If Obama Is Ousted In November, Thank Florida Governor Scott

Rick Scott SC 300x260 If Obama is ousted in November, thank Florida Governor Scott

As the State of Florida continues to release evidence in the Trayvon Martin case, it becomes increasingly clear that prosecutors will have little chance of convincing an honest jury that George Zimmerman is guilty of 2nd degree murder.

On May 15th, a medical report submitted by Zimmerman’s family doctor revealed that, on the night of the shooting the accused murderer suffered “…a ‘closed fracture’ of [the] nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of [the] head and a minor back injury…”  Zimmerman was treated by police at the scene and sought medical attention the next morning. (1)

Yet none of this information was included in the Affidavit of Probable Cause submitted by State Attorney Angela Corey as grounds for her charge of 2nd degree murder. Neither was the fact that witnesses testified to State investigators that Martin had attacked Zimmerman, or that he knocked Zimmerman to the ground, jumped on top of him and drove his head into the sidewalk as Zimmerman cried for help. The remarkably one-sided Affidavit simply states, “Zimmerman confronted Martin and a struggle ensued.” (2)

Alan Dershowitz states Corey “…has a terrible reputation in Florida for always overcharging…”  In fact it’s Dershowitz’s contention that Corey was specifically chosen by Florida Governor Rick Scott to “…stop race riots.”  Norm Wolfinger, the original prosecutor in the Martin case, intended to present all the known facts of the shooting to a grand jury. Had the exculpatory evidence now known to support Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense persuaded that body to bring no charge, Florida blacks would have almost certainly responded with state wide rioting. No doubt, many other portions of the United States would have joined in. (3)

In replacing Wolfinger with the “hang-em-high” Angela Corey, Governor Scott was playing to professional race baiters and media sycophants around the nation. And the unsuspecting Corey played her role of avenging angel to the hilt, stating at a nationally televised press conference that she had promised “…those sweet parents [of Trayvon] we would get answers to all of their questions…” and “seek justice for Trayvon…” (4)

But make no mistake, rioting was not necessarily Scott’s principle concern! For thanks to 24/7 pro-Trayvon  coverage by the national media, this killing stood to play an important role in the election of 2012.

Millions of blacks, many who might have never voted before, went to the polls for Obama in 2008. But Obama was having difficulty reanimating that support this year. He needed a hook to fire up black voters and in their sob story coverage of the Martin shooting, the media gave him one, complete with the race-baiting appeal Obama had used so often during his career.

However,  with his selection of Angela Corey, Scott effectively killed Obama’s chances of using the death of Trayvon Martin in a national appeal to black voters. Her manufacture of a murder charge against Zimmerman took the wind from Obama’s “us against Whitey” sails. It allowed Scott to defer any chance of the Manchurian Candidate making political hay until 2013, well after the election. And by then, it won’t matter as Obama will be unemployed.

Of course there’s a bigger loser than Obama in this political charade and that’s George Zimmerman. He is a true pawn, innocent of the crime he is accused of committing by virtue of a clearly genuine plea of self-defense. Yet politicians have exposed him to the whim of jury members who might be intimidated into pronouncing a guilty verdict simply because they fear reprisal from black thugs across the country.

It’s bad enough American citizens lose their liberty to unconstitutional laws passed by self-serving politicians. George Zimmerman might lose his liberty simply because it’s an election year.

To read more use these links:

(1) http://abcnews.go.com/US/george-zimmerman-medical-report-sheds-light-injuries-trayvon/story?id=16353532#.T7kOo8U0KVo

(2) http://www.foxnews.com/us/interactive/2012/04/12/state-florida-vs-george-zimmerman-affidavit-probable-cause/

(3) http://www.mediaite.com/tv/dershowitz-no-jury-would-convict-zimmerman-of-murder-unless-afraid-new-black-panthers-might-kill-them/

(4) http://blogs.findlaw.com/blotter/2012/04/trayvon-martin-prosecutor-wont-use-grand-jury.html

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  1. I always had the wait and see attitude. It is now playing out I I always suspected that it would. Losing Obama is a great big plus!!!!!

  2. ProundPatriotToo says:

    We should get rid of all the liberal, race promoting judges and lawyers and get back to the basics of the Constitutional laws, not international nor Sharia Law that is taking over our laws via Obama and the U.N.
    Leave race out of the courts, unless it's is an obvious issue.

