If What This Writer Says Is True, Harry Reid May Be About To Destroy Obama

Harry Reid Domestic Terrorists

A recent Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial revealed one man’s opinion that, with more than two years left in his second term, Barack Obama’s presidency is effectively over. The major factor he cited in arriving at this conclusion is a noticeable cooling in Obama’s relationship with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a man who has been a reliable defender over the past six years.

Citing a New York Times article, columnist John L. Smith seized on one particular passage describing a tense conversation involving Obama, Reid, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The topic of discussion, the article explained, was a list of nominees Obama hopes will become ambassadors. Despite the fact that Reid was willing and ready to plead the president’s case in the face of fierce Republican opposition, Smith noted that Obama himself seemed to tune out of the entire process.

“They were Obama’s nominees,” he wrote; “but from the sound of things, he was unwilling to joust for them.”

According to the Time’s account, Obama instructed Reid and McConnell to “work it out” amongst themselves.

The perceived slight reportedly caused Reid to become angry and complain about Obama’s attitude to others in the U.S. Senate. In Smith’s estimation, the longtime senator is precisely the supporter an increasingly unpopular Obama needs at this point in his presidency.

“We’re not talking about the hurt feelings of just any Democrat,” he wrote. “We’re talking about brawling Harry Reid of Nevada, the man without whom Obama’s presidency would be so small scientists couldn’t identify it with an electron microscope.”

Much has been written – by leftists and conservatives alike – about Obama’s apparent disengagement, especially since the beginning of his second term. Smith, however, notes that the troubling progression has now apparently cost him one of the last remaining relationships capable of maintaining his relevance.

The Nevada Democrat, he asserted, was integral in advancing many of Obama’s policies – including the healthcare reform debacle known as ObamaCare.

“Reid has not only carried Obama’s water,” Smith concluded, “he’s drawn it from dry wells and conjured it from cloudless skies.”

Smith described the relationship that once existed between Obama and Reid as mob boss Vito Corleone and his trusted enforcer Luca Brasi in the film The Godfather.

“If Reid is finished fighting for Obama,” he affirmed, “then Obama is as good as finished.”

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  1. Hmmmm… What's Frank Marshall Davis doing in that picture w/ Reid?

  2. wow we can only hope.Impeachment may not be out of the picture.Obama may have to empty his mess kit because it is already full of crap.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Dingy Dirty Harry Reid will never do anything to hurt Sambo,these 2 are joined at the hip.Harry needs Obutthole and Obutthole needs Reid to protect his half white ass.

  4. Don't tell me the Reid has suddenly discovered the cure for stupidity.

    • Nah……. He just wants to be re-elected. That's why he's doing a 180…… IF he does it. And IF he does it, I'd still want to see him arrested, tried and executed, standing next to Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Feinstein, Clinton and all the other Demon-cRATS.

  5. Well whata you know!! Reid too is tired of this silly mad-man who is destroying the Country from within. Dirty Harry Reid and Nancy Pelsoi the Dingbat has been protecting his azz from day one. By now this idiot in chief may no loner need this little pig Reid.

    The damage that this POS has done, he had 6 six long, long years to buy up all of those millions bullets and organized his private army like a good little communist POS that he is.

    This lowlife Reid has seen the light but The question is? can Reid do this POS in? or it is too late for us and the Country? and the little pig Reid

  6. Wiseoldlady says:


  7. Harvey Pearl says:

    Harry Reid is a piece of crap just like his boss.

    • he is one of the biggest brown noser i have ever seen , he has so much shit on his nose from running into obama when he stops i dont see how he can breath. he is a waste of space and needs to be removed just like his favorite snack

  8. Harry Reid is such a sleaze, there are no words harsh enough to describe his worthlessness and crimes.
    Someone should have punched the POS sooner than later..If that was all it took to get free of this worthless but treacherous man. I use man loosely.

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