How Obama And His Media Successfully Used “No Soap Radio”

Obama Liberal Media Weapons Gladiator SC How Obama and his media Successfully used “No Soap Radio”

Speaking with characteristic clarity, Ronald Reagan summed up talking to liberals saying: “It isn’t that Liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” The Great Communicator’s point was that in “Liberal-speak,” making sense is not important; how you feel about something and how your words make others feel is the desired end result. Barack Obama has a perfect understanding of this feature of the liberal psyche. He has reintroduced “No soap radio” to unsuspecting dupes trying to be relevant.

Obama uses it to herd stupid people into thinking whatever he says makes sense, and the media makes believe it does to complete the con. This past election cycle, Obama often moved his lips, knowing that only his “know nothing” supporters ever thought he made sense. Nevertheless to them, “making sense” is never relevant. They had and continue to have no idea they were and still are the butt of a cruel “joke” whose fake punch line might as well be “No soap radio.”

If a “joke” with this supposed punchline makes no sense to you, it’s because you think rather than emote, so Obama doesn’t care about you anyway. “No soap, radio” as a cruel prank has been around since the 1940’s. To pull it off, there must be a story teller (Obama) and a second conspirator (the media) to “laugh” at the bogus “punchline.” The storyteller relates a brief story that is presented as the body of a joke, then delivers the punch line “No soap radio” (which of course has no relation whatsoever to the body of the “joke.”) The conspirator “laughs”; and to appear to “understand” the “joke,” the dupe laughs as well.

In reality, there is no joke; but the dupe is so eager to appear “hip cool – down with the brotha” that he/she laughs. For Obama’s voters it becomes, “It sounded ‘funny’”; and the guy on television thinks it makes sense, so it must be a great “joke.”  When Obama serves up his next idiotic pile of gibberish, the media lights the “applaud” sign; and the process is repeated.  The dupes feel superior, as if they are laughing at an inside joke only the “in crowd” understands.

These people never admit they don’t know what Obama is talking about. They just move to the next trough. To them, that’s all that matters. This is why they will be so hard to defeat.

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