  3. mr_bad_example says:

    you know something? i am tired of BLACKS and their MONO-BLOCK stupidity, 95% of them vote DEMOCRAT, when it is a known fact the democrats were the ones that enslaved them, and kept "jim crowe" laws in effect until republicans eliminated them. blacks are the biggest racists in this country, and we let them be. this country would be better off if we took a poll and shipped everyone who selects "African-American" as race, back to Africa, then EVERYONE would be happy!

  4. matismf says:

    So Governor Scott is more concerned about Obama losing the election than he is in seeing justice done? That's what I figured as well. And since the jury pool can be drawn from Corinne Brown's district, and since the judge can choose to publicize the names and addresses of the selected jury, George Zimmerman will be spending time in jail for a crime he didn't commit. And if he's lucky, he'll only spend time there, and won't be murdered by some of the Obamas in that jail. May Governor Scott rot in hell for what he has done.

    • Right On I am on your side…….

    • Wait, what Scott did will prevent Obama from using this for his benefit, he had to appoint a special prosecutor, people see through the special prosecutor's bias, I beleive Zimmerman will not be convicted. ……. "with his selection of Angela Corey, Scott effectively killed Obama’s chances of using the death of Trayvon Martin in a national appeal to black voters. Her manufacture of a murder charge against Zimmerman took the wind from Obama’s “us against Whitey” sails. It allowed Scott to defer any chance of the Manchurian Candidate making political hay until 2013, well after the election. And by then, it won’t matter as Obama will be unemployed."

  5. Okay..I'll say it…why , when things do not go their way,african-americans , or what ever is the politically correct term for some Americans, they riot??? when whites are mugged/, assaulted, or killed,,the authorities do not fear riots?? Talk about intimidation! lack of self control or any excuse to riot?

  6. Evermyrtle says:

    I wonder where this Zimmerman/Trayvon fiasco would have gone, had not the so-called president had not spoken those words to a world wide population

    • At the least, having once interjected himself into the case by commenting, 0bama was obligated to recommend prosecution for the felony of putting a bounty on Zimmerman's head. Taking out a contract on someone's life is illegal, last I heard.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        It would only be illegal if done by a White.

      • David F. says:

        It's Illegal, and in this case can be considered a "Hate Crime", but we all know Holder won't go after the Black Panthers for Hate Crimes.

  7. George Miller says:

    Scott is such a hero. Is he the same Governor Scott who signed a bill unconstitutionally prohibiting the vetting of Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates?

    Follow FL Voeltz v Obama case on obamballotchallenge.com

  8. David F. says:

    I hope that if the case does get dismissed, that George Zimmerman sues the hell out of (and wins) all the Race Baiters and the Special Prosecutor…and then I hope Corey loses her law license for Ethics violations. Now that would be justice.

  9. Sarastro says:

    Mohammed said: "I have conquered through terror", and this is certainly true today. If American courts are afraid to pronounce a verdict according to the facts and the truth because they fear race riots, then we are really being ruled by criminal terrorists, I say let the riots begin — if blacks start making trouble, bring out the army and mow them down with machine guns, that will teach them a few manners and respect for the law. In America blacks have no respect for the law because they know they will not be punished. Martin Luther King said he wanted colored people to be judged for their character and not for the color of their skin. Well, if I judge them for their character, 90% of them would be in prison. Zimmermann is a hero and was out patrolling to protect people — he should be given a big reward and a commendation.

  10. Hey Gov. wait a min this is not a crime here, That zimmerman trying save his life. That sick kid was on top of Mr.Zimmerman beat his head on side walk. How would you feel? How stupid this really is not fair to charge him a crime. That stupid retared kid kid did this because he was BLACK he was on dope on the night he killed and this black punk got him self trouble in School? He was just looking trouble too bad he killed anyway I am glad that Zimmerman did this. To save his life, I found him nor guitly (Zimmerman) I would found found that kid martin a Guitly has Hell I hope he rot in HELL. His father&Mother is such trouble maker.I would love to see both of animal in Jail cause all this trouble and paid to Mr.Zimmerman and his family Thousand of Dollar.Shemw on the Blacks can not behavior. behalf your self you monkey.

  11. Obama need send this animal back to Kenya Africa ok Obama you are a f.u. Lair…………LAIR! got it………

  12. True American says:

    Obama can go F–Him self all way to moon…… I am sick and tired of Obama and his little Nizzer gang of thugs starting problems in America when America is up to it azz in Debit Thanks to Obama giving Money to Muslims


  14. i will think who ever to get the clown out of office

  15. Devasahayam says:

    As I have stated repeatedly, the Zimmerman case bears some resemblances to the Helen Cummings case of 1998.

