How Romney Was Out-Organized By Obama

Romney Obama 3 SC How Romney Was Out Organized by Obama

Jeremy Bird, the National Field Director of Obama for America (OFA), said on Tuesday that Obama’s winning coalition on November 6 was the result of “the strongest grassroots organization in the history of American presidential politics.” OFA had more than twice as many local offices as Republican Mitt Romney in the targeted swing states, he said.

In those targeted states, Bird said, OFA had 631 offices, compared to only 282 for Romney.

While Republican strategist Karl Rove was raising $300 million for television ads depicting Republican candidate Mitt Romney as a would-be efficient manager of the U.S economy, Bird said the Obama for America operation assembled a network comprised of more than two million volunteers, backed by neighborhood political teams and 2,700 field organizers. The local offices were critical to mobilizing the volunteers, he said.

The title of Bird’s presentation was “Brick-by-brick: The nitty-gritty organizing work that turned out Obama’s winning coalition.” Although he is now the National Field Director for Obama for America, Jeremy Bird is a former community organizer with a history of working in Democratic Party politics.

Some conservatives are still insisting that Obama was elected through vote fraud, even though Romney has conceded the election and Republican consultants are acknowledging the flaws in the “ground game” of turning out the vote. The Bird presentation makes it plain that the Obama campaign simply out-organized the Romney campaign and used money where it was most effective—on the streets.

Bird’s remarks and a slide presentation dramatizing the Democratic Party advantages in the election were delivered at a Center for American Progress (CAP) event called “The Obama Coalition in 2012 and Beyond.”

As panelists openly talked about the success of the “Obama coalition” and what it could accomplish in the future, including in the 2014 congressional elections, they quickly dismissed a concern that the political nature of the conversation could jeopardize CAP’s status as a “non-partisan” and tax-exempt entity.

Funded by hedge-fund billionaire George Soros and other prominent liberals, CAP is considered a virtual front of the Obama Administration and claims to have played a “key role” in passing Obamacare.

CAP’s 2010 annual report, which reports almost $30 million in revenue, notes appearances by CAP figures on CNN as well as MSNBC host Ed Schultz’s taping of his radio show at the CAP radio studio.

The November 6 election came as a shock to many Republicans and conservatives, who believed the polls forecasting a Romney win. On Fox News, Karl Rove and Dick Morris were among those predicting a Romney victory.

The CAP event went behind the headlines of the Obama victory to demonstrate how they did it. Jeremy Bird said that OFA volunteers made 146 million “door knocks and phone calls” for Obama in order to try to get them out to the polls, and conducted a voter registration program that “changed the electorate” by increasing the turnout of minorities and others favorable to Obama. Bird noted that the Obama campaign had another program, Operation Vote, which focused on getting “core constituencies” to the polls.

Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg, senior vice president of Greenberg Quinlan, Rosner Research, mocked the pollsters who had predicted a Romney win and said that the GOP’s most “reliable voters” did not turn out on Election Day. Greenberg said her final poll showed Obama winning the election by four points, close to the actual final margin of 3.7%.

She said that while Republican officials had ridiculed the Democratic Party’s emphasis on early voting, that turned out to be one of the keys to the outcome. Obama won the early vote in such states as Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida and Colorado.

Ruy Teixeira, a CAP fellow, was the host of the event and delivered his own reporton the election results. “In 2012 President Obama won re-election with 50.9 percent of the popular vote and 332 Electoral College votes,” he noted. “He is the first Democratic president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt to win two terms with more than 50 percent of the total popular vote. Unlike Democratic victories of the past, however, President Obama was also able to achieve victory with a historically low percentage of the white vote.”

He said, however, that it is an open question whether Obama and the progressives can deliver on their agenda for the nation and “improve the economic standing of middle- and working-class families…”

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Besides the obvious voter fraud that happened in this "election", oblameo won for one simple reason. It wasn't for handouts. It wasn't for who would handle the economy better. Who was better on foreign affairs. It had everything to do on bragging rights.
    Idiots wanted to be able to say that despite the facts that obama has destroyed our economy, has destroyed our small businesses, they were able to reelect a failure.
    Yep, this was all about a "challenge" on if it was possible to reelect a failure.
    Well, they won, and America lost.

    • Robert Ledbetter says:

      lets do the math- for every eligible voter who PAYS TAXES and votes-there is one elibible voter who PAYS NO TAXES and votes,and this list is rapidly growing
      This means in the election some 62,000,000 eligible voters who PAY NO TAXES voted for Obama
      They were not interested in Romney's 20% tax cuts because they pay no taxes,nor were they interested in nothing else Romney said for that matter
      No,this election was decided by the Takers who out voted the Makers and it will continue that way until the Fedreal tax system is eleminated and replaced with a consumption tax whereby everyone will pay some tax into the system

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Don't get me wrong. There was a handout aspect to this "election". Facts show the demagoguery that voted for oblameo was in the under $30,000 income bracket, Black and Hispanic groups. The "pay no tax but reap benefits" groups. These are the ones wanting the handouts.
        If you listen close to after election comments and discussions, all you hear is "bragging". Even oblameo himself is bragging how he was "reelected" with failed policies. That very night we heard "we won, ha ha." It was more of a challenge than anything.
        I agree with you that the system won't change until EVERYONE has some skin in the game. Those without the skin, this time voted to see if it could be done. That's ignoring the overwhelming voter fraud committed.
        Don't you find it interesting that BILLIONS of our taxpayers money pay "tax returns" for illegals holding ITIN numbers? Even after it was brought to light it suddenly disappeared from the "news sources". Handouts have been assured for many administrations. Oblameo has just made it easier for them.

  2. Obama knew he was losing; Romney knew he was winning. Something happened between Monday Nov. 5th & Tuesday Nov. 6th. And no PPP poll can convince me otherwise

  3. Barry Muldrey Sr says:

    Why do we sit passively accepting the massive voter fraud – including the large scale vote-counting-machine fraud by Soros et al, and accept all these cooked up explanations? Unless we clean up the fraud and outright theft of our elections, the Left will never lose another election.

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