If You Thought You Had Figured Out Sharia Law…Wait Till You Read This

Among the more subtle and less recognized dangers of allowing hordes of Muslims to surge into America are the problems caused by Muslim-arranged “cousin” marriages.

Experts estimate that nearly half of the world’s Muslims are products of inbreeding brought about by the persistent Islamic practice of 1st cousins marrying 1st cousins. In Pakistan, the estimate is that 70% of the population is born of marriages between first cousins (and as many as 30% of Turks are as well.)

Statistical research reveals that in every single North African Muslim country, at least one third of its population are products of first cousin marriages.

This practice continues, even when Muslims immigrate to Western counties, and is the explanation as to why Pakistanis in England are 13 times more likely to be born with diseases requiring lifetime institutionalized care.

Muslims in India have significant developmental disabilities and never achieve parity with their non-Muslim, non-inbreed countrymen.

A Danish study found Muslim inbreed children to be 18 times more likely to suffer from cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy. Moreover, depression and schizophrenia among Muslim immigrants is so high that although they are just 3.7% of the Danish population, Muslims make up 40% of those in hospitals for the criminally insane and 70% of those in youth prisons.

Cousin marriages and the horrific consequences they cause help explain the ready supply of suicide bombers in the Islamic world. An Afghani study of the remains of suicide bombers, based on autopsies, shows that almost 90% “were suffering from severe illnesses or deficiencies such as blindness, cancer, missing limbs, or leprosy.”

In Denmark, 51% of the Special Education students are products of Muslim cousin marriages, which are clearly incubators for diseases of both mind and body. Special Education in Denmark, as it is everywhere, is the most expensive category of schooling.

It is indeed a chilling thought to contemplate what the costs of Muslim-inundated Special Education would be when conducted on a large scale in our liberal Democrat-controlled cities.

If Sharia law takes over here, our school systems will capsize under the weight of Muslim demands for service.

Photo credit: Hilde Skjølberg (Flickr)

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  1. This is another reason all muslims should be deported from the US. They should be given 60 days to leave. Any remaing should be executed. They are lower than lice.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    Well it a no wonder these muslims are crazy to begin with that explains their craziness, their inbreeding with each other of the same family

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda they were crazy before they started F–king there cousins.I'll bet some were even nailing their siblings.Do you think this isn't happening in the US but not being told.We live in a liberal society that thinks it is truly right for 2 men to go the hershey highway route because this is the way they get their kicks.Sometimes
      I believe what goes on behind closed doors is nobodies business as long as it is consenting and not pushed on the public like these queers and their gay marriages.

  3. That explains a lot!

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