    Helen Cummings, an English born nurse, married Tyler Cummings, a black male nurse of shady character (he was a womaniser and an abusive husband–which she likely did not know priro), for immigration. In 1998, Tyler was shot after a fight with Helen–who turned herself in and was prosecuted on 2nd-degree murder charges and acquitted (with even the prosecutor admitting her case had merit). Tyler's brother shilled after Helen was acquitted, screaming "racism". (note: the only US media which covered it were in the FL municipality where the Cummings had resided–it received much more coverage in UK).

    Basically, Trayvon Martin was an unremorseful asbo who attacked Zimmerman–and got killed in self-defence!

  16. PTCRUISERMAN says:

    There is one thing I have been wondering about…….why have no Hispanic groups stood up in the defense of George Zimmerman?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm glad you brought that up where is LaRaza,Senor McCain ad Senor Graham they all stick up illegal spics but now you got a hispanic being railroadedy the colored and not a peep

    • matismf says:

      Hispanics do not consider Mr. Zimmerman to be Hispanic, any more than they consider a native of Spain to be Hispanic. They have specific requirements for "Hispanicity", and Mr. Zimmerman does NOT meet them.

  17. Dorothy Heath says:

    You know Ifeel sorry for Martins parents and am glad they were more civil than Obama and the press in this case. But did anyone ever ask what martin was doing in the neighbor hood and why was he so defensive,was he selling drugs or burgularizing, what was the reason for this?It's a shame racists like Obama,Sharpton , Jackson are using this to cause racial tension in America to cover up their own lack of anything accomplished in Obama's presidental term and to set their own race back, instead of reaching out to our black children to help them and guide them to work to better their lives!Sharpton and Jackson are a digrace to the cloth and should be thrown out of the priesthood! And Obama does NOT deserve to be re-elected! God bless america and bring her through these evil times!!!

  18. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    @Dorthy Heath. I do not feel sorry at all for the parents. Chances are good, really good, that all his life, “little Trayvon” was the “sweet innocent baby, who did no wrong whatsoever”, and was excused for anything remotely smacking of not nice. If you have ever noticed these black mothers whose children are convicted of crimes, to a one, all of them say the same thing “my baby would NEVER do this, he was a good boy”. Every single time. No child is as innocent as these mothers make them out to be. Not when they have records such as this “poor little innocent black, unarmed “child” on the night that he started this fight with Mr.Zimmerman. And until forced to show them, the “media” never showed the picture of the TEENAGER Trayvon, always showing his childhood photo, and leaving the stupid public to assume, wrongly, that this was some little boy who only wanted some skittles late at night. IF that were so, why was a “little kid” out on the streets so late with no parent or adult? No. He was just one more in a long line of misbehaving, violent, drugged up, trouble making black racist, out looking for something to get into, and he found it in George Zimmerman. A man, who, by the way, was doing his CIVIC DUTY, patrolling the neighborhood, and trying to do something CONSTRUCTIVE, unlike this black good for nothing, who was looking for some trouble. The turd got it, and paid for it with his useless life. And his parents are probably a big part of the reason why. Black youth today have no one in control, they have no parents who make rules, and make them stick. For them there are no consequencs to anything they do. They run the streets, causing trouble, getting into trouble, and when caught, they scream “racist”, and the likes of the bigger turds in the sewer come running to their defense! These TURDS go by the names of sharpton, jackson, and oblamer, and then, the worst of the lot, their useless parent, or parents. I have had it with the entire black race of trouble makers. None get my sympathy or understanding anymore, they stand around, with hands out, expecting everything to be given to them because of their ancestors having been slaves. That is over and done with, has been for over 100 years, and they have NEVER been slaves, do not know the MEANING OF SLAVERY! And as one comment said above, any one of them who want to go by the name of “african” american, should be put on a boat, (a leaky one) and sent to the jungles from which they originated, and left to the mercy of the animals there, whether the animals are two legged, or four legged, I do not care, only that they be sent elsewhere, to not trouble this nation with their bullshite and great flapping lips again. In 2008, and since then, they have only proven just how useless and how much trouble they really are. None of them are deserving of one ounce of sympathy from any self respecting white person, or law abiding black American! Those black Americans who work and EARN what they have, are deserving of the same respect given to any white American. I imagine there are a few, but the numbers go down each time something of this nature comes to light. How many innocent WHITE people are MURDERED each day by a BLACK MURDERER, and the “media” says not one word!? This has been a “race war” coming for a very long time, and all it took were two things, for this half and half, OREO, to be “elected” and for this useless teenage troublemaker, to be killed, in self defense, by an AMERICAN who was doing something decent and good. Decent and good, two things which this teenage thug knew nothing of! Because he was most likely never taught the exact meaning of either word or behavior!!! “he was only going to get skittles” my rearend!!! No. He was only going out to find trouble, and he found it. Most of the time, when someone is LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, they FIND IT! Trouble for these people is never hard to find, trouble is not hard to find for anyone as far as that goes. Zimmerman wasn’t looking for it, IT FOUND HIM, in the form of a BLACK TROUBLE MAKING TEENAGER!!!! No, Dorthy, no sympathy here for the parents. If they had come out and said the right thing, that this was not an intentional killing, not murder, and that their son may have been guilty of doing something wrong, may have saved this nation the trouble that she now finds herself involved in. And it would have stopped the OREO, the DISEASE in office from flapping his great, PURPLE, LYING GOOD FOR NOTHING LIPS, causing even more trouble! No, they STIRRED A STINK UNTIL IT STUNK UP THE WHOLE NATION! This lies at their feet, they are the most guilty of all, in regards to how this went down, and the problems that came after!!!!! From me, and I think, many others, they get no, and deserve no, sympathy! “bring up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older, he will not depart from it”. I quote a scripture there, and I am sure that these parents know that verse very well. IF they had raised this little heathen properly, this may have been avoided. His records show this. For, this is not the first time this “innocent black child” had been in trouble. History repeating itself…………his history.

