How Soviet Immigrants Made Fools Out Of Communist Democrats

obama flag democrat How Soviet Immigrants Made Fools Out Of Communist Democrats

The day after Barack Obama’s election, a physical therapist from the old Soviet union, who came to Staten Island to live in freedom, got a call from her best friend (a fellow Soviet immigrant who lives in the Russian section of Brooklyn.) The caller got one word out before they both started to cry for three minutes. Then the caller speaking Russian said, “We came here to escape them. Where do we go now?” Both women knew the “Them” were Communists, and both saw Democrats as no different from Communists.

To those who don’t live in either the Brooklyn or Staten Island portions of New York City, Republican Bob Turner’s victory in a special election to fill Anthony Weiner’s vacant Congressional seat is a fluke caused by public disgust at Weiner’s antics. That explanation is foolishness supported by stunned Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media. It was a result of a big Russian immigrant turnout.

A year earlier in a Congressional district comprised of Staten Island and the Russian sections of Brooklyn, Republican Michael Grimm, a political newcomer, defeated a well- financed Democrat who had the endorsement of every union in the City.

This spring, another completely unknown Republican candidate won another special election against another well-known, well-financed, and widely-endorsed Democrat.

All three of these victories were delivered by immigrants from the old Soviet Union who hate communism and see America’s Democrats as new communist threats to the liberties they have come halfway around the world to enjoy.

Using voter registration to fool Democrats

The always-suspicious-of-government Soviets don’t universally register as Republicans. Many see registering Democrat as a way to keep in the good graces of the Democrat-controlled City Council. It doesn’t stop them from voting Republican, but it fools gullible Democrats (who cannot believe there is an immigrant group they can’t buy with a few extra services) into sending more and more goodies.

In 2008, they voted in landslide proportion for John McCain and will continue voting against the Democrats they recognize as their natural enemies, the same enemies they have lots of experience dealing with. For these Soviet immigrants, the difference between life here and life there is that they can vote to fight back – they do, and they will in November.

The really fun part of this is that gullible Democrats will “help” the Democrat-registered Soviet immigrants to vote by sending cars to take them to the polls where they will promptly vote Republican!

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  1. Liberty49 says:

    I hope immigrants from all Communist nations just get out and vote for whoever is running against Obama on a major ticket. We cannot afford another debacle like Ross Perot. Glad to hear their may be a 'third party' challenger on the Democrat side!

    • Have not heard about a Damocrap challenger. Can you give us a name or is it a secret ?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I hope so too.We need their votes to get rid of Bojangles.Besides they know more about our constitution and America then some of these young idiots who were born here.

  2. I will never vote Democrat because the "Democratic" Party has become the Communist Party. My ancestors escaped from the old USSR in the 1920's; I will not shame them by voting Democrat.

  3. I will never ever vote Demacrap again and I will not vote for a Rino Republican eather

  4. The hard thing is those who are enamored of obama to see what is happening..the buy the party hook, line and sinker,,,for some reason, they actually ike him..and these are people who should know better…mostly those of the "scientific" persuasion..they do not want to see what is sooooo evident to the rest of us. God help us since we seem unable to help ourselves.

  5. True American says:

    I have not voted for 52 Years Obama has talked me right into voting for who ever runs against him …Looks like it may be Romney butt i guess we need to start some were getting America back on track before its to late

  6. True American says:

    By way that Flag with a picture of Obama on it needs BURNT NOW !

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Today on Neal Bortz he had a russian who came to the US for freedom and he took on one of those putzs in tke OWS movement when the old gent asked him quuestions this young turd couldn't answer them. This is the leaders of tomorrow Dumb and Dumber.

  8. Richard says:

    Some times those who come from foreign lands don't have any trouble seeing the mess we're in. It's a testimony to our Russian immigrants that they were able to influence the vote so dramatically. I never thought I'd have to say that it took a Russian population to straighten out a section of New York.

  9. JOSEPH FELS says:

    You have to stand out side the box to be able to see the whole picture….Those inside the box have blinders on and plugs in the ears….These are the ones the higher ups know they can keep down and under their thumbs….Just like in countries that are communistic and atheistic..they rule with deceite ,terror, and make people disapear keep fear level high…So to those who know the truth keep spreading the word and the truth will set them free. Just one mans opinion

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