How George Zimmerman Was Sacrificed For Another Obama Election

George Zimmerman Head SC How George Zimmerman Was Sacrificed For Another Obama Election

Barack Obama’s “hate Whitey ‘cause he’s white” campaign of 2012 was to be based on the same dogma of class envy which had oozed from Democrat media and race hustling circles for decades. But worn out race baiting ploys were not going to guarantee the massive, black voter turn out the Manchurian Candidate would need in November. For the novelty of being the first black nominee and president was gone and finally, along with it, the decades-long effects of racial guilt implanted into the psyche of whites across the nation. Even with the 24/7 efforts of a dependably supportive media, Obama would have a difficult time generating the legal turnout necessary to remain in power.

Even more troublesome, without significant events to redirect the attention of voters, Obama would be forced to embrace a record of trillions in additional debt, high unemployment and ever-increasing prices for gas, food and virtually every staple of American life.

Obama needed a “hook” to get blacks back to the polls in record numbers, something other than promises of more “free” money wrenched from the racist, undeserving hands of “Whitey.

When he learned that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers were flocking to Florida to shed crocodile tears for a black teenager killed by the NON-black George Zimmerman, Barack Hussein Obama was the happiest usurper on earth. The opportunity he was so desperate to manufacture had been dropped right into his lap—the means of regenerating the black vote.  The shooting of Trayvon Martin provided a tailor-made backdrop for the typically Democrat mantra of black vs white and Obama had no intention of letting it slip by,  immediately joining his fellow race hustlers in portraying Martin as a poor black victim of cracker justice.

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” said Obama with a cynical shamelessness innate to all leftists. And while most Americans gagged at such an obvious attempt to manufacture political capital, blacks—especially the professional camera chasers—ate it up, delighted that the White House had provided approbation for virtually any manner of assault on whites nationwide.

But unfortunately for Obama, Florida Governor Rick Scott is a pretty savvy politician too. In his selection of special prosecutor Angela Corey, Scott replaced a local D.A. who was reportedly not going to file charges against George Zimmerman. The 2nd degree murder filing by Corey and concomitant arrest of Zimmerman took a red meat issue away from the Black Panthers, a thug President and the entire Democrat Party.  It was a political tour de force which brought an end to contrived media outrage and any excuses blacks might invent to break the law “for Trayvon.” The shooting immediately became a dead issue and will remain so through the election.

Tragically, the same political necessity responsible for Zimmerman’s arrest will hold dominion at his trial.  Corey brought a charge of 2nd degree murder in order that a jury might “mercifully” find Zimmerman guilty of the lesser crime of manslaughter.  And he MUST be convicted and imprisoned regardless of the facts presented.  Zimmerman’s plea of self-defense will mean nothing. Democrats AND Republicans knew this going in. In the end it will only be important to satiate the left, avert rioting and provide a reasonable degree of cover from conservative criticism of the “right.”  Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute will likely be repealed as further tribute for extortionists like Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers. And George Zimmerman will spend the next 10 years in a Florida prison, the victim of having defended himself during an election year.

Photo credit: ABC News

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  1. Evermyrtle says:

    A great problem for me. While this is the truth, it is not covered up in the least, it is so obvious that it is a trick by Obama to turn the country back to "RACE HATE!"


  2. Captain America says:

    These people are missing the point and the big news:
    The Liberal media, B0, Hillary, and Holder have not only turned the against the democratic Hispanics like Zimmerman, but the estimates range for the dead Hispanics in F & Fur. to over 1,500 to over 2,000 in the USA and Mexico.
    Hidden by the leftist media: Why has B0 and the blk Panters come against such a large voting block 16% of the population in the USA are Hispanic..

  3. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    The jacksons and black idiots only prove to me that they are all just as stupid and unintelligent as beleived by the experts, who did the tests on the “brains” of black versus white brains………….that the “black brains” were smaller. And if that sounds racist, ask me if I really care! I don’t. Act stupid, then you most likely ARE JUST AS STUPID AS I BELEIVE YOU TO BE! And to try a person, and hang him, with no trial, and no proof that he did anything other than to DEFEND himself, only proves to me that you are ANTI American, and stupid beyond all beleif! And if you follow the likes of this fat creep, jackson, and stupid foul mouth loud mouthed, peice of garbage, sharpton, you only further my beleif that you are indeed, stupid beyond beleif! And, you only make me the racist that you accuse me of being, before you even know me! And by electing this THING IN OFFICE as “president”, knowing nothing of him/IT, because he is “black” convienently “forgetting” that his MOTHER WAS WHITE, you only go further in your hellbent desire to make me what I never wanted to be in the first place, A RACIST! You are ALL MORE RACIST THAN I, OR MANY OTHERS ARE, ALL OF YOU BLACKS! Calling yourselves “african americans” only goes even farther in proving that you are ANTI American, for you would rather BE AFRICAN than American, in which case, WHY DON”T YOU TAKE YOUR ARFRICAN SELVES TO AFRICA AND BE “HAPPY THERE”!? we wish you would!!!!!!!

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