How To Remove Obama From Office

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The best way to prevent a person from becoming a dictator is to not put him into a position in which he could become one.  Our Founding Fathers put this requirement in the Constitution: Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5 states: “No Person except a natural-born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of the President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

According to the Constitution and our Founding Fathers, because Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan citizen and not an American citizen at the time of Barack’s birth, Barack is not eligible to be President.  Supposedly, Obama was an expert on the Constitution.  Yet he ran for President anyways.  He knew that he had one big advantage over Chester A. Arthur, our other ineligible person to be declared the President; and it was his skin color.  Who was going to attack the first black President for being ineligible for the Presidency?  Screams of racism would fill the land.  That would mean if I accused a person of committing a federal crime like dodging the draft (which Clinton did), or any other federal crime, I would be a racist.  Al Capone committed the federal crime of tax evasion.  Would I be considered a racist to support his imprisonment at Alcatraz?  Of course not.  The same should apply to Obama’s illegal act of considering himself eligible to be President.  Not all blacks are federal criminals like all those accusing me of being a racist must think.  Now that would be true racism.

The Constitution and Obama’s ineligibility to be President, according to that document, is a clear reason to remove him from the White House.  Surprisingly, even Conservatives don’t use that as a reason to do so.  There are many other ways to remove Obama from office. Impeachment is a popular and potentially effective way to remove him from office. It requires timing. If Obama is hated more in 2014 prior to the election in November, the impeachment hearings could be held in September or October, when Democrats are eyeing their defeat, and we might have a better chance of throwing him out of office.  With the accusation that Obama was illegally declared President, Democrats may be desperate to remain in office and dump Obama.  But since they have supported Obama before he was illegally elected, they should be thrown out too.

A charge against Obama that is an easy one to make is perjury.  He said he would support and defend the Constitution.  But he has caused a less perfect union, established injustice, has destroyed domestic tranquility, removed money and support for the common defense of this nation, made the general welfare of the nation worse, and made our liberty less secure now and into the future.  He also violated Article I, Section 1, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution, which states that all legislative powers are granted only to Congress.  Only Congress can change a law once it is adopted.  Obama has done so often with the Affordable Care Act.  He has also tried to work around Congress whenever possible.

Harry Reid violated Article 1, Section 7, which states that all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, by introducing the Affordable Care Act (which Obama pushed before he was elected.)  Congress passed one bill, and the Senate Democrats misshaped it into Obamacare, passed it, and then the Democrat Congress passed it.  Obama didn’t want his health care law considered a tax.  But the Supreme Court said it would be unconstitutional unless it were a tax since no one can be forced to buy something.

By admitting he didn’t know something before the general public learned about it in the news is admitting he is incompetent.  If Michael Moore can accuse Bush of being out of touch when he showed him teeing off, he could make a mini-series about Obama being out of touch.  Then again, maybe there are two Obamas.  There is the one who is like Sergeant Shultz, who knows nothing and would rather enjoy the perks of the Presidency; and there is the one we aren’t allowed to know about.  Remember, Al Capone was loved by so many in Chicago for what he did for them while still being the most notorious gangster in the city.  Obama is loved by millions despite all the bad things blamed on him.

Public opinion caused Nixon to resign from the Presidency before he could be impeached.  And that was mainly for obstruction of justice.  Obama has done that and so much more.  But the press hated Nixon and still loves Obama, to some extent.  We have the majority of the people against Obama (and some in his own party.)  What we need now is an honest news media that doesn’t view Obama through brick-covered glasses.  When a person refuses to see and relies on verbal instructions from liars, don’t be surprised if they fall into pits.

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  1. Evermyrtle says:

    GOD can remove him from office but there is only one way that man can remove, because there are too many Communist fools in the USA to be able to get rid him any other way.

  2. Congress is not going to take any action against this idiot because they don't have the intestinal fortitude to do so! If the facts can be proven and if they, in fact, disqualify him from office; then, why isn't this being done by someone? I have my doubts that anyone can make this case for whatever reason; but, I sure do like the idea of getting this moron criminal out of the WH whatever it may take!

    • because all the democrats in office are afraid they will not get elected again& they have all the evidence they need to impeach him as he is not following the constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
      any one in congress that is 70 years old should be made to retire now.the voting age should be pushed up to 21 years like it was . if congress doesn't do it they should lower the smoking age to 16 ,as well as the driving age. the biggest crooks are in Washington now as every one can see.

