If You Thought Communism Was Bad. . . .

che guevara communism killed tshirt If You Thought Communism Was Bad. . . .

If you think communism is just some innocent threat to your daily life, try calling the fire department for emergency services after the communists control the Fireman’s Union. Or maybe try going to the hospital for surgery after the nursing staff has been compromised.

Hitler took power fairly quickly, before anybody really had a chance to run. Tyrants rely on your tolerance. “Well, maybe it isn’t that bad,” you say. Maybe Obama is a communist, and there are communists in the unions; or maybe they infiltrated the police and Federal Marshals.

Hitler had a test for loyalty. He had the German police and military go through a cleaning process. You were brought into a room and asked how loyal you were to Germany. If you were loyal, they took you out back and shot you. Then they replaced you with somebody in the Nazi party.

This cleaning process began in the Federal Marshal’s office about 15 years ago. I met an old WWII Veteran who was handing out flyers to anybody who would listen. I will always listen to anybody handing out flyers. I still have the flyer. He was trying to warn people that the communists were cleaning the Federal Marshal’s service.

Well, the Federal Marshals can’t just take people out back and shoot them. They fire them, or they find a way to take their clearance. It’s easy to yank a security clearance. All they have to do is get a copy of your credit report; and if there are any negative entries, they accuse you of financial risk of selling out to a foreign country.

I was a paralegal on a security clearance case where this happened. The poor guy owed $67.00 to Dish Network. He didn’t actually owe Dish Network anything because he disconnected his service. They continued to bill him because their customer service center was in India, and nobody understood English.

We won that case. Then I warned the Defense Department that if they tried that stunt again, I would move the case to Federal Court. You see, they don’t try security clearance cases in Federal Court. The DoD operates kangaroo courts out of strip malls. You know those spooky strip malls, where it doesn’t appear that anybody has a business? Those are Federal kangaroo courts and phony Federal fronts where they watch the local community and then make trouble for anybody who causes problems.

The communists don’t kill people. They arrange accidents. Maybe a nice American guy trains to be a firefighter, but he doesn’t want to join the communist party. So he goes to a fire and doesn’t come back. Like those firefighters in West, Texas who rushed to put out a fire at a fertilizer plant – and never came back. That sort of thing.

Anywhere you see Obama show up is sort of a badge of courage to the communist community. So far, I’ve been run off the road, I’ve had my brake lining cut, and I have been the victim of countless attempted break-ins. Keep a close eye out, people; watch over your shoulder. The commies are here, and they are working for all those unions that look so innocent.

Just like the firefighters who rushed to the towers on 9/11 – we’ll never know, will we? Well, they built a mosque next door; and what cry did we hear? Tolerance.

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