HUD Encourages Stimulus Recipients to Post Signs Praising Obama

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is telling recipients of the $787 billion stimulus bill to post highway signs praising big government – and Barack Obama. Internal HUD memos and e-mails show the agency tells states undertaking road improvements or building projects funded by the bill that posting such a sign is “highly recommended.” Among the suggested signs is a template that reads, “Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Barack Obama, President.”

It’s nice to see the mainstream media catching on to this. My friend Tait Trussell discovered more than a year ago that roadway signs touting the massive spending bill cost at least $1,000 each in his home state. (It appears to be down right now. Here is a cached version of the article.) I’m proud to have edited the article to bring this aspect of the story to the fore.

ABC News reported the taxpayer-financed political ads last month. One sign at Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C., cost $10,000 alone. Tennessee spent only "$12,931 and an average of $37.67 each." Rep. Darrell Issa, R-CA, and other Republicans recently offered a bill to defund these signs, which Congressional Democrats rejected.

Obama intended readers of the signs to marvel how his costly bills are “Putting America Back to Work.” Instead, readers should look at each one as a thousand dollars he transferred from their families to his 2012 reelection campaign.


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  1. If they did post a sign it should read " Funded by the Stimulas Plan forced upon the USA Taxpayers"., president: B. Obama
    This man is hell bent on crushing our country,not his, into dust and some people are so blind or well paid that they look up to this nut.

  2. CJean you can rest assured that the ones associated with hud are using we tax payers money to buy all they need in regard to the signs. Those are the idiots that voted for the sleezy muslim communist in the white house! You know the one I am referring too. The one that has been groomed to destroy this country.

  3. Obama not only is dangerous, he believes his own press. He acts like a Bipolar-Sociopath, and megalomaniac. There treatments for that. I think with a Dr. signing on the line would could have him put where he can't hurt himself and others. Ooops, my bad!

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  4. Disgusted says:

    Why doesn't the sign just say "Be grateful peons, for what you great Lord Obama has allowed to happen."

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  6. Obama is really a great personality and all his efforts raised him to this position of US President and I am sure he will succeed in finding a solution to the economic recession faced by the country now. This is really great that the stimulus recipients have opportunity to post signs. Continue this good job in future also.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      He created, aided and abetted the the economy crisis . It is only right the he "fix it" but don't hold your breath, since it was one of his dreams, accomplished.

  7. It is really great that media catched “Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Barack Obama, President.” Hope the right approach would be proposed by the Comittee.

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  9. Obama government should focus to built economy as american status is dropping in economy due to wars against terrorism.

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      You're an old fraud and a really lame one too.
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  14. Paid for by whom?

    The taxpayer, Obama didn't write a check for a thing.

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      • I see even on old stories responding to your own lame spam comments you still can't bring yourself to admit Obama is loyal to his islamist roots and is bringing them here because they want to murder us.

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