How Boehner Plans To Shove Amnesty Down America’s Throat

John Boehner SC

We’ve heard a lot about Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” to kill any power Senate Republicans might have thought they had. Now we face the threat of John Boehner using the House version of the “Nuclear Option,” which he will likely sneak into law during a marathon Friday night/Saturday morning session as a last ditch weapon to keep the TEA party from gaining power and saving America from people like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCoC).

The USCoC is determined to help Barack Obama and his Democrats destroy America.  It has pledged to spend and spend some more to defeat TEA party candidates, and its mantra is: “No fools on our ticket.”  The “fools” here are TEA party movement patriots. The USCoC wants amnesty for illegals to fill their factories with low wage, illiterate, new Democrat voters, consequences be damned.

They want what is good for them and not what is good for America.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that our USCoC enemies are planning to spend $50 million to make sure no one who opposes amnesty for illegal aliens can possibly win an election next November.

Spooked by Barack Obama’s plunging approval numbers and the damage they are doing to their Party’s chances of retaking the House and holding the Senate, the quislings at the Chamber have already announced their spending commitment.

They know these numbers can cause a number of their allies in the Democrat Caucus to decide not to run for re-election. With this announcement, the Chamber is saying “Please hold on; we’ll give you all the support you need to hold off TEA party challengers because they are our common enemy.”

They know the TEA party movement is a very formidable opponent; and even with all their spending, all the RINOs media, and Soros money thrown in, they could still lose.

This is where John Boehner rides to the rescue to use his BIG weapon – amnesty to get the job done. If he does this early enough, the Democrats can illegally register tens of millions of new Democrat voters; and the curtain comes down on America.

Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” will look like a simple insult compared to Boehner’s Amnesty Nuclear Option.

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  1. I fear Boehner has already made a back room deal with D's. Let him try!! My congressmen will be swarmed with emails and phone calls!!!

    • The sad part is this, I feel with all the damn back room deals Boehner makes with the Dems America is doomed. He is a pawn for the Democrats and Obama got some type of dirt on him.

  2. Stand-UP4YourRIGHTS says:

    The USCoC wants amnesty for illegals. ** ? **
    Abide by our Constitution's laws and get rid of these illegals.
    I, one of your many bosses, has spoken.
    .. .. .. and by the way, .. .. ..
    BOEHNER is pronounced with a long 'O'.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    John Boner must be stopped maybe when he climbs into the tanning booth close the lid and cook him.He is a disgrace to the real conservatives in the republican party.He'd sell his mother just to be able to be Obangos caddy.These stinking illegals cost real Americans a lot of taxpayer money and these RINOs want to kiss Pedros ass like the liberal democraps do.

  4. Ohio needs to deal with this man !

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