Ignorant Or Lying? Watch Awesome Video Of Obama Finding Out About Every Scandal From Media

He claims to learn about scandals from the press then acts like he’s all mad about them.

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  1. If he's ignorant, that would mean on the day that those events took place, ALL White house communication lines were down or Obama is terrible at answering his phone or the people in his circle forgot to pass the word along or had the day off or Obama arbitrarily had his eyes duct taped and ears plugged all day long or EVERYBODY in the administration just wasn't doing their job. If true, he's not just ignorant, he's incompetent and he leads a bunch of incompetent people. I'm thinking it's not true. I'm thinking he was caught and like all typical crooked politicians, had to quickly cover for it. So, that narrows it down to "he's a liar". Now, perhaps on a personal level, Obama is a convincing liar. Where things usually fall apart is when people in his circle try to perpetuate it. The consistency falls apart from person to person and pretty soon, Obama has to back-pedal, otherwise known as changing the story or coming up with a new lie to cover the original. Oh, the other instance of where his lies fall apart is when he's left to improvise. That's to say, when he's left to answer questions without a teleprompter. He does better when he has coached responses, memorized explanations, cheap excuses (I'm President), preselected questions, someone talking in his ear piece, and his trusty teleprompter. It's made stupid easy when he's lying to a crowd of supporters that paid a pretty penny to see him speak. They'll eat up anything he says. All he has to do is get them riled up. So, yeah. I'm putting my money on "he's a liar". I'd probably be pretty wealthy now if it were an actual bet. Although, making such a bet with an O-bot would be fruitless since they would constantly contend, "He wasn't lying! He never lies! He makes Abraham Lincoln look like a con artist. He's the only one telling the truth and everybody else is the liar! You're a racist!"

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    both, who voted for this lying ignant scum-in-chief,

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    He is ignorant when it comes to the scandals and he has to read or see them on TV to know about them.He is way to busy flying around to suck up to the rich & famous or he can't be bothered golfing.I also believe when he takes the Grape Ape & niglets on vacation he tells his minions not to bother him because he needs relaxation from the stress of who he is going to screw next. Vets looks like you won.

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