    • Linda From NY says:

      To Ron,
      Harry Reid is the problem, he would veto any votes from Congress to remove the bum. Harry Reid had known all along that the BC was a forge he and Nancy Pelosi the Dingbat had known this.

      Coming Next Nov 2014, we must all get out and VOTE OUT all of these democrats especially Reid, Pelsoi, Schumer and the traitors such as John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell and John Boehner the speaker of the house, he is too weak and a waste.

  3. I'm the First One? Are you kidding me? Where is the outrage?

  4. 8 minutes and nobody agrees what a Marxist agenda this President has. Is anyone paying attention?

    • Gregg Slattery says:

      I have been outraged since 2008 that the muslim Obama was voted in only 7 years after the twin towers and the pentagon. That is like after the attack on Pearl Harbor the people voting in a Japanese for president!

  5. David Rubinger says:

    You and I can believe all we want that Obama is not eligible to be president of the United States all we want but the fact is he is occupying the post and living in our government housing and it seems that there is not a damn thing we can do about it because the electoral college gives him the position before the votes were even counted. So moving on when he changes our beloved country to a Nazi type government the ones that put him there thinking that they will get a free ride will probably be in the que to be eliminated because after he accomplished his total rule he will start exterminating all of the non-Muslims and any other undesirable to the NWO. I hope someone gets their head out of their asses before that happens and we can get back to basics. Eliminate big government and get back to "of the people, by the people and for the people… My God forgive this country for what it has become and take back control!

    • Gregg Slattery says:

      I tried to warn people back in 2007 that Obama was a muslim and no one I talked to believed me how naive can you be with a name like Barack Obama!

      • we the people,who are the real government,right greg we have known about the ineligible treasonous war crimes racist traitor ovomit/satan,since a cia friend of ours,told us about a Chicago street hustler,and that he was going to be big in politicis.we have been emailing/phone calling/faxing all our local politicans who are Charles schummer/Kristen gillbrand/Nydia vesquez/grace meng,and all we ever get back from them,if we get anything back at all is thank you for your views,and that's it.look there all in on it together,with a very few exceptions.the lame stream medais are all bought and paid for.we even asked a lawyer friend 4 yrs ago,if we could bring a citizens arrest against ovomit/satan,and the lawyer laughed at us,and we said let us know when your finished laughing because we are dead serious,and he said you can try,but you will never get passed his secret service people.we are trying to get all the big groups to come together under one giant freedom umbrella.we have been to 4 rallys in 7 months,and won,t rest until this ineligible treasonous war crimes traitor,and his unconstitituional administration for being a party to this treason are inprisoned.god bless america

        • Linda From NY says:

          To Robert Cosenza,

          This lawyer laugh because he said no one can get through to arrest this traitor, well not if we had the Military on our Side, just a thought, thinking out loud. I know many Generals were fired because they believe in our Constitution and would not go against it or follow orders to shoot Americans were then fired by this clown. These Generals must feel betray and feel angry at the betrayal of their own government after serving their Country 20 or 30 years of loyalty.

          As I said just a thought but a nice thought, wishful thinking

  6. Obama and his team all need to be arrested and put in prison or the death penalty for traitors to our free country!

  7. Gregg Slattery says:

    I am so sick of hearing nothing but bad news everyday since Obama cheated his way into office. I would love to see Obama and his whole team in handcuffs and being taken to prison where they belong enough is enough! No one is supposed to be above the law!

    • Demand the Navy Criminal Investigation Services conduct a formal investigation of Crimes against the United States and have him served with Soldiers at the White House. That is their job.

      • Generals wanted to take out Clinton and then he heard and several were killed in an airplane crash. Look at Obama he just fired 30 top brass in the military. So something is up. They are getting ready to do something her so serious like a nuke and then martial law. Your country is finished but we destroyed Germany and saved Communism and now the hcickens have come home to roost.

  8. It's time the main stream media started reporting the news honestly. If not, a boycott of the major news networks mjght work. Just turn to other minor networks and put the pressure on the advertisers, who then would pull ads that sustain the economy of the networks. It can be done. We could declare a "don't watch the major networks week." It would take little or no sacrifice. TV stinks anyway.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Jack,
      I have been boycotting all of these News stations that support this clown, I refuse to give them my ratings. If all Patriots and Most Americans will boycott these News Medias that are lying and covering up for Obozo, their ratings would drop and they will lose millions from their sponsors, it is that simple.

      When it comes to money, money talks, it sends a loud message that we no longer support them for supporting Obozo.

