Watch: While These Illegals Live A Life Of Luxury, Many Americans Struggle To Pay The Bills

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There is some dispute among Americans regarding the catalyst behind an ongoing influx of illegals into the U.S. in recent months. If the reception these unwelcome intruders are receiving in one Texas community is any indication, however, it is obvious why the prospect of being an illegal immigrant in this country is so appealing.

According to a report by KRGV, a detention facility in Karnes City has undergone extensive renovations in recent months to accommodate men, women, and children in the U.S. illegally. Not only are they receiving the necessities, but one U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer explained that guests at the facility will be treated to a relaxing stay including plenty of amenities.

Leaving little doubt about the quality of the lodging, immigration agents are referring to rooms in the facility as suites, the report concludes. Furthermore, field office director Enrique Lucero is breaking with tradition regarding how he addresses the illegals being housed within.

“I will refer to everyone in this facility as a resident,” he explained. “ICE generally refers to people in custody as detainees.”

These “residents,” the report asserts, will enjoy flat-screen televisions and a telephone in each suite. Furthermore, illegals will be able to play soccer, basketball, and ping pong at the renovated facility as well as work out in a new weight room. A playground is in the works, too.

Each of the illegals staying in one of the suites, typically for more than three weeks straight, will also get to select six sets of clothes from an on-site store, along with socks and shoes.

When not watching TV or playing with each other, the illegal minors will be allowed to attend a local charter school. There is also a fully stocked library and an on-site dentist available to the lawbreakers being housed at the center.

Lucero said he was interested in providing a “safe and humane environment” for the illegals in his care. The cost to taxpayers, however, seems to be more in line with an upscale hotel.

According to KRGV, housing for each of the 532 detainees will be about $140 per day for a total daily cost of about $74,000. That cost does not include the untold expense of thoroughly renovating the facility prior to the intake of these pampered guests.


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  1. I have no more words for what this MAN is doing to our country!

    • HATE BUMME says:

      He is destroying it and getting rich in the process. I along with millions hate this bastard. What can we as average non working ?American do to get the ball rolling to rid our fine country of this evil muslim!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole must be stopped one way or another.He treats these illegal alien kids better then he does American kids.The congress should cut off the money and see what the mongrel cur will do.Maybe the jig will dig into his pocket along with the other democraps.

  3. I cannot even BELIEVE this story! I lost my job on 7-4, and am struggling to get by. ( I was told in 2012, that if Obama was re-elected, I would lose my job.-PROMISE MADE! ) Here is an excellent example of true, purposeful harm to we American's who are already having a hard time! Put salt in the wound… kick a dog when he is down… you get my meaning!

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