How Much Stupid Can One Head Hold? Dem Says “Fast and Furious” was Invented by the Tea Party

Last March during a House Armed Services Committee hearing, about deploying Marines to Guam, Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson used his time to address the Navy’s Admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet saying, “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” Some Democrat apologists insisted Johnson was joking. Looking at the video of the event does little to support that contention. Nevertheless, because Johnson is a Democrat, the story had a shelf life relative seconds, and he slipped back into his well-deserved obscurity where he lay undisturbed — until now.

Democratic spin doctors may claim he was “joking” then, but he has since revealed that he really is that stupid.

Last Thursday, after watching “his” attorney general eviscerated by questions from the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee, Johnson accused three very unlikely culprits in the Fast & Furious crime committed by Eric Holder.

Johnson accused both the “Republican” TEA party movement and the National Rifle Association of “manufacturing” the controversy, but went on to accuse the “Second Amendment” of being part of this sinister plot….

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  1. And we have actual nuts like this in our government?

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Democrat…… 'nough said…..

  3. I would sat that is more stupid than I have ever seen.Another old hippie who fried his brain along time ago.

  4. FactNotRhetroic says:

    Standard Smoke Screen and Blame.
    Not stupid at all. More like a fox in a henhouse saying the dog is to blame.

    Obama has a billion dollars to spend doing this kind of name calling before the elections.
    This is going to be the nastiest election in American history.

    I really like the title "How much stupid can one head hold?" This one phrase squarely throws the name calling back on the idiots that cling to name calling as their only defense in the 2012 elections.

  5. White Revolution is the only solution.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      I fear that you are right, Papa. I recieved an email video about a year ago, where a black man was saying the same thing, that a White Revolution was coming, and when it does, it will get ugly. He said that he did not blame the White people for their anger, and for their coming Revolution. He also said that a lot of black folks would join………….so if it comes, when it comes, I rather beleive that it will get ugly, very ugly indeed, for there are a lot of very angry white Americans and black Americans who are seriously angry at the way our country is being led into destruction and bankruptcy. Very ugly things to come, as this election is truly going to be the nastiest and ugliest in our history.

  6. Cincinnitus says:

    When I read and hear these examples (and there are many) of the appalling stupidity of those in congress, I marvel that we aren't further down the road to destruction than we are. However, I do not maintain that we should take the smallest modicum of comfort from this fact, instead, it should spur us on evn faster towards the goal of ridding congress of these self-serving idiots who will destroy us if allowed to continue. Stupid builds like a snow ball rolling down hill and it (stupidity) will eventually be so huge it will bury everything!

  7. Seems some will gladly accept the new salvery! This fool would have defended Hilter or Mao disarming there public in the name fo safety or fairness.Old Kenyian proverb a unarmed silent salve is a good salve !I for one will die a free citizen of a free republic! When you trust fools you are the bigger fool, which says much about the citizens of his electors!

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