If What The Secretary Of Defense Just Said Is True, World War III Could Be Brewing

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Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel recently said that he agreed with Poland’s foreign minister about a heightened risk of invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

To quote Hagel:

I think it’s a reality, of course it is. When you see the build-up of Russian troops and the sophistication of those troops, the training of those troops, the heavy military equipment that’s being put along that border, of course it’s a reality, it’s a threat, it’s a possibility – absolutely.

Hagel went on to say that “the longer that Russia perpetuates and instigates this tension and the possibility of escalating their activity, it’s going to get worse. And we have to be prepared for that.”

Donald Tusk, the Prime Minister of Poland, had warned that “the threat of a direct intervention (by Russia into Ukraine) is certainly greater than it was even a few days ago. ”

On Wednesday, NATO warned that the number of “combat-ready” Russian troops near the Ukrainian border had gone from 12,000 to 20,000.

A Russian Defense spokesman attacked the claim, saying that “movements of such forces of thousands of troops and equipment are not possible in such a short time.”

A NATO spokeswoman warned that “Russia could use the pretext of a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission as an excuse to send troops into eastern Ukraine.”

Hagel also spoke about how the conflict had forced the West to examine the structure of NATO in preparation for future conflicts.

Who do you think is right about the military buildup: the US or Russia? Is Russia preparing to launch an invasion of Ukraine?


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Photo credit: imagemaker / Shutterstock.com

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  1. mutantone says:

    well Obama will jump at the chance now that the military is gutted of officers and ill equipped to handle any attack and that it would mean the further destruction of the United States it would all be as planned

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Chuck Hagel whose Army was he in? Putin has out foxed ole halfblack Obutthole.

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