House Passes Upton’s ObamaCare Bill


With the support of 39 Democrats, U.S. House Republicans successfully passed a bill proposed by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) that would preserve the individual healthcare market.

By a margin of 261-157, representatives supported the measure that would address ObamaCare’s attack on individual health insurance policies. Friday’s vote came one day after Obama himself announced that those who had their plans cancelled would be eligible for re-enrollment in their original policies for one year.

He was forced to make the concession after an increasing number of opponents – and even some former supporters – of the law called him to task over his dishonest claim that Americans would be able to keep their existing plans.

Under Upton’s proposed legislation, not only would those existing policies be protected; insurance providers would be free to offer new plans in the individual market.

Of course, allowing consumers to choose their own plan would signal the death knell for ObamaCare. The unpopular law relies on healthy people being coerced into the system to offset coverage expenses for those in need of health care.

For that reason, Obama has promised to veto the legislation. The bill would need to be passed by a Democrat-led Senate to even get to that point, though. Though that seems unlikely, Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu has proposed a bill very similar to Upton’s.

The rate at which Democrats are jumping from the ObamaCare ship shows how disastrous its implementation has been. Many who just months ago called conservatives racist for opposing the law are now among its harshest critics.

The fact that about one in five House Democrats broke rank to support the Upton bill shows how desperate many are to distance themselves from the unpopular healthcare law. Much has been said about a Republican Party divided between the conservative Tea Party faction and more moderate establishment types.

Democrats, it seems, are entering into a civil war of their own as ObamaCare purists try to convince the party’s more rational members that they should continue supporting the failed law.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. May every democRat who voted for this "law" be voted out! If they can't be voted out in 2014 because they are not up for re election, Vote them out when their reelection comes up! We can not let them get away with this destructive "law"! They are ALL TRAITORS!

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