I Agree That We Need To Keep Guns Out Of The Hands Of The Wrong People

guns SC I Agree That We Need To Keep Guns Out Of The Hands Of The Wrong People

Adam Lanza is the name of the latest sick person who had no business having a gun in his hand.  Additional gun laws or bans would probably not have prevented this sorry individual from doing what he did.  He had no weapons of his own, so more strict gun laws would not have prevented him from murdering all of those children as well as his mother.  This deranged young man shot his mother in the face, then stole weapons she legally owned and drove the short distance to the school he had attended several years earlier. Lanza used those firearms to kill 26 people, mostly little children.

Here is a recent history of senseless mass killings at schools and colleges over the past 42 years, thanks to the UK Daily Mail: Virginia Tech, University of Texas, Columbine High School, Red Lake High School, University of Iowa, Amish schoolhouse massacre, Cleveland Elementary School, University of Arizona, and Kent State University. Click here for the detailed report.

With the exception of the 42-year-old Kent State episode, I must believe that premeditation and some sort of advance planning was involved in all of these.  Even the 42-year-old shadow hovering over the Kent State Campus makes me think that this probably was not a totally instantaneous emotional event.

Something that has always given me the ‘creepies’ is studying the photos of the individuals who have committed these horrible crimes. Their eyes (set in an expressionless face) always seem totally void of any feeling, like there is nobody living inside the shell they call their body. It is like looking into a stagnant pond with no indication of life.  Or like looking into the eyes of someone who has no soul. It borders on demonic. In short, it is frightening.

Something equally as frightening is the fact that our President has placed Joe Biden in charge of an Administration effort to formulate policies (just what we need, more policies) to address gun violence in response to calls for action, especially from liberal and anti-firearm groups, following the senseless massacre in that Connecticut elementary school.  Joe Biden is a man who has managed to shoot himself in the foot more times than nearly any other politician on the planet – and every time, it was his mouth, not a gun, that inflicted the wound.

In no way am I diminishing what a sick individual did in that Connecticut school.  Liberals generally act on “feelings” rather than “facts”, so I am not going to lay the fact that gun deaths are down considerably over the past several decades (since the Al Capone era or earlier, I think).  I will ask you, whether conservative or liberal/progressive, to ask a few hard objective questions, since the news media seldom ever does.

Why is this administration so obsessed with taking firearms out of the hands of legal Americans while, according to many reports, giving them (at taxpayer expense) to Mexican drug lords (ever heard of ‘Fast and Furious”?)  and Al Qaeda terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere?

Yes, we do need to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people; but it seems as though those are the very people this Administration is determined to arm while disarming the rest of us.

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Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith (Creative Commons)

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  1. onerockingfool! says:

    Excellent point, and one I have considered often. The problem with America is exactly what Castro told Kennedy in the early 1960's … America shall indeed 'destroy herself from within'. We just had no idea that we would allow our President to do that.

  2. I will ask everyone, conservative, liberal, progressive, regressive, religeous, agnostic, atheist to ask one objective question, since the “news” media never has.

    Why is Obama and his administration so obsessed with how many kids have been killed by guns during his first term while, according to the CDC, thousands of times over more kids have been killed during his first term by abortion and/or infanticide?

    The answer is, of course, Obama doesn’t really care how many kids are killed…all he cares about is his anti-gun pro-abortion ideology.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Racer you are right because if the black dickhead cared he'd do something about the little negroes in Chicago but they would never push gun control so he knows the whites donate to him. So whites being killed hurts his contribution.

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