How The West Was Won: Video Reveals Why BLM Really Backed Down

An ongoing standoff between Bureau of Land Management agents and a Clark County, Nev. ranching family reached a fever pitch this weekend. Patriots from across the nation, specifically state militia members and cowboys from the American West, traveled to the Bundy’s ranch to stand up against what they considered excessive force by the federal agents.

Freedom-loving Americans cheered Saturday as the BLM announced its decision to back down in the tense stalemate, giving the Bundys a reprieve in a saga that dates back more than two decades. While the media outlets that actually covered the story identified various factors to which they attributed the victory, video evidence shows how important the presence of fearless patriots was to the cause of protecting the Constitution.

It was obvious to millions that the federal government overstepped its constitutional authority in instigating the armed standoff at the Bundy’s ranch. In an effort to stop this outrageous display, and discourage such tyrannical behavior in the future, state militia members and other dedicated patriots stood up to heavily armed agents determined to seize the family’s cattle.

After initially capturing hundreds of head of livestock, there was no indication that the Bundys would be made whole upon the BLM’s decision to stand down. Scores of men and women determined to withstand the potential assault by agents, however, apparently forced them to reconsider. The BLM – along with federal SWAT officers a short time later – ultimately decided to return the cattle when a blockade of objectors left them little other choice.

A video published by Info Wars reveals that protesters informed federal agents on multiple occasions that they had no intention of leaving. Faced with the reported threat of retaliation by the armed officers, the group nonetheless moved toward a barricade.

“You’re going to have to arrest us all or shoot us all,” one protester shouted.

The Bundy family and scores of supporters cheered as officers retreated, offering even more vigorous shouts of joy as the cattle was returned to the ranch.

“Go back to Washington,” one protester shouted. “Go back to China.”

Another called them “a bunch of bullies.”

Throughout the day Monday, commenters on YouTube complained that a video depicting the incident had been blocked by Facebook. Western Journalism’s request for comment from Facebook was not immediately returned.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Stand with the Bundys

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    This makes you feel very patriotic, but we were not fighting terrorism like 911, we were fighting our own government ready to shoot Americans. I wish I could of been there, on the front line with a bull horn shouting at our government to shot me, shoot me, the cowardly government police state!!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    We the people should get together and collect money to help pay Clives bill to to our nazi government lead by that little sneaky man Dingy HarryReid.That little troll is just trying to help the chinks and his son.

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