How Democrat Domination Corrupted California

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There are countless reasons California remains mired in unsustainable debt and high unemployment; however, there is one common root cause for these issues: a perpetual Democrat majority.

While noted liberal columnist and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman cites the decreased influence of the Republican Party as a signal of economic progress, the facts paint a much different picture. Krugman recently asserted that the one-party system has allowed Gov. Jerry Brown “to push an agenda of tax hikes and infrastructure spending that sounds remarkably like the kind of thing California used to do before the rise of the radical right.”

In reality, the Democrat surge has not only left 2 million of the state’s residents unemployed; it also ushered in a new era of unprecedented government corruption.

As one recent example, FBI investigators have identified Democrat State Sen. Ron Calderon in a widespread bribery scandal involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Al Jazeera America recently reported a search warrant was approved to look for evidence Calderon accepted the bribes as a quid pro quo for political favors.

Among the alleged payouts is a $60,000 bribe from an undercover FBI agent and $28,000 from a hospital executive.

The senator, a member of the California Film Commission, has been accused of accepting money in exchange for his support of illegitimate Hollywood tax breaks.

Calderon is far from alone, however. Another investigation revealed evidence that a Democrat Watsonville Assemblyman’s campaign was illegally tied to an independent group that invested tens of thousands of dollars into the effort. For this infraction, the California Campaign Finance Commission issued the politico a hefty fine.

Another state senator – also a Democrat – is facing his own fines after allegedly purchasing fancy meals, concert tickets, and other frivolities with funds from his campaign budget.

Athletic shoe manufacturer Adidas reportedly entered the corruption fray a few years ago when executives wanted the state to approve the sale of kangaroo leather. Shortly after a Democrat state senator initiated a bill to that end, the corporation cut him a donation check for $2,360. Just months later, Adidas contributed nearly $14,000 to the state’s Democrat Party.

“Such is the way of Sacramento,” one local journalist explained, “enabled by politicians who control the town.”

Indeed, such pay-for-play schemes rarely lead to any criminal prosecutions.

It has become clear that an effective one-party rule of California has only fostered increased corruption and waste. Without a robust opposition party to keep the actions of Democrats in check, leftist politicians are able to run roughshod over the citizens of the state.

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