Horrifying: More Proof Of Obama’s Subversion From Within

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So now there is more information coming out on the immigrant situation.

I have written several times here recently that the appearance of thousands of children on the border is too coincidental to Obama’s recent remarks that he is going to change our immigration policy on his own without going through Congress.  We are told today that the Border Patrol is allowing these children to make up families in the United States so they can be dropped off there to be cared for.  I say the phrase “cared for” in a very loose way.  More than likely, they will be dumped with scores of other children who have the same family.  

It gets better. Members of Congress have been prevented from inspecting these processing sites by DHS due to concerns for the children.  Isn’t that special?  Reminds me of the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live.  Who would want to hurt the children?  Satan?  

Medical personnel have been prevented by force from discussing the threat of disease these people are bringing into our population.  So why do you think it is that DHS wants to prevent anyone from finding out what is going on?  Hmmm…could it be that they are acting illegally and breaking the law to smuggle these children into the United States to provide more votes for the Democratic Party in a few years and to promote the liberal agenda of the destruction of the United States as we know it?  I wonder…

Rush Limbaugh today called Obama’s Border Patrol “tax-funded coyotes.”  This comes from the term used to describe human traffickers who bring illegal aliens from Mexico through the desert into these United States. We are hearing additional reports that landowners in the border states are being threatened by the smugglers with bodily harm if they do not turn a blind eye and allow the illegals to cross their property. We have California giving out driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and the DMV facilities are swamped.  This is literally something out of The Twilight Zone.  Again, we have the President of the United States actively subverting the duly passed laws of Congress. Our military bases are being turned into refugee camps.

Folks, it’s time to man the barricades. We need to restart the rallies and show that we have had enough of this illegal activity and corruption.  We are allowing the United States of America to be turned into a third world nation.

I hired a cab in New York City the other day; and upon entering the vehicle, I noticed the cabby was Latino and barely spoke English.  He was watching the World Cup on his iPhone in Spanish.  He turned to look at me and smiled; and then in broken English, he asked, “What country you from?”  I said, “I’m from the United States.”  He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and then said, “Really?  You from here?” I said, “Yes, does that surprise you?”

He just shook his head in amazement.

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