conservative to be included in the debates. To have all left win hosts is a shot to the republican party

  16. This article is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read! You all are a bunch of disillusioned racists!

    • GrandmaAmerica says:

      Jodi, why don't you drop this racist crap and tell us what you disagree with in this article. Yes, I know, I won't hold my breath. I'll pray for you anyhow!

    • Racist? How on earth did you read the same article I did and see racism? I see no reason on earth to believe that Obama failing in such a spectacular manner has anything at all to do with his race! It is his ideology which has made him a failure and there are people of all races who hold the same failed ideology that Obama holds, so I see no need for you to hold his race accountable for anything.

  17. dead dems have no trouble voting….maybe some dead republicans should find their way to the polls

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