Hyprocrisy? This CEO Called For Firing Of “Homo-Phobic” CEO. Turns Out He’s One Himself

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, despite being a co-founder of the company and esteemed technological innovator, found himself out of a job recently due to a manufactured controversy stoked by online dating company OkCupid.

The site urged its users who access the service through Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox, to choose a different provider due to Eich’s one-time donation to support California’s Proposition 8. The ballot initiative, which passed in 2008, included language that defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Despite the fact that both Barack Obama and Joe Biden – along with plenty of other leftist leaders – publicly stated their support of identical language, OkCupid felt Eich should be punished for his alleged ‘anti-gay’ sentiments.

While it is the company’s prerogative to foment anger among its users, a recent report shows the supreme hypocrisy of its own CEO. Sam Yagan, according to far-left news organization Mother Jones, donated hundreds of dollars to the campaign of Republican Rep. Chris Cannon of Utah.

Not only did Cannon vote for a ban on same-sex marriage, the report states; he also voted against allowing gays to adopt measures protecting employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Though the Mother Jones article concludes Yagan might have reconsidered his view of homosexual rights since making the contribution, it also suggests that Eich could have had a similar revelation.

“But OkCupid didn’t include any such nuance in its take-down of Firefox,” the article concludes. “Combine that with the fact that the company helped force out one tech CEO for something its own CEO also did, and its action last week starts to look more like a PR stunt than an impassioned act of protest.”

For his part, Yagan made a statement in an effort to curtail the growing anger over his company’s apparently duplicitous stance on the issue of political donations.

He claimed he only made the contribution because Cannon oversaw “matters important to my business and our industry.”

According to the statement, Yagan did not know the candidate’s position on gay marriage upon supporting his campaign. This outrageous revelation should be a lesson for other potentially activist companies. Before taking such decisive action against another business over one donation its CEO made years earlier, perhaps a thorough self-evaluation is in order.

–B. Christopher Agee

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