Honors Class Subjected To Radical Islamic Propaganda

Islam Honors class subjected to radical Islamic propaganda

A public school in Tennessee is rightfully under fire after an honors class received a reprehensibly one-sided lesson on religion.

During the three-week study, the group of Hendersonville High School freshmen went on a field trip to a nearby Islamic mosque and left with copies of the Koran. At no point were the students offered a similar trip to either a Jewish or Christian place of worship.

The outing also consisted of a reading from the Koran, according to one parent, and followed a trip to a Hindu temple during which the class studied meditation.

Naturally, the course elicited outrage from some of the parents of students involved, including one father who said the school claimed that a lack of funding prohibited trips to other sites.

While students were afforded the option to stay at school during the visit, reports indicate the alternate assignment was equally abhorrent.

Mike Conner said his daughter chose not to take the trip and was forced to draft a comparative essay describing Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism. The resources associated with the assignment were hopelessly biased in favor of the Islamic faith, he noted, explaining his daughter was presented with five times more material about Muhammed’s teachings than those of Jesus Christ.

Conner contends that the school is trying to make students “tolerant of everything except Christianity,” and additional worksheets included in the assignment seem to bolster his assertion.

One portion of the assignment, dealing with the purported “tolerance” of Islam, states that Muhammad “was prepared to live in peace” with other religions, “especially Judaism and Christianity.”

Furthermore, the worksheet stated that Islamic conquerors “did not impose their religion” in other lands and even treated religious minorities better than Americans treat minorities in this country.

Conner explained that his daughter received a failing grade for the day, choosing to write a critique of the assignment rather than a religious comparison based on insufficient and misleading information. He explained that a subsequent meeting with administrators at the school was “very confrontational,” noting his daughter’s grade was not changed and she was not afforded the opportunity to complete an alternate assignment.

“They told us we were being hostile towards Islam,” he said. In fact, the only hostility shown was by the school toward those who dare to expect a balanced curriculum.

The school district issued a statement explaining they would no longer facilitate field trips to places of worship, though this decision does not address the root of the issue. In public schools, a glaring double standard exists in the treatment of various religions. While textbooks and teachers routinely play up the occasional sins committed by Christians throughout history, they turn a blind eye toward the consistent and continuing embrace of violence and intimidation displayed by Islam.

In the sanitized world created in the minds of extreme leftists, the only group deserving of derision is populated by those with a faith in the Holy Bible. While it is certainly the right of these misguided souls to adhere to such a shortsighted worldview, it is absolutely unacceptable for these principles to be disseminated within the walls of public school.


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  1. Most of the people whose religion is Islam are radicals and very violent. They should all be avoided al all costs

  2. This is disgraceful……I would have removed my child from that school environment immediately. Teaching children about intolerance to women and murdering all infidels is reprehensible. For anyone who has read the koran it's not a bible……it's a guidebook for men to demean, degrade and destroy anyone who doesn't practice what they preach….it's not a religion but a misguided ideology and destructive to our way of life…….why do these people want to invade our belief system is nauseating…….get the hell out of our country and enjoy the fruits of your beliefs in countries that embrace this philosophy.

  3. These Teachers and Administration should be dismissed Immediately Without Pay from Taxpayers!!!

  4. Thanks to the brain less uneducated voters we got a Muslim Plant in WH and he is facilitating Islam into America.Wake up America this will be a RUDE awakening when habibs and burkhas are MANDATORY.

  5. When the schools are given over to Liberal Progressive Union thugs you must expect the schools to teach what the thuggocracy desires to be taught. Remember, all education is now controlled by the Federal Department of Education, you can thank Jimmie Carter and his Democratic Congress for this event…..
    I know, the Constitution does not allow the Federal Government to enter into Education of the Citizens, per the 10th Amendment. But the Federal Government has jumped the fence and no one has the guts to force the Fed back where it rightfully belongs…..
    Maybe one day in the future we will get a President who actually has read the Constitution and will give those powers stolen from the States back to the State, along with all of the State lands stolen….

  6. If I had children of school age I would not expose them to today's Obomanistic idiotic standards, I would either homeschool or sen them to a Christian school or any private that I trusted to do a good job.

    Perhaps several families with children could manage to form a private school, as my daughter did with her children.

