If There Is No God – Part II

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(Editor’s note: Read Part 1 here.)

Ultimately, if religion is merely a creation of man, and religion itself is evil, what does that say about man? And why has God all of a sudden become expendable? He has always had a prominent place in our hearts and in our society. God wasn’t a problem for two centuries; but now the Democratic Party has gone agnostic, and the Republican party is split.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that the GOP excommunicates God (and the Republican secularists lose their ‘Scapegoat’) – what’s the platform? What makes the GOP a winning ticket?

Whether man wants to hide behind religion, big government, progressivism, or secularism – we’re imploding! As far as ideology goes, no matter what our espoused affiliation, we’ve all contributed to the mess. None of us are innocent – there’s plenty of blame to go around!

In the end, we must blame the depraved, morally bankrupt, self-destructive tendencies of MAN for our demise. Atheists who claim that man is responsible for creating religion are forced to come to the same conclusion.

The Constitution may have proven to be an essential tool in keeping religious tyranny from reigning. But we’re swiftly headed in the other direction towards Communism, which is a religion in and of itself, in which the government is our god (and applies complete control over us).

Religion should not be used as a means of control; it should serve a greater purpose. I never considered Emperor Constantine (or any other political-religious leader for that matter) having pure intentions – but at least he stopped the persecution of Christians.

Absolute power and authority in the hands of men is bad, no matter the ideology/affiliation. The Christians I know don’t want theocracy, despite the obnoxious claims perpetuated by the New Atheists.

In fact, I pointedly asked Dave:

“Why the bias, the law suits, and the hard cultural atheism? This is a new phenomenon!”

To Dave’s credit, he took a sincere stab at addressing the question:

I think the vitriol came initially after the war on terror and the atrocities – largely from Muslims – that occurred . However they (atheists) were uncomfortable associating with Christians who were also appalled by the jihadists. I think you saw people like Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher tending to be more critical of Christians (Christians don’t threaten to cut off your head, at least not anymore) because it was an easier target- other atheists used it as an opportunity to point out the hypocrisy they saw in all religions . Truthfully, many atheists now see religion on the decline and want to speed it’s demise.

In response, I affirmed that demise of religion will not fix the problem! This is not a religion problem but a human nature problem. Take away religion, and you still have the man.

If you look at the atrocities perpetuated in heathen lands and godless, secular societies led by cruel dictators (i.e. Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, etc.) throughout history, the root of the evil is apparent!

Darwinism, in particular, has had a significant influence in minimizing the sanctity of life; and this is why death panels will soon become a reality in this country (as it is just an extension of abortion) for those lives considered unworthy of the cost required to sustain their existence (i.e. elderly, infirm, disabled, terminally ill). It’s the secularists who endorse a death culture, while orthodox Christians are consistently pro-life. Where’s the morality from the secular side? Do they not often endorse the barbaric slaughter of those who are most in need of care, advocacy, and protection? From where does their moral compass stem?

Social stability is a fragile thing. We are witnessing how fast our moral foundations can be undone.
We may want to consider Islam and Communist North Korea before targeting ‘radical Christianity’ (whatever the heck that means!!!)

By the end of our discussion, Dave and I pretty much reached a stalemate. But I believe the take-home message remains:

From where does our faith come? From where does our hope come?

How can all this madness be thwarted and wholly overcome?

Does the answer lie in man or God?

“Choose you this day whom ye will serve…me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

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  1. The belief in God/s IS a BIZARRE DELUSION, a PSYCHOSIS!!!

  2. Puddentain says:

    I'll tell you what it says about man. It exposes the evil limits that man might go if there was no longer a perpetual threat of "burning in hell" for "sins". Man is in fact quite barbaric and the only justice that keeps us all in check is 1) our legal system and 2) for those that will commit to it,,,'religion'…..If it weren't for those two issues it is quite possible we would still be living in some sort of primitive state quite similar to the bronze age………..But fast forward to today…….."NOW", a good percentage of us have become cerebral and cognizant of how to exist in an ethical manner without relgion. A percentage of the population knows right from wrong WITHOUT having to rely on religion to guide our way. You can thank technology for that. The same technology that allows us to determine that a "Big Bang" was the origin of the universe.