      I still get the News from the internet and the weather report and I am better inform of what is really going on. I found out that I am not missing anything from these tv and cable News channels.

      I heard that CNN ratings are down lack to viewership, it does work

    • White people are going to have to take control. We have lost control. Now the Jews control. They are electing our presidents. They want corrupt bastards like Clinton and Obama. You got to go to war now. You got to have lone wolves start ventilating these bastards.

    • TV sucks because Jews use it to brainwash us and it is only used for advertising. TV has made you fat and lazy. Texting is causing problems. Computers are making you fat and lazy. Cell phones cook your head.

  9. Wiseoldlady says:

    It is called BLACKMAIL, THREATS, PAY-OFFS….the way HE rules.
    Well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander…….
    We can remove the ugly queer Kenyan Muslim by several strategies….JUST DO IT….ASAP !!!!
    I am so sick of hearing his voice, seeing his face, observing his treachery, manipulations, lies, ass kissing to the evil doers….. The enormous so called convenient amount of murders under his watch. Destruction of the military, giving away secrets. Are we not sure he isn't a test tube baby sired by satan.

  10. Wiseoldlady says:

    We need to hire a couple of unscrupulous photographers that are on constant alert and follow him everywhere. LET THE TRUTH BE EXPOSED.

  11. JoAnn Dolberg says:

    The difference between Nixon and obama is that Nixon had a conscience; psychopaths do not have a conscience.

  12. charges of treason would stand against this administration, their aid and comfort to our enemies are all well documented. And I do like the punishment that is allowed.

  13. The only way to end all this bs just don't sign up for health care period when you need buy it when you are better drop it like they said they can never turn anyone down or we all march up to the White House and protest until that clown is taken away and when election is up vote everyone of them out and pick new ones

  14. R0bert Miller says:

    Nobama is SO deserving of impeachment, then jail time, with any & all perks from office rescinded for life.

  15. You can also just wait till 2016 and shut up with all of these ludicrous conspiracy theories so that people will not look at the Republican party with such disdain.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      How about just waiting until 2014 when Republicans take back the Senate and have the House and bring all these FACTS to light?
      While you may think these are 'ludicrous conspiracy theories', others know them to be facts.
      If people do look at the Republican party with disdain, it's because of ignorant people like you willing to ignore facts and help with the defense of an usurper and the assault on the truth.

      • Others "know" 9/11 and moon landing conspiracies to be facts, but that still does not make them facts.

        What the GOP needs to do is appeal minorities, as they are determining elections now. And any party who is non-existent to Hispanic, Black, and Asian communities will have no chance. All this bigoted rhetoric you people spew all day ruins any chance they have and guarantees that you will have 8 years of Hillary to look forward to.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          As well as others 'know' that obama has a valid birth certificate even though all forensic, scientific evidence shows that the one present has been crafted.
          The facts are what has tangible science to back it. Facts also can only lead one way, to the truth.

          So you wish the GOP to pander to minorities like me? So am I considered 'bigoted'? Haven't the minorities been pandered to enough? Been controlled and cared for until they refuse to care for themselves?
          What the GOP needs to do is be stronger in their message about self reliance, responsibility and accountability.
          If the GOP has to become irresponsible, unaccountable and push dependency, as the Democrats do, who would want to live in that world?
          Maybe you but not I.

          As with obama, America has seen through the veil of Hillary Clinton.

          • As an Asian American, I find that the GOP continues to run there campaigns to appeal to rich white men. I don't need to be controlled or cared for, I just want to know that the guy is looking out for me. What won't help the issue is a panel of old white guys debating women's birth control. And if you want to go through what some people write here, you can see plenty of bigots. And the problem is when people support hate speech like that.

            I am not a birther, so you can believe all that if you care to. Just make sure the tinfoil hat isn't so tight that you forget to vote.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Jack first let me tell you your full of shit the only rich tards are in the democrap party for Example George Soros the socialist,John Lurch Kerry the coward of the US need more We can go on but the reasons I'm replying is I don't believe your Asian.Every Asian I know has pride and works for a living.When I go by our welfare office and you see the line waitng it is comprised of Lowlife colored and illegals all trying to get on the gravy train.