  7. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    This is going on in every public school system across the country. School administrators are experimenting with our rights and suggesting that students do the same.
    This is only one in a series of incidents that challenge our belief in the freedoms outlined in the Constitution. Freedom of Religion is a prime one and one that the country was founded upon. The parents were right to be outraged; and if they truly love their children, they should do everything they can to get them out of indoctrination centers of public “education.” I’m warning you to get your children out of the public school system. The government is imposing its will in our public schools. Soon the quran will be taught in every public school system across the country. The government wants to start indoctrinating children in kindergarten, by teaching them how to cut dolls heads off and eat their hearts while screaming “allahu akbar”.
    If all Islamists converted to Christianity then the world would be a better place!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You are right the parents should be storming the school and demand that someone be held accountable.If it was my kid God help the teacher who is teaching my about terrorist religion and not christianit or judism.

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    After finding out about this field trip to a terrorist religion mosque I would yank my child out and sent to a different school .But in todays day and age it seems to be the norm for teachers to become liberal zealots.Parents should vent teachers for their radical ideas and most of what is happening can be blamed on Obutthole and his ilk the democraps.

  9. jeff melton says:

    Most schools today are breeding grounds for liberalism and intolerance of Christianity. Parents are neglectful if they don't teach their children about liberal propaganda in schools the media and government. Our children are our future and the liberals know it. PAPA

  10. This is so common today with all of the Muslim Islamists in the WH.They do not believe in free choice they think it is their right to choose the religion of all people. In this religion they will kill a person who is a Christian, beheading is common. This is where our country is headed if we do not clean them out of the White House before it is too late.

  11. Is this what our country is coming to? Indoctrination of our children to the muslim faith. Is this part of Obama's agenda to fundamentally change America to a muslim nation with him as dictator?

    • Yes. Any objective person who researched whence the Mudslime In Chief came BEFORE the 2008 election knew that's exactly what his agenda was.

  12. WHO was responsible for FORGETTING that islam is NOT a religion and there SHOULD BE NO mu-slimes in this country to build a 'mosk'?? What day is your garbage picked up?? Get RID of the korans and the ugly terrorist mu-slimes all together!!
    Fire the RESPONSIBLE PARTY and close the school til they get their heads on RIGHT and NEVER do it again!!!!
    Don't parents have to approve of field trips?? What happened??

    • Unfortunately people aren't smart enough to see what the "muslims" have done in England, turning certain areas into "Muslim Only" areas, and if your not a muslim you'll get "Stoned", Whipped, Beaten up, and possibly beheaded. They are also trying to make Sharia the Law of the Land in England and France, instead of Common Law and Natural Law that has reigned in France and England since before the Renaissance. Look at the whole "Veil" issue…some Muslim women have Drivers licenses where they have a veil on in the picture of their license, and if they Drive, they drive with the Veil on….also look at the uproar at the Universities that banned the "veil" and how much of an uproar that caused.
      Vince, I am 100% in agreement with you, since Muslim's don't have much to offer anyone except for Terrorism and threats of beheading if you don't convert….Dearborne Michigan is a fine example of muslim's taking over an area and spreading like a disease. If your not a muslim, then stay out of Dearborne cause you'll get anything and everything thrown at you and the police won't do anything to stop it.

      • Thanks, Dave, but unlike France and England, we still have our guns and we are NOT defenseless!! They also have a border problem!!
        mu-slimes don't belong here and it's time for target practice, open season, no limit!!
        Time for Cowboys and mu-slimes!! Where will the cops be??

        • We do indeed still have our guns, but if the Mudslime In Chief, B HUSSEIN O, gets his way America will be a "Gun Free Zone"

          • 'WE the people' will just have to prevent that from happening, by ANY means necessary!!
            WE are the largest Army in the world!! Lock and load!!

  13. I bet they made sure to leave out the part where Muhammed was a Pedophile, Murderer, and was into bestiality. They probably also left out the part where he went "Clinically Insane" as well. Why in the heck would School Systems teach this crap to our Children, when Jesus was the total opposite of muhammed….cared for everyone, performed Miracles (yet there is no evidence that Muhammed ever performed even one miracle), healed the infirm, stood up against the "Money Changers" and much much more that benefited Humanity, unlike islam.
    Why aren't the Atheists fighting this, atleast as hard as they fight against Judeo-Christianity being taught in Schools? Oh, that's right, it's because Atheist tend to lean to the liberal side and only care above removing God and Jesus (the Savior) from the World.

  14. we the people,who are the real government.anyone know the names of the Hendersonville school board,the principal etc,let us know as we want to start a campaign against this treasonous curriculum in the schools these days,you have to be vigilant/alerted other wise these schools,will try to sneak treason in on there books/classes/curriculum.and a big part of it is called COMMAN CORE

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