How Obama Will Lose The White House In 2012


barack obama9483 How Obama Will lose the White House in 2012

It seems with the negative approval ratings and his dismal performance, Obama is unlikely to overcome in November; he will be gone and will take his Senate majority with him. A safe bet would be to look for moving vans to appear at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in mid January of next year.

In spite of the findings at the ending of February, the book makers at the Las Vegas casinos favor a Obama victory. This is highly unlikely.

To suggest Barack Hussein Obama has been less than a failed president for the past 3 years would require those disagreeing to have been living under a rock or certainly comatose.

Dick Morris makes an interesting case about the undecided voter, since 1954 they have not voted for the incumbent.  Also, those with a below 50% approval rating are also unlikely to win reelection, particularly this year with the future of the Republic hanging in the balance.

By virtually every economic parameter, this administration has failed the American people,  record unemployment and  housing foreclosures to name a few. Clothing, gas, and food prices are higher. We certainly can’t forget the crushing burden on current employment and future deficits of ObamaCare.

As Team Obama busily churns out favorable numbers, the voter will not be fooled.  They need look no further than their wallets.

Americans have only known freedom. Many take it for granted, but it is in our genome, handed down to us from our founding fathers who pledged their fortunes and blood, fleeing the tyrannical rule of King George the III and his parliament of Great Britain and subsequently fighting the Revolutionary War.

Barack Obama, apparently no fan of American History, decided to take the freedoms we enjoy under the U.S. Constitution and trash them as he lead us toward the failed economic model of socialism and to a more authoritarian form of government imposed upon the people like King George III.

Look for voters who understand the underpinning of American freedom, the inalienable rights granted by our creator (and laid down in The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights) to rise up at the polls and throw the tyrant Obama and his senatorial minions from office in a landslide victory for our Constitutional Republic.

It is, however, possible that Team Obama may try as he has in the past to steal this election.  That would indeed be a flawed miscalculation, resulting in the cleansing effect of our second Revolutionary War.

Obama failed to understand many things about Americans. First and foremost, We the People refuse to live in tyranny.

Dick Morris has checkered history as a political prognosticator. For the upcoming Presidential and Senatorial elections on November 6, 2012, he has an excellent shot at showing that he still has what it takes to remain in the game.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it; I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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  1. Acorn has a massive "get out the dead vote" campaign……coming to a cemetery near you!

  2. Whatever it takes to rid our nation of this descpicable politician community organizer..It is overwhelming a crisis that he ever became elected – rather, paid to be elected. Ignore anything any democrat says in the way of massaging the truth to seem more acceptable. In the end, all democrats vote the party line and that line is to bury us all in catastrophic debt from which our nation could never, ever recover..Democrats are the death of our country!

    • Myrtllinder says:

      All we have to do to get rid of him is "DO JUSTICE, THE SAME JUSTICE THAT BUSH, REGAN, TRUMAN, WOULD HAVE GOTTEN IN THIS INSTANCE." That is all thy have to do!!!!!!!!! I believe that GOD expects our law to be just laws and to follow the laws.

  3. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    Myrtlelinder, I beleive that you are right. I would however, add to your thoughts, God expects us to put legs and arms to our prayers. And to stand up for Him, and for our country and her future, if we still have a future with this abortion in office. I also beleive that this nation has to once again turn their hearts and minds back to this same God who has given us so much. ” If my people, who are called by me will humble themselves”……….so my question is, will we humble ourselves and turn our hearts and minds back to our God? Can we once again be the Christian founded nation of our history, and again allow God into our schools, and most importantly, back into our lives? I wonder if this is possible for a nation of stiff necks and proud hearts and minds. “Pride goeth before a fall, and a stiff neck before destruction” is what my trusty Bible tells me. when you think about it, the pride of todays world, todays America, is more than just wrong, it is the most stupid behavior that we can and do, display. Pride, and not the kind of pride in our nation that we once had, an humble Christian, God loving nation. We once respected God, and now, our nation reviles Him. Can we change this attitude, before we self destruct? God will not be mocked as we in this nation of fools do today. Yes, a nation of fools.

    • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

      To explain my comment “yes, we are a nation of fools”………”the fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” Words spoken by God Himself. Does this not speak of what is happening today, with the atheists of America protesting such things as a Nativity Scene at Christmas, and other such atrocious behavior, and our judges and courts have allowed them this “right”, while taking OUR rights to WORSHIP and PRAY as we see fit. This is exactly the scenario of our nation today………..a nation of fools.

  4. This lady exposes islam.

  5. Usurper Obama is not the GOP’s opponent…the lamestream-media is. The latter is responsible for the fraud being elected, has allowed the fraud to remain in office, and will aid and abet the fraud’s re-election.

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