    Religion served it's purpose over the years but it was always operating under false pretense. Nonetheless, it worked and here we are today entering a new era of human existence due to astrophysics, microbiology, advanced mathematics and all other areas of science………..We are over the religion hump and slowly the younger generation is realizing that "Jesus" or "God" has never proven its own existence…If Jesus or God was real why not reveal itself NOW when educated people walk the earth…NOT during a time when the uneducated were struggling for answer for the most simple events (thunder, lightening, wind, rain) whose origin have been revealed due to modern day science.

    The bible is only an account of this guy named "Jesus" who walked among the poor and illiterate 2013 years ago. Many of the "books" that make up the bible were written MANY years after this "Jesus" was LONG GONE. There isn't one reasonable human being that could possibly believe the claims it makes and if someone can't exist as a moral human being WITHOUT guidance from the bible,,,,then they simply aren't a good human being to begin with.

    Make no mistake about it. Religion will eventually be 100% abolished as the human race advances because one of two things will eventually happen:
    1) the earth is destroyed by some cataclysmic event OR
    2) people with genealogy who have historically refused to conform to modern day rules will eventually be forced to stop breeding and propagating their kind in the name of advancing our species.

    The resources on Earth are limited. We don't think much about it right now because it doesn't effect us….But 1000 or perhaps 10,000 years down the road this poor old earth will have taken a beating from mankind and the HUGE population that they have created….So somewhere, sometime, someone is going to put their foot down and demand that people conform for the survival of humanity and that will involve weeding out those that just don't fit in…….."THAT" is the future of mankind!!!….."NOT" a "God" dictating our existence….In other words, you can't eat your bible!!!

    I'm sure that's disappointing to most because it would be great to know that your 'soul' will live on in some fashion while you bask in a heaven with a god but unfortunately that's NOT the case. When you die,,,you die….Period…………..And the educated people of todays world are beginning to realize and acknowledge that fact.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      It is your choice to believe what you want, just remember one day we will all die, then what? If there is a Hell you will find out the hard way, not wishing this on you or anyone else.

      I prefer to believe in God and in the Bible, even if I am wrong, either way I have nothing to lose and Either way I win.

      When you get the chance check it out in utube of real life stories of people where they went to Hell and came back to tell us about it. Even if you don't believe it, check it out, you have nothing to lose it is quite interesting.

      • Puddentain says:

        Well Linda…..I have watched HOURS and HOURS of those videos. Every flavor you can imagine. "Life after death", "Out of body experience", "Dieing and seeing the light", "Randomly being cast into hell",,,,,,I mean I have REALLY REALLY researched this topic and there is not one angle I haven't considered. But the one that makes the most common sense is in fact the belief that there is no god.

        I am going to provide you with ONE video which is a VERY fair and balanced debate. It's actually VERY fun to listen to. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbzd6ZbCowY

        As you will see from the video, even though one side of the debate argues that there is no god they DO acknowledge that consciousness independent of the brain IS possible. However that does not make any and all modern day religion any more plausible.

        Note that if you believe Christianity is TRUE. You are basically saying that all other religions of the world (and the BILLIONS of people that believe them) are completely false. That includes the religion of Islam which 21% of the world population believes. Or the religion of Hinduism which 14% of the world believes. Or Buddhism which 6% of the world believes. Or Chinese traditional which 6% of the world believes…..etc……..(and by the way, 33% of the world are Christians and 16% are non believers).

        I find it rather cruel the way that religion perpetuates itself. Children are born into households with certain beliefs. They are then forced to conform at a VERY young age and thus are "brainwashed" over the many years they are under their parents care. How utterly TERRIBLE that is. Spending all that time on the "Bible" when they could be spending it on Math, Science, Economics, etc….

        I am a good person. I help little old ladies with their computers. I do chores around their home if necessary. I always care for at least 1 or 2 animals to save them from what otherwise could be a very bad life. And I do it ALL without religion. Imagine that. A good person who can behave in a moral and ethical manner without religion. And I know more and more people that are following that pattern. So in fact, whether the "old school" crowd wants to admit it or not,,,,religion is dieing. They just don't like to hear it.

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