“Honey Boo Boo”, “Democrat Boo Boo” (Bill Clinton), And Liberal Media Hypocrisy

Bill Clinton SC “Honey Boo Boo”, “Democrat Boo Boo” (Bill Clinton), and liberal media hypocrisy

“Honey Boo Boo”, Red Neck TV’s latest hot reality show, pulled up even with ratings from the DNC on the night that Bill Clinton bent our ears and tired our eyes for his 50 minutes on camera. The “Hollywood Reporter” tells the story this way: “Still, Honey Boo Boo tied CNN’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention-including a speech from President Bill Clinton–and syndicated Big Bang Theory encores among 18-49-ers on cable and trailed only NBC’s NFL season opener on all of television during that hour.”

But did anyone in our lame-stream media tell you that their darling Bill was not any more popular than Honey Boo Boo and her dysfunctional family? The HR post reveals that the reality show ratings plunged 20 % “from the previous episode that aired against the RNC.” But, again, would our lefty, liberal journalists tell us that Honey Boo Boo and Bill were drawing equal ratings even on CNN?

But an odder viewing hit on Youtube reveals a creepy side of the liberal media thrust that we can pick up on. Tom Hanks made a funny but odd spoof on the “Toddlers and Tiaras” child star pageants that just leaves a funny taste, smell, or feeling after watching it. He stars in and directs the parody with 8 year old child star Nikki Hahn, who plays his little daughter in a spoof that drew 750,000 views. But if TV audiences watch little girls being dressed up in curls, fancy dresses, and makeup to parade around on stage by their mothers, watching Tom Hanks media-pimp a little girl just isn’t the same kind of laugh fest.

“I think my dad wants to be a pageant queen, but he can’t,” says the little girl actress about Hanks, as he prances about holding Sophie’s hand-sewn pageant dress. Perhaps, the Jimmy Kimmel’s late- night audience felt comfortable laughing at Hanks and the little actress, but this parody never would draw the same numbers in prime time that Honey Boo Boo is pulling. Little Sophie comes off as a rather weird foil for the honesty of the Honey character whose entire family speaks honestly about their familial dysfunction.

Now, about those Clintons and their dysfunction? Well, maybe not much air time would ever be given by the late-night talkers who feel no compunction about ridiculing a slice of Americana that is pulling big ratings. But would we ever see a parody of the Arkansas antics of loverboy Bill and his bevy of ladies? Would we ever see an expose of the liberals in Hollyweird who get such delight in making fun of everyday flyover types? Oh, and where is all of that political correctness in liberal TV land that gets such a kick about making fun of Southerners but notices no creepy feelings about seeing a grown man media-pimp a little girl for laughs?

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  1. I have no respect for the 'treasonist' Obama and I have no regard for the Clintons.

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