  19. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Oh, think about this……….if HE had killed Mr. Zimmerman, do you beleive for one second, that the outcry, and outrage would have been the same? I beleive that it would have gone like this: Trayvon was acting in self defense when he “accidentally beat Mr. Zimmerman to death”, and he would have walked away, scott free. No one would have opened their mouths in the same manner in which they have done in the “case of poor Trayvon being killed (murdered)” “poor Travon” was not murdered. He was shot in SELF DEFENSE! But, it will go like this” George Zimmerman will go to jail for a “crime” he did not commit”! So the self serving, useless, RACIST BLACK FREAKS WON”T RIOT! But, the killings will continue, because they will ALWAYS kill whites and hispanics in “justice for trayvon”! This will not end, even if George Zimmerman goes to jail! And chances are more than good, that Mr. Zimmerman will be MURDERED while he is in jail. And, NO ONE WILL PAY THE PRICE FOR THAT MURDER IF MR. ZIMMERMAN IS CONVICTED! This has no end. UNLESS we, the WHITES, HISPANICS AND OTHER RACES STAND UP……..FOR………OUR………RIGHTS………..ALSO!!! And DO IT JUST AS LOUDLY!!! When backed into a corner, one must stand up for themselves, or be beaten down! This is called SELF DEFENSE!

  20. Mr. Zimmerman had or has a right to defend himself against Trayvon Martin lookk at Mr. Zimmerman's wounds he got in the situation that took place. I feel all the politicians from president on down should stay out of this and other legal matters that do not concern them, and run the country not the courts. T-Martin was not an angle by any means of the word. Take a look at his Martins past no angle as the media has made him out to be. No I do not wish death on anyone just good common sense in all matters concerned in this case. A person is inocent until proved guilty in a court of law the last I remember in this country…..

  21. I wonder how much of this is actually controlled by the current administration. Barry is hoping to use this instance as political leverage, is he not? Suppose Zimmerman was a mark/target, Trayvon Martin as the perfect political sacrifice with assurances his family will be well taken care of if he goes through with it?
    Additionally, how will the News Media spin things if Zimmerman is found innocent of all charges? Will they simply report the story as it is or will they say, "Sad news today as the murderer of Trayvon Martin was found innocent and released." ? I personally wouldn't put it past some news organizations. It's an election year. Expect some of the lowest of dirty tricks to be played. If Barry can't subtly get a crisis to emerge, he'll manufacture one.

  22. Who cares if there is a black backlash over this. To think that Zimmerman's fate rest on this racial thing is so unfair in our society. Enough of this black against white. Obama has destroyed how many years of the gap we've been trying to bridge between blacks and whites. This was all for Obama's political gain and we all stand by and put up with it. You are all absolute loosers for betraying the publics trust in our laws and you the politicians themselves. Kind of makes you ashamed of America and all that we let our elected politicians do to us. Kind of like the tail wagging the dog, don't you think ?

  23. Impeach Obama

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