How Each Of Us Can Work To Defeat Obama

I Voted SC How each of us can work to defeat Obama

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Imagine sitting at your kitchen table with a group of family and friends trying to figure out what you can do to save yourselves from an enemy who is coming your way from just two towns over. Wouldn’t you do ANYTHING you could to save yourself and your family? What would you do; what would you give from what you had left to defeat an approaching enemy? Would you hold back ANYTHING? VOTING IS NOT ENOUGH!

There’s no one in our country that can’t do something.

Here are some suggestions of how to fight back.

Set up a table wherever you can. Get voter registration forms and get like-minded people to fill them out. If someone wants to register as a Democrat hand the form back – this is no time to “play nice.”

Stores with enemy signs should be boycotted. Don’t patronize people who want to enslave us. Ask store owners to place signs in their windows. Ask doctors to put signs in their offices; 4 of 5 say they might consider quitting if the enemy wins.

Take a very close look at your finances and decide what you can give, not IF you can give. If the enemy wins your money won’t be yours anyway.

Get 3’X 2’ corrugated plastic sheets and use erasable mark to write the truth on them. Use only up to 8 words or so and go to traffic choke points to show the truth to people.

“I’m NOT better OFF, are You?” works well. Think of more yourself.

If you can put just $100.00 together type up a fact sheet – cram the facts on the top half and repeat them below and get your sheet photocopied. Then cut the sheets in half to double the yield. Use hot pink paper – it catches the eye. Include contact info on each piece. HAND THEM OUT in public places. Distribute them outside churches on Sunday. Too shy to do this? Think about how the enemy will destroy your life then decide if you are too shy to hand the facts to a stranger..

Buy and maintain a truth telling website. They are cheaper than you think.

Get on Twitter and Facebook and start telling the truth. “Oh I can’t do that, I’m afraid of computers” you say? Are you more afraid of computers than of our enemy? Are you so comfortable being shy that won’t stand up and fight for your own freedom?

Get yourself to a campaign headquarters and volunteer.

Make large signs, then stand on busy intersections and show them telling people the truth.

Form teams of three or four and go knocking on doors. Get a walking list from a campaign and hand out literature. Don’t hesitate to engage people at their doors – this is real – the enemy intends to make you a slave. Or don’t you believe that?

When you get letters printed in your local paper, make copies of them and add the headline THIS IS WHAT YOUR NEIGHBORS ARE SAYING – playing fair is for kindergarten.

Call people in your address book and engage them in conversation about the threat. Change your pitch to fit your listener’s situation.

Get yard signs and work as a distributor of them. Ask those who take one to make a contribution to a campaign. Bring literature and encourage home owners to become part of our team.

Have working meetings at your home so you can collectively think of what else you can do. Constantly brainstorm with like- minded people.

Explain why this is so important to grandparents – they have time to go out and fight.

Get bumper stickers.

If your vehicle is big enough put signs on it and park it where people can see it.

Get down on your knees and pray regularly and in groups. God hears our prayers no matter where we learned them. He will help us just for our asking Him to. Believe that trust in God and your fellow freedom fighters can save us.

We can’t rely on the politicians. We can’t rely on the courts. We can’t rely on the media. We can only rely on each other. We are the only ones who can stop our enemies.

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