“If I (Barack Hussein Obama) Don’t Like It, You Can’t Have It”

Obama Forward SC 690x1024 If I (Barack Hussein Obama) Dont Like It, You Cant Have It

The U.S. Constitution says that everyone has the right to free speech.

President Barack Obama doesn’t seem to think so. Over the first few days of the Republican National Convention, he used the online service Reddit (which is not doing too well as a form of social media) to try to divert some attention away from the GOP convention. He artfully is calling for a constitutional amendment to curb the free speech of successful people and corporations. If you are not familiar with the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizen United case, you should be. In 2008, candidate Obama did not have any problem with taking money from wherever he could get it. He used the internet to stuff his coffers so he could pummel John McCain and Sarah Palin with negative ads.

The tone of his campaign hasn’t changed; as a matter of fact, they are worse even by Obama’s standards. However, the money in his coffers is not as great as it used to be. So now anyone who tries to compete with his despicable machine in Chicago is labeled a fat cat or rich person. Of course, all he does is talk and let his minions spout their illiterate, grating tirades against any of the citizens who help generate the nation’s wealth, either by working 2 or 3 jobs or operating a small business as part of their dream.

So now, we have the revitalized President Obama appealing to his masses: “I think we need to seriously consider mobilizing (code for forming protest groups like Occupy) a constitutional amendment process to overturn Citizens United. … Even if the amendment process falls short, it can shine a spotlight of the super PAC phenomenon and help apply pressure for change.” (He must have been reading it because he used the word of out of context. I didn’t correct it because it is a quote.)

Instead of helping the people in New Orleans, this pitiful campaign publicity-grabbing gambit tried to portray him as the defender of middle-class Americans (I guess it’s the ones who don’t have 2 or 3 jobs or small businesses) and Gov. Mitt Romney as the champion of the unfeeling wealthy, job-exporting fat cats. “Money has always been a factor in politics, but we are seeing something new (I guess he wasn’t awake in 2008) in the no-holds barred (using fight talk is a tactic of Chicago politics) flow of seven and eight figure checks most undisclosed (how many undisclosed did he receive in 3 years), into super PACs,”. He’s raised more than one billion dollars over his career, and in 2008, he did not limit himself to the federal spending limit. Instead, he used the internet and liberal bundlers to outspend his Republican opponent by roughly two to one. But that was 2008. Now, he has evolved into a conscientious objector to certain contributions.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we see a completely different stance from President Obama. Those super PACs “fundamentally threaten to overwhelm the political process over the long run and drown out the voices of ordinary citizens (code for middle class),” he declared. Obama’s new focus on stopping contributions comes not from a feeling of genuine empathy, but rather because he is being out-raised by Romney. He’s being out-raised at such a rate because so many of the people who supported Obama’s 2008 campaign to his chagrin are now so turned off that they are supporting Romney instead. All Obama has left are the angry homosexual activists, environmentalists, Occupy protesters, and the government unions. The more it looks like Obama is heading for defeat, the more his violent surrogates will talk trash. I can’t wait to see how much trash is dished out at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in of all places Charlotte, NC. Center to their argument will be how terrible the Republican establishment is and the demonic role the Super PACs are playing in this election.

So now we go back to the original statement. If Obama doesn’t like something, then you can’t have it. In this case, Obama does not like free speech, so you can’t practice it.

Photo credit: Dave Merrick

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Most americans should realize this is a self centerd jerk who only thinks about himself,grape Ape and the niglets
    All you have to do is disagree with him and you become his enemy typical socialist view.The man is a commie that's why he loves Putin

  2. Aw, he’s pissed because instead of giving HIM their money, they’re giving it to Romney, his ENEMY! Ain’t that a crying shame! NOT! He NEEDS money, and where best to get that money? Well of course, RICH PEOPLE! The poor ones, like myself and other American Patriots, don’t have it! All we have is the RIGHT TO VOTE HIS SORRY MONEY GRUBBING LAZY USELESS MU SLIMEY ASS OUT OF OFFICE! And given the chance, and the NUMBERS, we WILL! Lord, God Almighty, WE HAVE TO GET HIM OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE AND OUT OF OUR LIVES AND FACES! I saw about 30 seconds of the Grape Ape, the Baboonette last night, while waiting for “what passes for “””News””” to come on, and changed channels so fast that her ugly Baboon face swam! And yes, the more I have to see those two, the more they resemble the Baboons that their ancestors originated from! I despise them both, they have WELL EARNED THAT HATE! She, by her own words, “I was never proud of” America, and the hatefu, despicable comment about our Flag, “All this for a fu#)@(%! Flag?!” She has earned every bit of loathing, dislike and hatred that comes, or goes her way, and he has more, far, far more than earned anything the American Patriots, People feel for him! I want a HUMAN BEING, AN AMERICAN HUMAN BEING IN THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT! I do not want what I am now forced to hear, and look at each time the office of President is mentioned, because I do not have a President, what I have now does not even pass as remotely human! This BEING, this evil THING IN OFFICE IS NOT EVEN QUALIFIED ENOUGH TO PASS AS AN ANIMAL, EVEN ANIMALS ARE MORE INTELLIGENT AND ARE NOT EVIL! Animals behave more CIVILIZED THAN THESE TWO! I despise them both, because this is only what they so richly deserve, and the ONLY THING THEY HAVE HONESTLY EARNED!

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