If The Old Media Were Still Relevant…

Supported By Media Obama Knocked Out SC If The Old Media Were Still Relevant...

With Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, now all but assured the GOP’s nomination for the Presidency, the left has spent no time at all doing what they do best.  What they do best is distract.  With the nation teetering on the brink of disaster, an economy that has not produced any net jobs since the President won election, a bloated government spending trillions of dollars more than it brings in and liberalism basically crushing the American dream, the left is interested in is whether or not they can make Mr. Romney look substantially worse than the failure currently residing in the White House.

Kicking off their assault on Mitt Romney, this week the left dug deep into Romney’s past to dredge up recollections that he once picked on, call it bullied, a fellow student.  And if that was not bad enough, add to the meme the slap in the face that the fellow student may have been gay.  Seriously?  That’s the narrative that is supposed to make Mitt Romney into Satan himself and so toxic that no one would ever dare vote for him?  Forget the fact that the family of this former “victim” of Mitt Romney is dead and there appears to be no one in the family who can corroborate the claim.

Ok, I get it.  The President’s record is so horrid that this is the tactic his minions have to adopt.  But they are no doubt upset at how quickly their political opponents turned the issue around on them.  Breitbart’s Big Journalism website, for example, quickly flipped the issue around and produced evidence by the President’s own hand that he once shoved a girlbecause he was sick of being taunted about how he was her boyfriend.  Yes, the future President assaulted a girl, I repeat, a girl, because he was afraid of getting cooties?

Read more at Canada Free Press. By J.J. Jackson.

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  1. This November Obama will go down for the count unless he ends up in jail on treason charges before then.

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