Hollywood’s Hydrocarbon Hypocrisy

Several Hollywood elites were recently caught red-handed on videotape, agreeing to take money from a Middle Eastern oil sheikh for another anti-fracking movie. Their actions were shameful, but they felt no shame – only anger at the folks who caught them in the act. Indeed, the ironies are matched only by their hypocrisy and disdainful disregard for the consequences of their anti-fracking fervor.

The video records a conversation involving a producer, two actors – and someone they thought represented an oil oligarch. The Hollywood glitterati made it clear that they were willing to take Middle East oil cash for a film intended to help block drilling, hydraulic fracturing, energy production, job creation, revenue generation, and our nation’s economic rejuvenation.

The three are known for their environmental fervor – and their apparent belief that it’s okay to drill for oil in Arab countries, but against all reason to drill in the United States. It’s also okay for them to enjoy lavish lifestyles, as long as California imports its oil and electricity, to avoid drilling in the Golden State.

Had this been a sincere movie offer, it would have brought a sweet deal for an Arab oilman protecting his oil sales from US competition, by helping Hollywood stars make a film aligned with their disconnected-from-reality views on environmental balance. But it was a hoax perpetrated by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, which catches glamorous stars and other people just being themselves.

The meeting occurred in March at the Beverly Hills Hotel, recently made notorious for being owned by the Sultan of Brunei, who favors sharia laws that can often be brutal. The tape reveals how far some Hollywood environmentalists will go to push their narrow agenda and work against the nation’s interests. It also recalls Matt Damon’s anti-fracking film, Promised Land, funded by the United Arab Emirates, and Josh Fox’s fabrication-filled film that was eviscerated by McAleer and McElhinney’s FrackNation.

In discussing the movie proposal, Sundance-award-winning environmental film producer Josh Tickell tells “Muhammad” the fake sheik not to divulge that Middle Eastern oil loot is supporting the project, because that would make the movie “a nonstarter.” Academy Award-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway chimes in, saying the funding information should be shared “only at this table.”

Ed Begley Jr., who sits on the Oscar Board of Governors and is well-known for his staunch support for all things environmental, adds a big dose of cynicism. “Washington and Hollywood are a lot alike: all illusions, special effects, smoke and mirrors,” he says.

After the tape was made public, Tickell, Hemingway, and Begley tried to explain away their behavior and foist the blame on O’Keefe and Veritas. They had agreed to meet with Muhammad only to help a friend get a movie deal. They had been set up. She should have conducted better “due diligence” on “Muhammad,” Hemingway told Fox News. “I was made to look foolish and to seem in favor of additional dependence on foreign oil,” Begley lamented. Falsely claiming that O’Keefe had referred to environmentalists as “Nazis,” Tickell attempted to tar the messenger: Veritas had tried to “equate the extermination of European Jews with efforts to oppose fracking,” he dissembled.

In other words, “I didn’t do nuthin’ wrong. Duh cops entrapped me into doin’ it.”

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  1. Randall Pouwels says:

    You tried this same number on the last Democrat to hold the White House. If you can't accept the rule of the majority — twice, mind you — and a black president, you need to leave the country because you're simply un-American. Get a life!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      The majority want fossil fuels and your liberal president must be getting big kickbacks so if he leaves the white house he won't have to beg friends for money because they can't live on 8 million.Maybe a liberal democrap socialist like you should move to another country ,may I suggest Iran or Iraq I'm sure you could be happy there.How can you call him a black president when the slut that gave him birth was white as snow.If he looked more white the blacks never would have adopted him and if he was a dog he'd be a mongrel.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    All people have to read what about a movie is about then they have a choice to see it or not.I mwill not be brainwashed by people like Al "the whore" Gore who made millions off climate change and oil.

  3. This just confirms my decision a long time ago to stop supporting the radical Hollywood left wingers. Why in the world should actors be imbedded in politics? Most of them don't know anything about anything except having money and designer clothes. It all ties together-they are clearly controlled by the same a-holes that have a stranglehold on our government, media, financial system… At some point America we have got to get a handle on this. One good place to start is by STOP GOING TO THESE CRAPPY MOVIES and giving these people your money. When we stop supporting them they go away and they need to go away.

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