          • Rich white men, you say? Curious. Whom do you work for? Never mind the nationality and or color of their skin. If indeed you do work for someone else, are they rich or are they poor? If you do receive a paycheck of any description, did it materialize out of thin air? What do you do to earn that paycheck, for that matter? Do you deserve it? If so, why?
            You say you don't need to be controlled or cared for, yet you repeat the same rhetoric as the man currently occupying the oval office. If you don't think so, you haven't been listening or watching very closely. One might make the conclusion that you were blind to the actions of the man that said he was looking out for your interests. Yet, with every passing year, that same man has worked increasingly hard to increase your taxes and impose laws on you that restrict the basic rights you had but a few years prior. Tell me, what "man of the people" or "for the people" secures and assumes more power for himself and then uses it against the people in the same stride? I'm curious, Jack, when a man vows to fix everything in his first year and delivers on non of it, how trustworthy is he? You speak of hate speech and ignore that which comes from Obama himself. Did you forget how he encouraged people to ignore, challenge, and argue with those that spoke against him? Sounds to me like he is looking out for himself and not for you. I think before you accuse the people here of wearing tinfoil hats, you should remove the blindfold tightly secured over your own eyes. Bare in mind, we didn't put that there.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            With your constant attack of 'rich White guys', you must be the rhetoric spewing bigot you attempt to condemn. Then in this comment you attempt to yet again condemn the very hate speech you seem quite fond of spewing.

            As a full blood Native American, I find the GOP run their campaigns to appeal to a person's self worth. To reinforce the idea of self determination, self reliance and responsibility.
            The 'old, rich White guy' is the propaganda that's been spewed for years. Too bad ones like you refuse to open your eyes to the facts. It was the KKK that formed the Democrats and still control them to this day.
            Besides, we see it's obama that's catering to the rich with his tax breaks and exemptions. The rich is getting quite rich, and the poor much poorer, under his watch than at any time in history.
            It's interesting when we do have GOP minorities speak out, we hear the typical bigoted response from the left. When Black, they are called "Uncle Toms', house N', Oreo and many other derogatory names.
            I'm sure you enjoyed that hysterical, and humorous, rant from Melissa Harris-Perry on how obamacare is a racist word. The most racist and bigoted things are said from the left. From the bully pulpit as well.
            The only ones supporting hate speech is the left. Just turn on MSNBC, NBC, CNN, or any of the alphabet channels. It wasn't the GOP throwing around words like jihadist, terrorist, 'bomb' and other anti-American names at the Democrats (fellow American citizens) on the Senate floor. How professional, and adult like, wouldn't you agree?
            But of course. Since they have nothing else to fall back on, the very worn race card must come out.

            While you want someone 'looking out for you', the GOP says it won't 'watch out for you' but will be there to give you a hand up when needed.
            It's the Democrats that want to 'keep an eye on you'. Tell you what's best for you. What you WILL buy. What you can, or can't, do, say or be.

            As a woman, I don't feel it's anyones place to make any ruling on if, or not, I wish to have birth control or if someone else will be forced to pay for it. I am a responsible adult and can make the decision all on my own. The Democrats seem to believe all women are stupid and haven't the foggiest idea on the subject. How degrading and demeaning that is.
            How about keep it out of the courts, period. We never needed a law covering birth control before. Why now.
            Democrats assume that since their followers are ignorant, others must be too. They don't realize how wrong they are. But then, they ARE Democrats after all.

            I'm not a 'birther' either. I just accept solid scientific facts and follow them to the truth.
            Feel free to ignore the facts if it helps you to accept that you've been duped. I refuse to lay down and accept the lies being fed to me. But then, I'm obviously stronger than you are.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Seeks keep up the good work and putting this loudmouth in his place. He is no more Asian then I'm a spade like Obutthole.Asian don't lookout for handouts they open up restuarants and good ones.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            You can tell by his style of writing and what he says that he is a 33+/- White union male. He 'might' have a little bit of 'Asian' heritage somewhere in there. While he's trying to 'pretend' he's Republican, he's obviously a Democratic libtard.
            The only one he's fooling is himself.
            I'm not going to pander to anyone. If people are so stupid that they want to live off the government teat, that's their problem.
            But if they want to be independent self reliant, responsible adults, they'll turn Republican.

        • Byron Mullet says:

          We should appeal to minorities? We're already 17 trillion in slavery "appealing" to minority's. If the message of freedom from slavery, free enterprise, the rule of law, self reliance, hard work and virtue doesn't do it, what will, more slavery?

    • Byron Mullet says:

      Since public opinion polls and not what's good for America, nor Constitutional, nor truthful dictates policy these days, Rick is doing what needs to be done to oust our lying, lawless president, he is reporting the truth as he sees it. Eventually, enough people will actually learn the truth in spite of the main stream media which has blacklisted the truth, that even they will have to straighten up. You should reserve your disdain for those hiding the truth and lying all over the place and not those trying to expose it.

