Hotel Chain Removes Bibles From Hotel Rooms; “We Live In A Multicultural Society”

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The British hotel chain Travelodge made a decision to remove Bibles from all of its hotel rooms recently because “we live in a multicultural society.”

As a Travelodge spokesman said:

The reason is because of diversity. With the country being increasingly multicultural, we didn’t feel it was appropriate to just have the Bible because there are people of other religions. People were also taking Bibles away and with the redesign of the rooms, it was felt that it would be better to remove them.

A Church of England spokesman countered:

It seems both tragic and bizarre that hotels would remove the word of God for the sake of ergonomic design, economic incentive or a spurious definition of the word ‘diversity.’

The decision was apparently in the works for years (since 2007).

Bibles, which are provided free by the Gideon Society, are available on request from the front desk, according to the company. However, a branch of a London hotel didn’t have any on hand when confronted by a Daily Mail reporter. The receptionist recommended “Google it and read it online.”

A statement The Blaze received from the company said:

Travelodge made the decision to move copies of the Bible from its hotel rooms and place them at reception for customers to borrow in 2007. This decision was based on customer research and the fact that we live in a multicultural society. Therefore in order not to discriminate against any religion, customers who would like a Bible can pick a copy from any one of Travelodge’s 500 hotel reception desks across the country, whilst staying at the hotel.

What do you think? Should Travelodge have removed the Bibles?

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  1. Won't be using traveloge anymore!

  2. I never did stay there but you can be assured I won't now! Those lying murdering muslims can just rot in hell where they belong!

  3. This is why a homogenous society is much better. Diversity is not our strength, it is our weakness. Multiculturalism will be the death of our Judeo Christian society. We should never let the third world into our country. They are destroying it.

  4. very last time I will ever spend a red cent there…

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Aren't Travelodge run by Hindus and pakistanis so you would expect that they would do that.They don't want bibles but cockroaches are exceptable.

  6. Answer no. I would sleep on the street before staying in a travelodge or any business associated with them.

  7. John Hunter says:

    They are not very smart at all. The very reasons they give to remove them are the very reasons they ought to keep them.Their excuses include multi culture society. That is all the more reason to leave the Bibles there. People of other cultures surely need to read the word of God.
    And the excuse that people are taking them. Praise the Lord, there is no better item to steal.

  8. I will send Travelogue an email telling them they may pull that cr*p in England, but in American our hotels have Bibles.
    I’m headed to Pennsylvania this summer and I’m going to let Travelodge know I’m not patronizing them due to their anti Bibless stance.

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