How To Start A Conservative Third Party

Third Party SC How To Start A Conservative Third Party

With the news coming out of DC that many “conservatives” in Congress are no longer willing to fight to repeal ObamaCare and the recent compromise on the “fiscal cliff,” I have just about given up on the GOP.  The Republican Party controls the purse that funds the Federal government, but one would never know that from watching their actions.  Moreover, after watching over 30 tea party-supported freshmen sell out on the debt limit and other fiscal issues, I am just not sure we can ever reform the GOP.  It may be time to create a conservative third party.

Efforts to create a conservative third party have never been successful; the biggest obstacle to such an effort is the fear conservatives have that by going third party, it will weaken the GOP and thus allow more Democrats to win.  And that’s a legitimate fear.  And that is why all the third parties that exist today end up with a few percentage points every election and have zero impact.  However, here’s an idea that addresses this issue.

For a third party to be effective, millions of voters need to join it, become active, recruit others, and support its candidates. Moreover, millions of dollars need to be raised to market the party and fight for ballot access.  I propose that a website be set up that collects pledges.  By that, I mean a person would log on, register himself, and then electronically sign a  “pledge” that he will vote for a 3rd party when the party officially launches.

The when part is the key to this effort. When the number of pledges reaches, say, thirty million voters, only then does the party launch and actually field candidates.  The same kind of tactic could be used to raise money for the party.  When contribution pledges reaches say, $40 million dollars, the party launches.  No more feeble third parties that get 1% of the vote. The party only launches when it has enough voters and money to be a serious electoral player.

So when the appropriate number of pledged voters and pledged donations is reached, the third party swings into action.  This guarantees that the party will be a viable force from the first day it launches. 

Once it launches and other voters see that it is a viable party, many more voters will pile on, and the new party will do to the GOP what the GOP did to the Whig Party 150 years ago. Such an effort may take years to get to the viable stage, but even the effort to build a viable third party may be beneficial to the conservative movement.  It will send a strong message to the Republican Party that if they continue its liberal drift, it will be replaced. Perhaps such an effort will even save the GOP.

There is also the possibility that such an effort could first be accomplished on a state level just to see if such a model would actually work. If it works, then go national.

However, it will not be enough to create a third party and hope that millions of constitutionalists will automatically join it.  Some thinking will need to go into creating a party platform.  Voters will not break from the GOP unless the new third party has a compelling platform that will unite conservatives, libertarians, the Christian Right, and the Tea Party movement.  These groups all have their differences but they all agree on dozens of principles such as fidelity to the Constitution, 2nd amendment rights, elimination of abortion funding, States rights, free enterprise, low taxes, etc. And the founding platform of the new party should focus on these uniting principles.

The internet has been used to unite millions of people for all kinds of causes.  Why can’t it be used to build the infrastructure of a new third party?

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  1. Jack the FAC says:

    No Green Party!!! There needs to be another party that will make the Republican Party (the "Alley Oop" Party, i.e., the party of the CAVE Men, for that is all they ever do–CAVE) the third party. In 1860, when the Republican Party gained the presidency, it set aside the old Whig Party. It is high time the "Alley Oop" Party goes the way of the old Whig Party. They are as ineffective as the Whig Party is.

  2. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Did the GOP reform itself after Perot launched his gallant effort at destroying their hegemony??? No, to the contrary, they defied the overwhelming opinion of the America People when they spearheaded along with Clinton NAFTA and WTO-GATT, giving away millions of US manufacturing jobs and our own national security in the process to satisfy their Big Money donors on Wall Street. In fact, Newt Gingrich, after he had already been elected Speaker in 1994 shortly after the election, and before he was even the sitting Speaker, negotiated behind the scenes to fast-track NAFTA with Clinton using the lameduck Congress, defying the overwhelming will of the American People.

  3. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    The GOP's electoral success of 1994 was largely due to Rush Limbaugh having a tv show briefly before that election, even if many of the MSM networks put it on late at night. Many of you have conveniently forgotten how that newly elected Congress gave special recognition to Rush shortly after they were elected. Similarly, for a Conservative Third Party to market itself, it must have at least radio but preferably also a tv network or tv show devoted to lgitimate Conservatism and the truth. It must soundly thrash Neoconservatism and the Grand Ol' Propaganda coming from the GOP and MSM globalists.

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

      By truth, I also mean the truth about 9/11 being a MSM/CIA/Mossad/Saudi/ Pakistani ISI inside job; about JFK being assassinated by the mafia in collusion with the CIA and Secret Service; about UBL being dead since 2002; about UBL's assassination being faked; about the assassination of 22 members of SEAL TEAM 6 by the CIA after the faked assassination of UBL; about the CIA actually running ((supplying) the fictitious enemy of al Qaeda to create manufactured enemies for the Military Industrial Complex; about the CIA engaging in drug-running, human-trafficking, and worldwide bank laundering schemes to finance its illegitimate and immoral operations; about JFK Jr's assassination by CIA/Mossad elements, about the government's involvement in the assassinations of RFK, MLK, and Marilyn Monroe; about Diana's assassination by MI6 elements because shewas a threat to the Military Industrial Complex; about the Apollo lunar landings being completely faked; about the real story behind TWA flight 800; about Obama's complete illegitimacy to be President and the coverup by both political parties. TRUTH ALWAYS SELLS ITSELF. This truth will NEVER come from the CIA-controlled media in the US, including CIA-controlled Faux News.

      • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

        That is the daunting task we face: how to build this network. If Christians would unite politically, it would be a cinch, and you would once again see the political force of the Christian Right rise to soundly defeat the forces of Satan that clamor for abortion, gay marriage, irresponsible spending, irresponsible legislation based on greed, gun control, political correctness, tyranny, and endless immoral wars based on the lies of 9/11.

  4. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Ron Paul, when he left the 2008 race, endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party for President that year. We already have a legitimate Conservative Third Party. We just need a vehicleand $$$ to get it marketed to the masses. Ross Perot was a billionaire. To market himself to the masses, he had a series of political 30-minute infomercials whereby he introduced himself to the masses. He even educated the masses on what the other two parties in the District of Criminals were doing with OUR money. His tv campaign was highly effective in that before he dropped out prematurely, after the CIA was threatening his life and his daughter's life (THAT IS HOW THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS OPERATES ESPECIALLY UNDER FORMER CIA DIRECTOR AND BIGTIME BANKSTER CRIMINAL & JFK CONSPIRATOR, GEORGE H.W. BUSH), he was ahead of both Clinton and George H.W. Bush in the polls. He was the closest the American People have ever come to taking back their government in the District of Criminals in a looonnnggg time. To this day, BOTH parties and their willing accomplices in the CIA-controlled MSM deny this cold hard truth about how they tried to kill Perot.

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