  16. Instead of preachning to the choir, we need to tell it to Congress. We need to tell our Representatives and Senators that our votes depend on their actions: Impeach, convict and remove the Traitor or be retired in the next election cycle. This petition will email itself to congress when you sign it. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

    Why not sign it now, send it to your email list and put the petition widget on your blog? Its the least you can do.

  17. a member of the military could take him out as they swore to uphold the constitution and defend against all enemies FORIEGN and DOMESTIC !!!!

    • You have Jews controlling your banks media, government and education and this is what you get. The media turns on him and he's finished. You notice the media turned on Nixon and look at the Bush's. The media loved the rapist, prostitute breeding, murdering Bill Clinton and hey left the leftist Obama. So get the Jews to turn on Obama an he's done. All the citizens can say what they want. Nobody cares.

    • Excellent point. Anyone who served in the military, or in any capacity where you were required to take this oath should have the legal right to do this.

  18. Krauthammer says:

    Have you noticed how the worthless fake repubs let the women on Fox News do all the talking?? Jeanine Shapiro should be our leader and the rest of women on Fox News. As long as the RINO REPUBS are in office we will get absolutely nowhere. Many have been there over 40 years serving themselves and cronies. The miss directed tea parties should be getting rid of Boehner and the rest of the RINO's.

  19. Oh, there is a much better way! Everyone demand that the NCIS investigate Obama for Crimes against the
    United States and have the Provost serve him with Soldiers!

  20. fullspinzoo says:

    The problem is, like any good socialist/marxist/communist, the president needs a State run media. And because he can't have that, this president, i believe, has decided to pay them off. You hear it all the time, this administration has the media in "their pocket". That's why you very seldom hear anything derogatory about this president and if you do, it amounts to a blurp on the radar. Just enough to say, oh yeah, we talked about it. Stories have emerged about some of the media being paid by a third party, like the unions. I hope more is uncovered about "payola" with the media. It's the Chicago way.

  21. they should all be tried for treason..

  22. I absolutely agreed with the comments regarding treason. When a government starts acting on it's own agenda without regard for the people, it is TYRANNY!!! Thomas Jefferson said it best. " The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." And also "The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." Keep that in mind my brothers and sisters. The time is drawing nigh.

  23. Obama has pissed all over the US Constitution since he took office in '08. We have heard nothing but lies, double talk and half truths for the past five years. Benghazi could have prevented, he and Hillary Clinton were asleep at the switch and did nothing to protect American lives. This is just one act of malfeasance Obama has committed since being elected. Another chargeable count of malfeasance, IMO, is the way the federal deficit has increased to the point to where the government had to shut down. Liberals conveniently blame Republicans for not allowing Obama to increase the debt ceiling. While Obama was a congressman from Illinois, he was DEAD SET AGAINST raising the debt ceiling. Now that he is president, he is all for it! Another criminal act committed by the Obama administration was the fraudulent election of 2012. Officials working at the polls were warned that if they challenged illegal immigrants to show necessary identification before they voted, they would be subject to criminal prosecution. The Black Panthers were also out in force in Philadelphia during the election and were purported to threaten anyone who didn't vote for Obama with physical harm. Obama also oversaw lawsuits perpetuated by attorney general Eric Holder against the states of South Carolina and Oklahoma. Mr. Holder sued these states for attempting to enforce immigration laws and protect the safety of their citizens.

  24. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    HOW TO REMOVE OBAMA FROM OFFICE, just kill the liar!

  25. you can always tell when Obama is lying his lips move!!!

  26. germany had its pied piepper,now we have ours

  27. We the people should set a date and all gather and picket out front of the white house to impeach Obama …its our falt we the americans should gather with signs and stand out front how ever long it takes to rid his ass .that's what they do in other countrys why not us? its our white house (the peoples) not the goverments! we the people should reunite…as we should.

  28. the declaration of independence should say we the government instead of we the people simply because they do what they want instead of what we ask of them and we can't blame nobody but ourselves for letting them achieve the power, we need to reunite the people and press the congress and senate to get off their asses and do what we say and not what they want just how much more are the people going to take before they are tired of being treated like shit. They have crunched almost all of our constitutional rights our fore father have fought for…I'm just sick of all the shit that's being shoveled down our throats I cant swallow no more.

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