How This Iconic TV Character Paints A Perfect Picture Of The Mainstream Media (1952)

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In their efforts to keep up with the lies they have to tell or the truths they have to ignore, the mainstream media now looks like Lucille Ball in the famous candy factory episode from “I Love Lucy.”

The problem is that unlike the famous episode from an old comedy show, the players are laughing at the viewers.

In that episode, Lucy and her friend Ethel find themselves working at a candy factory. Their job was not very complicated. They had to take pieces of candy off a conveyor belt and put them in the proper places in the boxes they were given. The fun began when the conveyor belt speeds up and the girls fall further and further behind in trying to place the candy in the right slots. Nevertheless, the flow of candy never seemed to stop; and everything finally collapses as the pieces of candy start flying off the roaring conveyor belt with no way to control them.

It is not very difficult to imagine the sycophants in the mainstream media as Lucys and Ethels trying to cover up and hide Barack Obama’s lies. His lies are coming at a faster and faster pace as they travel along the information “conveyor belt” in the White House.

The current lie stream requires the media to lie about Benghazi, lie about the NSA, lie about the IRS, lie about the EPA, and lie about the surge of illegal aliens. Even at their own physical peril, the conveyor belt of lies demands the media smother obviously true stories of the deadly diseases illegal aliens are bring with them; and the media meekly complies. They must lie about America’s ability to care for these disease ridden burglars and not make any obvious comparisons to the government’s colossal failures in caring for our veterans.

They must lie about the clear intent that a 12 year old could see in Obama’s mass de-facto amnesty. Even a child sees the threat to our nation’s stability and knows Obama is punishing the Republican-controlled southern Border States with these people. Obama’s lie conveyor belt never stops, and it is running faster and faster.

The media has become Lucy and Ethel, but they are not funny at all. We are being killed by Obama’s conveyor belt of lies, and the media is content to wear funny hats and laugh at us.

Photo credit: Everett Collection /

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